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Starting Crunch:

  • All characters begin at level 1.
  • 38 point buy
  • Max class gold for first level
  • Max hp, will be rolled in subsequent levels.
  • No flaws, no traits.
  • Leadership is out
  • Each player may create as many characters as they want, though each must begin at level 1.

Sources: Dragon/Dungeon magazine material is out. 3.0 edition material without 3.5 updates are out. Anything else published by WotC is ok, including Dragonlance and Ravenloft. Web enhancement material is fine so long as it does not require a paid subscription to view (i.e. if you can link it and I can read it, it's ok).

That being said, infinite loops and similar dirty tricks will generally be nerfed by an appropriate ruling. (e.g. Nightsticks are ok, but they don't stack. A cleric may only use a single stick a day to boost his number of turning attempts.)


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