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Playtest/Working out the kinks for a "Spy Thriller" game in the spirit of James Bond, Jason Bourne, Mission Impossible, the 355 and inspired by the Top Secret RPG as well as numerous other espionage-genre movies, series and games. Using the Year Zero Engine SRD from Free League Publishing

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  2. So am I. There are times I want to jump to the end of it to see how it all turns out. :)
  3. Not a problem at all. :) I'm just as anxious to see your PF2 campaign come together. :)
  4. No clue, TBH. Haven't really gone through it since that read-through, as I've been somewhat occupied with my PF2 campaign.
  5. Thanks for the look over. :) I swear I had the talents for Masque through Tech Wiz added. :( I'll have them in the next couple of days.. And I would love to see your thoughts on what talents the missing ones would be. :)
  6. Downloaded and did a quick perusal... New - New Archetypes: Sneak -- Actually, this is a Training Package. Paragraph is present, but not added to the list. - New Talents: Attention To Detail, Vehicle Specialist - Noted, will add accordingly to CharSheet Fixed - Archetypes - Bulldog, Looker: Key Attribute changed to Body - Noted, changed - Phantom: Key Attribute changed to Coordination - Noted, changed - Training Packages - Missing Key Attributes/Skills and Talents added - Actually, no, they weren't. They're still missing from this draft, starting with Masque all the way through to Tech Wiz. I'd start adding myself, but I wouldn't want to make assumptions, as this is your game.
  7. Thank you, I would appreciate that. Those will definitely help with making sure the whole thing is more readable and usable. I should have a new draft out this weekend I've uploaded a new version of the file (v0.5) with the fixed Training Packages where they will have the Key Attributes/Skills and Talents. They are pretty much player's choice. Each Archetype is supposed to list three of each as suggestions, but I haven't managed to come up with any appropriate ones and I don't want to just 'borrow' from the other YZE games. So if you have any suggestions/thoughts on them, please feel free to include them in any notes and you will get a lot of gratitude and a piece of the action down the line.. lol
  8. While I'm doing the sheet, I'm also making notes with the doc, at least as far as character creation goes, as there are things I'll want to add for the sheet. One thing is the Weapon Specialist talent and the weapon types. There should be a list there, like Knives, Swords, Pistols, etc. I could come up with one if you like. Lots of missing stuff here, like for training packages. Also, are Pride and Weaknesses pretty much player's choice?
  9. So far, I have some of the mechanics working. The rest is on hold until I get all the damn data entry in for dropdowns and whatnot.
  10. Just to help out with character creation, I'm working on a character construction worksheet in Google Sheets. Once I have it done and appears to be working, I'll pass along the link. If that's okay, of course.
  11. I obtained it yesterday and started to give it a go-through. I don't always like playing games that are set in the past, but it looks pretty good so far. I'd have given it a good go through, but work interfered with that. I've narrowed my options to two concepts, both semi-inspired by characters from TLI, but would be quite usable in this campaign. There's a backup option, shamelessly inspired by a favorite from Leverage.
  12. I really look forward to hearing your thoughts on all the above. :) Also, regarding the CoC like setting, Free League Publishing has on drive thru for Free I think through today. All I can tell, it's got a similar CoC feel to it, and I believe it uses the d6Only version of the YZE rules... I picked it up, but haven't had a chance to check it out yet. :)
  13. I haven't had much of a chance to go through the full doc as of yet. Been busy with work, life, a bittersweet visit to a brewery/taproom that's closing as of today, and fighting off a raging cold that will turn into my usual chest crud in a matter of days. I do have a couple of character concepts... maybe upwards of four or five. Okay, they may be "inspired by" (read: ripped off from) characters from other sources. I'm hoping this agency, though based in the UK, would not have trouble with bringing in operatives from other countries. As for mechanics... working on that. I take extra care to look at the firearms section of any game, as that's in my wheelhouse (longtime study). Same with martial arts. I'd actually like to see how this system could apply to something akin to a CoC setting. That's been on my brain as of late, thanks to my annual re-listen to The Lovecraft Investigations, especially since the fourth series recently dropped. I'll advise further as I go through the doc.
  14. Well, as far as not being complete, that's part of the brainstorming I'm looking for to flesh out the Pride, Weakness and Relationship. I did not realize so many of the Training package entries were still blank. I'm open so suggestions for the Brute entries, as well as others. :) I did not think about that... I appreciate it. I think the Eagles would be a better fit. :)
  15. Since I think I get the gist of the character creation rules, I could whip up the hard mechanics of my character right now if you want. (though since Archetypes and Training Packages dont seem to be finished, he'll only be a Looker Brute in spirit :P) As for other feedback, I will say about the Gear section something I noticed. Since I can tell the Agent's Attache Case is a From Russia With Love reference, I would advise you that 50 gold sovereigns from 1963 is worth dramatically more than 50 modern USD, and not just due to inflation; the gold in those coins alone was worth more than the face value even at the time. If you wanted to more accurately capture the spirit of it but use American coinage, the closest modern equivalent (at least in terms of gold content) seems to be a quarter-ounce American Gold Eagle coin. (source: ) Though, I suppose there may be balance reasons to not give $25k worth of gold to the party lol
  16. Thank you. :) I appreciate the feedback. I'm definitely anxious to hear your thoughts on the creation process...
  17. Not sure you could do better than Looker, actually. I guess it's more the general vibe than just the name; like, I assumed what it's "going for", so it might just be a me thing. I wouldn't worry about it too much. After all, it's clearly not dissuading me from playing a male Looker :P As for why he'd be hired... I'll think on that one a bit. I've got a few ideas, but I'll have to think them through a bit.
  18. Sounds good. :) The basis on this is that you're part of a non-governmental agency. What would have led them to recruit a Yakuza-type? :) Also, regarding the archetype name, would you have any idea as what might fit better as a non-Gender-biased name?
  19. After skimming the rulebook a good bit, I feel like I pretty much already know what character I want to play, at least in mechanical terms; I saw the Looker archetype and immediately started brainstorming. It seems from the name it's supposed to be more the sort of spy movie femme-fatale, but I'm a guy that wants to play a guy and also think it'd be amusing to basically just play a typical Yakuza game character lol
  20. Look forward to hearing feedback and concepts. :)
  21. Oooh, this catches my eye! I played Alpha Protocol for the first time recently, so I've got a taste for spy RPGs now. I'll read the document!
  22. Howdy! Not sure, it depends on who joins, and how quick we have concepts, etc. :) I can probably do this with one or two people, but I'd like a few eyes on the document at least to make sure I'm not missing anything. :)
  23. Interesting... going to take some time to peruse the document and come up with an operative. How long do we have before we go live? (Might come up with a few concepts while I'm at it...)
  24. Queen's Gambit Act I Once the home of the Duke of Wellington, Apsley House in Westminster has become one of London’s most respected museums showcasing significant collections of paintings, porcelain, and sculpture. Unbeknownst to most Londoners, the monolithic building’s basement houses the local offices of Obsidian International. An elevator takes you down several flights and upon stepping out you are scanned through the first checkpoint. You head down a series of sterile corridors and ultimately to the reception area of Dame Edith Weatherby, the Station Chief. Behind the desk, a young, dark-suited man smiles and ushers you into Dame Edith’s formal, yet elegant office. Overstuffed leather chairs sit in front of a heavy walnut desk. Wood-paneled walls encase bleeding edge technology, hiding it from prying eyes and ears. A petite, prim-looking woman in her sixties sits behind the desk. A framed portrait of a distinguished man looms behind her. Still on the phone, she motions for you to have a seat. This is Dame Edith Weatherby, your boss. She delicately hangs up the phone and assesses you with a measured look. After a moment, she speaks in a business-like fashion. “That was the head of Special Branch. It seems they have just lost a client and need Obsidian’s help to retrieve him.” A screen quietly descends on the right wall, lights darken, and a photograph of a man in his late sixties appears on the screen. “Dr. Vasily Belyakov. Until a week ago, Belyakov was head of Russia’s Biowarfare Division before defecting to the UK. Special Branch was holding Belyakov within safe house Zevon, located in the Green Lanes—London’s Harringay district to be precise.” A screen quietly descends on the right wall, lights darken, and a photograph of a man in his late sixties appears on the screen. “Dr. Vasily Belyakov. Until a week ago, Belyakov was head of Russia’s Biowarfare Division before defecting to the UK. Special Branch was holding Belyakov within safe house Zevon, located in the Green Lanes—London’s Harringay district to be precise.” Belyakov’s photo is replaced by one showing a low-income area of London in which a bottle-shop faces a tenement building. “Early yesterday morning at approximately three a.m., Belyakov was kidnapped and his bodyguards killed. A careful re-creation of the scene indicates it was an operation orchestrated by a team of freelance professionals working on behalf of the Russians.” The next photo shows a woman departing an airport. Her features are obscured by the scarf and heavy sunglasses she wears. “This picture was taken at Heathrow just four days ago. We believe it is the operative who planned and executed the abduction. We know her only by the code name: White Queen. Aside from a belief that she is Ukrainian-born and FSB (OOC: Federal Security Service) trained, we know very little about her. This is the only photo known to exist.” A small, ivory chess piece representing the queen replaces the woman’s photo. “Special Branch found the queen in one of the rooms of the tenement building facing the safe house. No fingerprints, no spent shell casings, not even a strand of hair. Just this. It’s her calling card. She always leaves one of these to advertise her skills to other potential employers.” Another slide now shows a rough, working-class Eastern European man. “Andris Milic, aka, “The Serbian”. Andris is a trafficker with ties to no one. He’s in it strictly for the money. We believe the White Queen hired Andris to arrange the extraction of her team out of London. This morning, Andris reached out to one of our assets with claims that he can provide the location where Belyakov is now being held. For the sum of one million Euros, he will give us the exact location and, as a sign of good faith, he told us that they were in Riga. Once he gives up Belyakov’s location within the city we have promised half his pay to be wired into a Swiss bank account of his choosing. The other half delivered upon confirmation of his intel.” Next up is an image of a small curbside café. “This is the Café Kafka, in the Vecriga, or “old Riga” area of the city, where you will make contact with the Serbian. You will ask him for the time in Paris and he will reply with the time in New York. The exact time is not important, but you must reply “that’s okay, I prefer London anyway.” Once you are both satisfied with the question-and-answer, he is to give you the White Queen’s location. Upon receipt of the intel, one of our officers-in-place will make the money transfer, which he can verify. If you feel the information is good, just leave a tip for your waiter.” “From there it is up to your team to act on the intelligence as you see fit. The USS Raleigh, an American Ohio-class sub, will be waiting outside the harbor to receive both you and the package.” “Any questions?”
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