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The infection came out of nowhere, spreading like wildfire through cities and then out to the fringes of smaller towns and villages until every community had been hit in some way. It all started in the poorer areas of the inner-cities, no one location the genesis of this epidemic, it appeared to have started randomly in several different cities across the whole of the United States almost simultaneously. Before the army or the police were able to anything to contain the outbreak it spread too far and too fast the cities collapsed.

The game begins 7 days after the initial outbreak of the infection, by this point it is known that other countries have fallen to the outbreak. Almost all television broadcasts have gone down, and most radio ones have vanished from the air as well. Before the fall of technology it was broadcast that the "zombies" are unable to survive in colder climates and that all survivors should make their way to Canada or other cold climate areas. It was also well known that Mexico and South America were struck particularly bad by the outbreak that it would be near suicidal to head in that direction.

You find yourselves in San Antonio, Texas, dangerously close to the Mexican boarder and with a country in ruins sitting between you and the supposed sanctuary of Canada.

The game will be accepting a mixture of Norms and Survivors, applications should go into the application thread in the game forum. Any questions, please ask.

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