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FATE NEWBIES WELCOME. That new show on Netflix is bottom-tier garbage. We can do it better - much, much better.

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A new show came out on Netflix called "I Woke Up A Vampire" - and it disappointed me in every conceivable way. 👿 So I thought: why not do it myself, and do it better? Thus, this one-shot.


Themes: Live-Action Supernatural TV Show on a Budget, High School Drama, Action Thriller with Moments of Horror, A Little Campy At Times

Inspiration: Buffy the Vampire Slayer*

Honorable Mentions: Supernatural*


I Woke Up A Vampire is written as if it were the pilot episode for a kind of "Reverse Buffy the Vampire Slayer", where the main character - played by a good friend of mine - suddenly comes into their vampiric powers, and all the dangers and responsibilities that come with being a vampire. 🦇 Our main goal is to introduce all of the major characters and set up the main conflict of the hypothetical series, which will be fun in and of itself.

I designed this game as a solo experience, but with the possibility for others to join in as supporting characters any time. As long as a certain character hasn't been properly introduced yet, you have the option of taking that character's concept and tweaking it to your liking, but if the character has already been introduced, then you can choose to simply adopt that character and play as them.

The Cast:

  • The Main Character | Taken
  • The Family Pet | Taken
  • The Best Friend | Taken
  • The Wild Card | Available
  • The Rival (Antagonist) | Available

Forget that the original show exists: if you haven't seen it, I guarantee you will regret watching it, and if you have seen it, then this game is almost totally unrecognizable from it anyway. I took the name because the show will be forgotten in the blink of an eye.


How to Join:

  1. Please acknowledge that the characters portrayed are high school sophomores, meaning they are around 16 years of age; they should act relatively mature, but they are still minors
  2. Go to the Character Creation guidelines and follow the simple steps there
  3. Post an application in the Applications tab of the game forum, then mention me @Rune Knight when it's ready for review
  4. Don't worry if it's near the deadline: I'll keep advertising until all the spots have been filled or the game is over! ;)

*Full disclosure: I haven't actually watched these shows, I just know the general gist of them.

  1. What's new in this game
  2. Eclipse FP: 3 / 3 Physical Stress: [1] [1] [1] Social Stress: [1] [1] [1] Consequences: [2] [4] [6] A voice reverberated in Ellie's mind, otherworldly vibrations translating into meaning. "Ellie… you need lifeforce…" Ellie felt drenched in something warm and wet; it trickled down her skin in little rivulets, the color of dark crimson coppery on her tongue. She felt… sated. …but then the trickles dried away, and without them, the gnawing returned. "...We need lifeforce." She was back in the clinic for a moment, eyes locked with her cat's black orbs. "Ellie..." "Beware… of anything… holy." This time, Ellie felt bathed in radiance - but the light seared, setting her skin alight as if tiny tongues of flame danced across them. A flash of steel passed across her mind's eye, ancient text etched into an unfathomable blade. She heard a choir, and the sound of heavy bells, and then those too fell away. … She was back in the clinic again. Left to grapple with what she had just witnessed.
  3. Elain "Ellie" Llewellyn FP: 3 / 3 Physical Stress: [1] [1] [1] [1] Social Stress: [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] Consequences: [2] [4] [6] Ellie's body continued to gently pet Eclipse throughout the vision as if utterly unaware of what she saw. But she shivered as soon as soon as it ended. What... What had she just witnessed? A memory? A past vision? A hallucination? It seemed so real; her mind aptly remembered the strong smell of leather and linseed oil, like from an old and prestigious artist's studio. Yet this veterinarian room had that sterile smell, sight and feel that she couldn't stand. In a more calm and reasonable state, she'd have daydreamed over being in this special studio with nothing but the atmosphere of paints for comfort. Yet the stalker with a knife hadn't been an appealing sight; who was that person? What or when had that event been? She could only surmise it was a memory of Eclipse's before he'd even met Ellie. And in her own despair, she accepted it for what she saw. It was his last gift to her. A smile forced its way out, twisting Ellie's expression into a glace pretending to be happy. "T-thank you," she said quietly; her petting strokes shook and shuddered as she thought about these last few moments. Now that she was here, she didn't want it to end. She couldn't say goodbye to Eclipse. "I just wish I could do more for you. I just wish I could save you..."
  4. Grima FP: 3 / 3 Physical Stress: [1] [1] [1] Social Stress: [1] [1] [1] Consequences: [2] [4] [6] A slight twitch ran through the cat’s body as his mind wandered in reminiscences of his old master. Vision A thump, thump of his master’s walking-cane against the roof of the Hansom cab, elicited a grunt of acknowledgement from the driver above and the slowing of the steady clip clop of the horses hooves on the old cobblestones. “Anythin wrong govner?” asked the cabby, opening the ceiling hatch and leaning forward into view. “Nothing wrong, but I wish to stretch my legs for a moment”. There was an acknowledging touch of the cap from the cabby, who having been hired for the entire evening, did not much care how his patron chose to spend the time. Grima perked up, indulging in a quick stretch as he waited for the evening’s hunt to begin. When the cab came fully to a stop, the cat leapt down to the pavement, nose twitching and ears swivelling as he tried to locate their prey, good as his eyesight was in the gloomy evening weather, the person he was searching for might not be in sight. A trace of cheap perfume in the air, distant footfalls from down the alley, was that the trail they were on? His master paused briefly after having alighted from the cab and then strode rapidly and confidently into the darkness of the narrow alleyway, his cane tapping on the ground as he walked. As they passed the first side-door there was the familiar smell of linseed oil, but faint and mixed with a mineral tang, not strong enough to be a cabinet maker, perhaps an artists studio? It would account for the mineral tang since artists used the oil to mix up their paints. The cheap perfume had emerged from that door. An artists model? Ahead of them the footsteps had speeded up and then broken into an uncertain run, progress no doubt hampered by the darkness. His masters pace also quickened in response as they hurried past doors, somewhere with expensive dyes which was perhaps a milliner, then turned left at the cobblers with it’s scents of leather & glue, into a small courtyard. Grima caught sight of her immediately. She was cowering in the corner of the courtyard, back pressed up against the brick wall, fear radiating from her. The hulking figure near her, turned to face the intruders who had been heralded by the tap, tap of the cane along the ground. “Ain’t nuffin to do with you. Be on your way sharpish like ifin you know what’s good for you”. The figure flourished the knife in his hand for emphasis, it’s blade dimly gleaming in the poor visibility. His master did not take the hint to leave, but the woman did. While the stalker was distracted she took to her heels and ran out of the courtyard with Grima in hot pursuit. His task was to keep an eye on the woman, make sure she didn’t run into further problems, keep her safe. His thoughts bounded back to the present. “Keep her safe. Keep Ellie safe". He was going to die, going to let her down and there was nothing he could do. A tear formed glistening at the corner of his eye, then his thoughts were interrupted by a sensation he hadn’t felt in long years. Was he deluding himself? Tricking himself with something he so longed for? Was that Ellie?! A loud purr vibrated through his entire body, sending his tail twitching as the vibration reached it.
  5. Just then, a strange sensation traveled up her arm: the brush of Eclipse's fur made her feel as if she had touched a transformer, a wave of electric tingling raising the tiny hairs on her arm and converging on the back of her neck in a not-unpleasant way. She felt... connected.
  6. Elain "Ellie" Llewellyn FP: 3 / 3 Physical Stress: [1] [1] [1] [1] Social Stress: [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] Consequences: [2] [4] [6] Ellie's eyes lingered back on Eclipse as everyone agreed to let her be. She wanted to look back at her parents and Faro, but this... this would be the last time she'd see Eclipse. And now that her sight dawned down at his dying body, she couldn't look away. Even as Faro lightly pressed on her shoulder, Ellie barely managed the slightest nudge. Her voice was almost dead quiet. "Let me know what I missed at school." It was the only words she could muster to another human. She'd save everything else for her pet. And thus, she was alone. Alone, with her pet. And all remaining strength took her, sending her down to her knees and sobs open in the empty room. "Oh... oh why?" Her hand reached out in front of her. "I wish you could live forever. I wish you didn't have to go." Her hand gently, all too gently, ran through what remained of Eclipse's fur, petting him one last time with nothing but her sorrow as an intangible company.
  7. Faro Augustin FP: 3 / 3 Physical Stress: [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] Social Stress: [1] [1] [1] [1] Consequences: [2] [4] [6] Faro opened his mouth to lie. I already arranged it with the teachers. My parents gave me the exemption; they already talked to the school and arranged it, did I forget to say? The lie itself didn't have to last for more than a few hours. Consequences would come later, as they always did, but he'd be here for Ellie in the meanwhile. Then he thought, for a moment, about those consequences. Faro closed his mouth and smiled instead, nodding his head. "All right, Mrs. Llewellyn. I'll make sure to take clear notes for Ellie." Before he left, he walked over to Ellie and placed a hand on her shoulder. "My phone'll stay on," He said quietly, a promise. Then he turned and nodded to Ellie's dad, ready to leave.
  8. It seemed Faro was at a loss for words. "He would get around sometimes, too." Auntie Wyn said, thinking back on happier days. "After I met him for the first time, he began to appear every so often in the library. Others told me that they'd catch sight of him in random places around town, as well: the forest, the Marina, the town center." "It always perplexed me whether he was just there for head pats and treats, or if he had some mysterious cat reasons to be there..." Rhonwyn's eyes fell as she finished her tale "...but I suppose we'll never know." Another few moments of silence filled the room like molasses. It hurt to look at Eclipse this way, but at the same time, there was something deep inside that told everyone it was important to watch: important to remember something as significant as this. Finally, Amalija turned to her daughter. "Ellie... why don't we give you some space? A moment alone with him. I know you two were the closest." The other adults in the room nodded their heads, silently agreeing. "And Faro?" She turned to face the young man now. "I know you want to be here for Ellie, and you have, but I'm afraid you don't have an exemption from classes today - not like she does." "Luc can drive you there in time for History. Right, Luc?" She faced her husband, who nodded in agreement. Ellie felt her mother rubbing her back for a moment, leaving her with one final comfort before she too filed out of the room. OOC To set up the next part here, there are two very tiny, very short posts I need: one each from Zelphas and Starsign, in that order. This is where I'll be initiating the first Compel of the game: will Faro allow his school responsibilities to take him away, or will he choose to stay with Ellie instead? The former will earn you a Fate Point, while the latter will cost you a Fate Point, but there is no "wrong" answer: It's all up to how you want to express this scene and the overall story. Whatever you choose, you should only need a sentence or two to establish whether Faro is staying or going. For story reasons, I need Ellie to happen to make physical contact with Eclipse. Don't worry: I've got a Compel already in mind that will happen soon after. For now, though, you should need only one or two sentences to achieve those conditions - though you can write a more elaborate post if you wish. Once Ellie touches Eclipse, I will make a short post myself, and then can post that vision he wrote just before.
  9. Elain "Ellie" Llewellyn FP: 3 / 3 Physical Stress: [1] [1] [1] [1] Social Stress: [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] Consequences: [2] [4] [6] The sight sent Ellie shivering in horror. Eclipse was once a brave if mischievous cat; he barely resembled the family pet Ellie grew up with. His fur and skin greyed and wilted from his former self, and any life he once had in his movement ceased to be in that laying pose. The bloody patches and bandages were too much for Ellie's eyes as tears began flowing down her pale skin. Two weeks... In just two weeks, he'd become this, and no one knew how or why. Her hands shook as she reached over to pet Eclipse, retracted over fear and concern for his condition. Ellie was without words for a while, merely looking on at the cat who used every ounce of his remaining strength to see her one last time.. Even now, at these last, last few moments, he still recognized her. Was he still able to hear her? If she called his name, would he listen? A pained effort let out to open her mouth, yet light sobs replaced what would've been words. She shouldn't have come. No, she shouldn't have dared to see Eclipse like this. She should've stayed at home and remembered what he once looked like. She shouldn't have- The full brunt of her body slammed into Amalija's torso, trying to feel warmth in the room's solemn chill. Ellie's sniffs and sobs continued as her parents reminisced about the past, flowing through her ears and reminding her of the past. "He was always there for me," Ellie weakly spouted. She looks up to her mother, then to her father and aunt. "He'd wait next to Eagleview entrance on my first few days. I walked out one day, crying after music class, and he'd jump to my side and rub my leg." A gentle, bittersweet smile wriggled out from her face. "Then we'd go hiking at Fallcreek Park, away from everyone else. Just him and me walking through the dirt trails, surrounded by trees and the small river with nothing but rustling leaves, bobbling ripples, and his soft purrs to listen to." Her head turned to look at Faro, hoping he'd chime in, just something to help remember the time they all spent together.
  10. A few moments passed in solemn silence. Eventually, though, a wistful, almost nostalgic expression came over Ellie's dad. "...I was pretty indifferent to Eclipse after we adopted him - at least initially." He began, his raspy, methodical voice soothing like a storyteller's. "Soon enough, though, I think we realized we had something in common: a craving for the luxury of being able to do nothing." A tiny chuckle lilted from Ellie's other side. Her mother spoke up then, her voice carrying a firm yet gentle grace with it. "I think I still have a candid photo of you two sleeping on the couch, Eclipse curled up on your stomach." The chuckle in response rumbled through Ellie's body, hug-contact sending vibrations from her father's chest and all the way through her. "...I'd talk to him sometimes, you know? In the garage working on some project, or fixing something around the house. Lots of people talk to their pets, but... I could almost swear that he was paying attention to every word."
  11. Grima FP: 3 / 3 Physical Stress: [1] [1] [1] Social Stress: [1] [1] [1] Consequences: [2] [4] [6] Text here.
  12. Grima FP: 3 / 3 Physical Stress: [1] [1] [1] Social Stress: [1] [1] [1] Consequences: [2] [4] [6] Eclipse had been about two years old when the Llewellyn family found & adopted him, at least that is what the vet’s estimate had been, and for all the years since then he had been somewhat of a rascal. Never a problem as regards scratching the furniture, or anything like that, for which Mrs Llewellyn was very grateful, but he did have a tendency to get into places he shouldn’t. Neighbours would greet Mrs Llewellyn with words such as “Oh I saw your cat the other day and you won’t believe where he was?” It was her introduction to that portion of the internet labelled “My house, not my cat”, in which cat owners & lovers posted photos of cute, furry friends making themselves at home in other people’s houses. Eclipse himself starred on one of the videos. From Mrs Llewellyn’s viewpoint the cat’s escapades had introduced her to most of the nice people in her neighbourhood, so the net result had been a beneficial one. Her husband’s younger sister, who worked in the local library, had always maintained that cat’s had an almost supernatural sense of whether people were inherently good or bad, but then Aunt Rhonwyn had quite a few theories about cats. Especially cats that were found during a lunar eclipse, or as ancient societies used to call them, A Blood Moon! Eclipse was however not the cat that he had once been. Two weeks ago he had started into a sudden decline. He had become lethargic, stopped eating and begun wasting away. The vets could find nothing wrong with him and recommended a change of diet, but after a week of lying around the house instead of being his usual active self, not only was his hair greying rapidly, but he had become so emaciated that his bones could be felt when he was stroked. Finding a patch of hair matted with dried blood on his fur, had been even more alarming and instead of the daily visits or phone calls, which had become the norm over the previous few days, the family had decided that Eclipse needed to stay full time at the vets where he could be treated for his condition. The vets had tried their best to diagnose what was wrong, but they could come up with nothing except theories. There were no pathogens in his system, at least none that they could detect, but clearly something was seriously wrong. Suspicions fell on some kind of exotic waterborne microbe that the cat had inadvertently lapped up, but there had been no other similar cases amongst humans, pets, or livestock in the area. They were stumped. Now, two weeks after he had become ill, Eclipse lay on his side, his fur now grey instead of it’s usual warm black, eyes slightly sunken, his body motionless and wrapped in fresh bandages. The assistant had changed the bandages just before the family came, but already there were slowly spreading, blood red stains on the clean, white cloth. Blood was slowly seeping through the dried skin which stretched over old injuries and the veterinarians were at a loss to explain why it was happening. In the circumstances they had felt it prudent to wear gloves when handling the sick cat and even the three Llewellyns had been issued with surgical gloves. The cat was dying in a room full of people worried about touching him. Time passed, the buzz of whispered conversations about him, but not to him, surrounded him. He was alone. Her voice. Her scent. There was a feeble flick of the very end of Eclipse’s tail and he strained his head up to see her, his eyelids half opening as he craned his neck around. His eyes locked with hers for a moment and then his head slumped back, eyes closed again. The effort had cost him and a fresh drop of blood seeped out of his bitten ear and gleamed ominously in the sterile, clinical, white light of the surgery.
  13. "Hey." Three heads turned at the sound of Ellie's voice: two with fiery ginger heads of hair, and one with a muted ash brown. They all looked to be in their late 30s or early 40s, and they all wore a shade of black appropriate for the occasion. Ellie's aunt was the first to see her, her long, waist-length mane of red hair flowing around her as she regarded her niece from behind a set of thin-rimmed glasses. "Hey there, little raven." Rhonwyn replied in the softest tone, reaching her warm, soft hand out to caress Ellie's cheek. Auntie Wyn had called her that ever since she could remember: "little raven". When asked why, she'd said it wasn't only because of Ellie's jet black hair, but she had never elaborated further. Next was Ellie's mother, Amalija: her wavy brown locks bounced around her shoulders like a tiny cloud, but even they didn't do so as joyfully as they would at other times. Amalija tried to hide the redness in her sea blue eyes, the glistening moisture on her tawny cheeks, but failed miserably. "You're-." She stumbled over her words for a moment, managing to keep her voice from trembling too much. "You're not too late, Ellie. He's still with us." Finally, Ellie's father simply looked on with gentle understanding in his emerald eyes: beneath his handsomely tussled ginger hair, he gave her a look as if to say "It's ok. I'm here for you.". He extended an arm, offering a kind of side-hug to his daughter to both bring her to the forefront and comfort her at the same time. If she were to accept the hug, he would kiss her on the head and face what came next with her. There, lying in an animal crib, hooked up to all kinds of wires and sensors converging on a silent vitals monitor nearby, was the Llewellyn family pet: Eclipse.
  14. Yes, the colour may well vary depending on lattitude, though I don't know if it would be more intense if it was higher in the sky, or less. There are a lot of variables I believe. It would be kind of interesting to know how much that affected it. I would describe what I saw as a 'thin red'. Imagine getting a bloclk of red watercolour paint and thinning it right down with water and then giving the moon a kind of blush with it. It's definitely red but it's just a blush over the moon's features. At least that is my memory of it's appearance. That said I can understand why it would have caused such great concern in the past. Seeing the moon 'stained' with blood is going to give rise to some pretty wild theories.
  15. Btw, quick update: as mentioned in the ad, I've extended the advertisement period. So far, the Family Pet and the Best Friend have been taken, and we have one (rather promising) applicant for the Wild Card still in the works. No one has applied for the Rival yet, and I don't really expect anyone to, tbh: the role only has a small amount of screen time for this one-shot. Once the window of opportunity for the Rival has come and gone in the story, there shouldn't be a need to advertise anymore. :)
  16. Ok, this helps me imagine the red much better, thank you. Hearing it described as this kind of "sunset orange" helps make it feel more grounded, and less like an overly supernatural, highly saturated red like in some video games I've played. In that case, the Blood Moon could be seen as the same kind of benign celestial event that most people often miss, while supernatural forces tend to pay more attention to it because of it's significance to them, actually noticing when it's a Blood Moon and seeing it more often. To be clear, I've approved the connection between the Blood Moon and a few things so far: unbound familiars like Grima, the awakening of vampires, and some witch rituals including but not limited to initiations.
  17. If i remember the colour of the moon also depends a lot on where you are in the world.
  18. National Geographic video on Lunar Eclipses. It explains things in a bit more detail.
  19. I’ve seen it once. As I recall it happened to fall on a Saturday night and the weather forecast was for clear skies, so it seemed that it was a “do it now if ever” kind of thing, plus young and foolish at the time :) Because the moon was going to be low in the sky (it being a winter month) we couldn’t watch it from the comfort of one of our gardens and just do a sleep over, so we walked over to a nearby park armed with ground sheet, blankets and snacks, to where the horizon was uncluttered. Unlike a solar eclipse, the lunar eclipse went on for ages. Definitely hours. Although not all of that time was at totality since it’s changing so slowly. Normal moonlight is bright enough to give some visibility at night, but this was just the moon being coloured without much in the way of reflected light. The phenomenon is due to the blue light getting scattered away in the Earth’s atmosphere, such as happens at sunrise and sunset, except with the Earth standing exactly between the Moon and the Sun, that ‘sunset light’ is the only light reaching the moon. I’m not sure that it’s special enough for it to be worth other people staying up for, but I was curious and wanted to see it while the chance was there. So often in Britain celestial events are hidden behind rain bearing clouds.
  20. I also like the idea of the Blood Moon connection, though I'm not sure how much Grima should be connected to it so you can leave that to Rune. :) Although I admit, I've never seen the real moon in any shade of red either.
  21. Initially the idea seems a little obscure and unnecessary, but the more I think about it, the more it would help make a lot of things make a little more sense. Not only the coincidence between Ellie's awakening and your character's imminent death, but something else that will be happening later on in the one-shot. I will have to approve Blood Moon connections on a case-by-case basis, though. For example, I can see your character's "nine lives" being tied to the Blood Moon as you described, as well as witch initiations having to do with the Blood Moon, but something that hasn't been fleshed out yet like werewolves I cannot approve anything for at this time. I've never really seen the real moon any shade of red in my entire life, though: were you thinking the Blood Moon would be visibly red in this world? Would it be red for everyone, or just those aware of the supernatural?
  22. Since this would affect everyone, I thought I should put it here for everyone to be able to comment on. I’m wondering about the possibility of A Full Blood Moon being of occult significance in the game world? According to the Royal Greenwich Observatory website: “How often do lunar eclipses happen? A lunar eclipse happens between two to five times a year, with a total lunar eclipse occurring at least two every three years.” I take that to mean two out of three years for the total lunar eclipse. The partial eclipses give a red tint to part of the moon, but the total eclipse covers the entire moon thereby making it a dark red (depending on atmospheric conditions). The cat has been with the Llewellyn family for about ten years or so, which puts it close to nine Blood Moons and cats in superstition have nine lives. Nine chances to find a new ‘owner’ before he dies? It would also mean that Ellie’s change and the cat’s dying on the exact same day is not due to mere happenstance, but the result of ‘occult forces’ at work. This would however mean that everyone would be affected. Witches would first come into their powers, werewolves might turn for the first time, vampire hunters and witch hunters would be out looking for newly awoken people, that sort of thing. From the werewolf angle for a moment, a Blood Moon might give them control over their transition back and forth, whereas a full silvery moon is more dangerous to them. I’m not sure of the net benefits or drawbacks of the idea, but it seemed an interesting thought, so I decided to float the idea here for comment.
  23. Faro Augustin FP: 3 / 3 Physical Stress: [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] Social Stress: [1] [1] [1] [1] Consequences: [2] [4] [6] The bike ride to the veterinary clinic was quiet, which worked for Faro; he was fairly certain that his active role in this situation was over, and the best thing he could do going forward was to be as comforting of a presence as he could. He caught Ellie's glance at his dad's business, and made a mental note to see if he could convince his dad to set something interesting aside for Ellie's next visit. That is, if I can talk to him at all without it turning into a screaming match... Faro shook his head at himself and deliberately turned his bike away from the antique shop, banishing the stray thoughts from his mind. Today wasn't about him, and he wouldn't make it about him. Faro followed Ellie into the clinic and let the space wash over him, resisting a sudden urge to snuff out the scented candle or to sneeze out its smell from his nostrils. The workers were doing their best to show respect, and he could honor that. "I'm here," he answered Ellie's false assurances simply, giving her a small smile for just a moment. When she walked toward her family, Faro stayed back; in the room, but next to the door. He'd never been allowed a pet of his own, and so some small part of this was slightly alien to him. Besides, Ellie's family was with her now. They'd take care of it. He kept near the door, a silent observer rather than a participant in whatever came next.
  24. Elain "Ellie" Llewellyn FP: 3 / 3 Physical Stress: [1] [1] [1] [1] Social Stress: [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] Consequences: [2] [4] [6] Ellie takes one last look at the outdoors, seeing Muirgen even amid the flurry of raindrops and flashes of thunder crashing around the city. The view from Muirgen Veterinarian was like looking up in the middle of an urban maze, unable to see much of the town beyond the old buildings and the tip of Rose Hill Chapel. The sound of rain and thunder provided the only sort of comfort throughout the trip. Nothing had the same feeling; her body seemed utterly unaffected by feeling things, whether it be the rush of wind, the devouring of food, or the droplets hammering on her pancho. The sound, however, reminded her that she was alive. She wasn't trapped in a bad dream as a reminder that there would be a tomorrow. Ellie's eyes looked longly toward a small, run-down store in the distance. The Curio Friend, as it was known, was once one of her favorite places to visit. As a pawn shop, it had a varied assortment across its red-colored wooden shelves. Among those were the most unique oddities and occult-like trinkets. Even when Ellie couldn't afford it, she liked browsing and seeing what was new. It was such a darn shame the place was closed today. She looked back to the veterinarian building, glancing at the interiors and taking in the somber mood. Her body quivered from the scented candle, and she gave a trembling sigh at the sight. "I'm... I'll be alright," she insisted to Faro before arriving at the intensive care unit. Seeing her family gathered, however, told her otherwise. A shudder sent throughout her body before walking forward. "Hey."
  25. Grima FP: 3 / 3 Physical Stress: [1] [1] [1] Social Stress: [1] [1] [1] Consequences: [2] [4] [6] Text here.
  26. Name | Grima (a.k.a. Eclipse) Refresh | 3 High Concept | Loyal Grimoire of Knowledge *Rather than write his secrets down in code, his old master used the telepathic bond to store his secret knowledge in the mind of his familiar. Trouble | Dying of Old Age Aspect III | Mischievous Rascal *There’s the right way to do things, the wrong way to do things, but best of all, there is the fun way to do things. Aspect IV | Cherished Family Pet Aspect V | - Description Old black tom-cat with a small white ‘locket’ on chest just under the chin, a small scar above the right eye, a notch bitten out of his left ear and a scar on their left hind leg where it was cut by a blade. Backstory Short Writing Sample - Great (+4) | {Judgement} Good (+3) | {Charm} {Vigilance} Fair (+2) | {Crime} {Occult} {Prowl} Average (+1) | {Fracas} {Impulse} {Investigate} {Vex} Physical Stress | [1] [1] [1] Social Stress | [1] [1] [1] Mild Consequence | - Moderate Consequence | - Severe Consequence | - Stunts Pet Therapy Once per Session, you can reduce someone else’s Social Consequence by one level of severity (Severe to Moderate, Moderate to Mild, Mild to nothing at all) by succeeding on a Judgement roll with a difficulty of Fair (+2) for a Mild Consequence, Good (+3) for Moderate, or Great (+4) for Severe. You need to interact with the person you are treating for at least half an hour in order for them to receive the benefits of this Stunt, and you can't use it on yourself. (Normally the roll would only start the Recovery process, instead of changing the Consequence level). (Stunt) ??? (Stunt) ??? Note: Do not delete this line. Insert new items above this line. Extras - Personal Equipment & Gear Collar Note: List here any equipment your character reasonably has that will be narratively relevant to the story. This should include any gear they commonly use to accomplish their goals, and weapons without WR they use to fight with. Also anything with personal significance to them. Don't worry about being super-complete, you can have everyday items that most people have. Phone, keys, wallet, handbag, laptop, etc. You don't need to include your ride here. Note: Do not delete this line. Insert new items above this line.
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