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Organized play for the Everyday Heroes game. They have free 90-page demo that basically allows you to start playing. This means you don’t have to invest in the full PHB unless you like the game. The full PHB just gives you more options so if there is anyone who is looking for 5E super hero game this is that. The Boys meets City Of Heroes is how you can think of it.

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Everyday Heroes is a game system where you are the hero! It is set in the modern world. It is inspired by action movies and comics. You can be a brute, commando, mastermind, or sleuth with a profession of field agent, journalist, intelligence, or military, for example. This isn’t high fantasy or action in space. This is gritty action in a version of our world.

They have free 90-page demo that basically allows you to start playing.  This means you don’t have to invest in the full PHB unless you like the game. The full PHB just gives you more options so if there is anyone who is looking for 5E super hero game this is that. The Boys meets City Of Heroes is how you can think of it. 

The first module will be Meat the Enemy. You are agents of Redemption, a clandestine global organization. When national governments cannot (or simply do not) get involved in protecting innocent people or the world itself, REDEMPTION’s mysterious “Board of Directors” selects a team of agents from all walks of life—Everyday Heroes—who are willing to step up and take action!


REDEMPTION has been receiving reports from around the globe of dangerous and terrifying cryptid monsters, and the heroes must choose one of them to investigate. You are that team!


The team will consist of 4-6 heroes.

  1. What's new in this game
  2. , would you mind if I roll 4d6 here for each of my PC’s Ability Scores and reassign them as desired? I would discard the lowest die and use the remainder.
  3. Perhaps potential players could be reached via Discord or even Dispatch? I don’t do either, but it might work. I think part of the problem is that it’s July and people are rushing off on vacations. Also, unless it’s D&D 5e, Pathfinder, or some other well-established rpg system, most potential players are not interested even though the demo version is free. Maybe you should stretch out the deadline to mid or late August?
  4. We just need one more! Talk to your friends. Heck, if you have enemies that play, invite them!
  5. While I may still tinker with it, I believe that my character sheet is done.
  6. Will definitely expand the timeline. We need at least one more player to start. Once we have four, I will give everyone a couple of days to rejigger and finalize their hero if they want to.
  7. Thank you, Chief. As you can see, I'm working on the character sheet. Just downloaded the digital core rulebook and am waiting to get the printed and bound copy from Amazon. Should have it late tomorrow. How much time do I have to get this altogether? Will you be extending the deadline for applications in hopes of attracting another player or three?
  8. Prof. Emil-Auguste Lucard -- Smart Hero (Mastermind) PROF. EMIL-AUGUSTE LUCARD ATTRIBUTES Strength 8 -1 Dexterity 14 +2 Constitution 12 +1 Intelligence* 16 +3 Wisdom* 12 +1 Charisma 14 +2 ---LINE BREAK--- TRAITS Level 1 HP 7 Defense 13 Initiative +2 Passive Perception 11 Speed (ft) 30' Wealth 3 Bulk Limit 4 Acrobatics Dex +2 +2 Arts and Crafts Wis +1 +1 Athletics Str -1 -1 Computers++ Int +3 +7 Deception Cha +2 +2 Endurance Con +1 +1 Insight Wis +1 +1 Intimidation Cha +2 +2 Investigation+ Int +3 +5 Mechanics Int +3 +3 Medicine+ Int +3 +5 Natural Sciences+ Int +3 +5 Perception Wis +1 +1 Performance Cha +2 +2 Persuasion+ Cha +2 +4 Security++ Int +3 +7 Sleight of Hand Dex +2 +2 Social Sciences+ Int +3 +5 Stealth Dex +2 +2 Streetwise Wis +1 +1 Survival Wis +1 +1 Vehicles Dex +2 +2 Class & Level: Smart Hero/1 Archetype: Mastermind Background: Cosmopolitan Profession: Academia (Cryptozoologist) Proficiency: Basic Equipment Abilities: Common Tongue (Cosmopolitan Background); Debate (Academia Profession); Genius (Mastermind Archetype -- Expect the Unexpected, The Right Tool, When a Plan Comes Together); Know-It-All (Mastermind Archetype); You're Doing It All Wrong (Mastermind Archetype) Equipment Academia Iconic Equipment Laptop computer Laser pointer School ID card (Sorbonne Université) Mastermind Military Pack Clothes: Military fatigues, Combat boots Mundane: Soldier’s kit (e.g., a frame backpack, combat fatigues, military ID, chemlight, ear and eye protection, multitool, notebook and pen, a woobie (a blanket/poncho), seven magazines of ammunition, batteries, rations for three days, water, first aid kit, hygiene kit, snacks), Portable Radio, Night Vision Goggles, Fidget Spinner Weapons: 9mm Service Pistol Armor: Ballistic Vest, Medium Mastermind Civilian Pack Clothes: Designer 3-piece suit, Dress shoes Vehicle: Luxury Car, Car stuff (e.g., A set of papers, some pens, spare change, a spare tire, a tire iron, a small toolkit, a radio, extra fuses, road flares, a first aid kit, snacks, tissues, a bottle of water, hand soap, a utility knife, batteries, some bags, sunglasses, a map of the local area Mundane: Pocket stuff/Purse stuff (e.g., a smart phone, wallet, credit cards, cash, ID cards, keys, a pocketknife/tool), Expensive watch Weapons: Pocket .38 Pistol Appearance What do you look like to yourself and others? Currently 42 years old; smart, neatly trimmed beard; straight brunette hair with a premature white streak, coiffed in a fashionable European cut; piercing blue-grey eyes; sharp, pointed nose ever ready to ferret out hidden truths; has some facial scars as a result of an encounter with a chupacabra in southern Mexico; 5’10”, 165 lbs., thin and wiry, but not muscular; Caucasian (Western European); features are on the whole acceptably handsome but not conspicuously attractive; his voice, though, is incredibly sexy with its mellifluous French accent; always appears calm, cool and collected. Personality Motivation. What drives you to do the things you do? I am passionate about uncovering facts that people (or the universe) want to keep hidden, and then presenting an engaging report to inform the public about it. Along the way, I discover nefarious deeds, injustices, and buried truths. So, I am occasionally in a position to help others who need my help. Attachments. What people, places, or things do you care about? Well... Life, the Universe and Everything! Just Everything! Beliefs. How do you see and understand the world around you? Alors qu'il est vrai que chacun voit midi à sa porte, mais il y a plus d’un âne à la foire qui s’appelle Martin. I am unafraid to employ any scientific technique or technology, new or ancient... while I am enamored of doing research in the field, in the lab, or in the library (both analog and digital) ... essentially it all depends on what my five senses tell me as well as whatever truth logically, dispassionately fits the facts. Quand on a éliminé l’impossible, ce qui reste, aussi improbable soit-il, doit être la vérité? Role. What role do you see yourself as playing in society? Much like the Titan Prometheus in ancient Greek mythology, it is my function in life to bring the truth to all Mankind, no matter what the cost. Virtues. What makes you a good person? I believe that the best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more. This is a good thing. This is a useful purpose. Flaws. What makes you a flawed person? La vérité est là-bas. The Truth is out there. Consequences be damned! Quirks. What makes you a little bit strange or different? It’s true that I am rather singular, perhaps even remarkable. But "strange"? "Different”? I hardly think so. Pourquoi? What makes you say that? Background What is your life’s journey thus far? Born April 15, 1982, in Paris, France. He is the youngest son of French shipping magnates, Armand and Yvette-Marie Lucard. Emil became the black sheep of the family by choosing a career in academia instead of becoming part of the family business. Graduated La Université Sorbonne, Class of '04, magna cum laude, with BSc in Biology and Pre-Med; earned his Master of Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution (BEE) in 2007; and earned his PhD (Evolutionary Biology) in 2010. Like his role model Leonardo da Vinci, he is a polymath. He has interests in biology, paleontology, xenobiology, botany, biochemistry, veterinary medicine, medicine, anthropology, archaeology, forensic medicine, zoology, pharmacology, anatomy, taxonomy, microbiology, mycology, phycology, parasitology, virology, physiology, theoretical biology, cellular biology, genetics, ecology, evolution, biophysics, molecular biology, structural biology, and biotechnology. He is currently on the faculty of the Sorbonne, but has worked for many of the world's leading scientific institutions such as the French National Centre for Scientific Research, Harvard University, Stanford University, MIT, Max Planck Society, University of California (Berkley), University of California (LA), Yale University, Columbia University in the City of New York, University of Oxford, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Zurich). Speaks French, English, Italian, and Spanish fluently. Knows how to engage in polite conversation in most other languages. He lives in Paris, but has lived in NYC, Los Angeles, London, Florence, Zurich, and Madrid when on assignment. He is an idealist but a pragmatist, a romantic but a rationalist. He is an environmentalist, an internationalist, and a classicist. He plays the piano un petit peu. He owns a small but impressive collection of original artworks done by many important Renaissance artists in his apartment in Paris including an original ink sketch of a chimaera done by Léonard de Vinci. Honed his computer and hacker skills during the pandemic out of necessity as well as out of curiosity. Was recently recruited by the clandestine international organization known as REDEMPTION. Its Board of Directors has been receiving reports from around the world regarding dangerous and terrifying cryptid monsters, and they needed someone with his expertise in cryptozoology to investigate and neutralize these threats.
  9. I’m looking at at lease once per week, two if we are on a roll and everyone can swing it. It’s not a huge adventure, so play shouldn’t take long by PbP standards.
  10. I'm in a bunch of games too and after like a week it averages at 2-3posts a week with occasional bursts of activity if something extra happens
  11. To be honest, I am interested. However, I have an idea for a Smart Hero (Academic Field Researcher/Scientist) who is a cryptozoologist. I am debating, though, with either that or the Smart Hero (Bookworm Mastermind) offered in the freebie download. If I go with the former, then I would have to pay for the PHB. In any event, how often would we be required to post each week for this game? I’m already involved in five other games on M-W right now.
  12. It would suck if it doesn't, anyone that knows 5E would easily pick this up super fast (no pun intended) and it looks really fun. I'll try to shill it to some of my friends
  13. Info added in short description and topic body. Let’s see if that gets us a couple more heroes.
  14. Lol now you mentioned it, it should've been the first thing on my mind 🤣
  15. I’ll update the ad tomorrow with that info and see if it drums up more hits. Thanks for that!
  16. I thought they were normal people? Everyday heroes? Makes me think of firefighters and such.
  17. We need to look for them, stress that they have a free 90-page demo that basically allows you you play, full PHB just gives you more options so if there is anyone who is looking for 5E super hero game this is that. The Boys meets City Of Heroes
  18. Since I wasn't sure how visible is my link I added PDF file too.
  19. I started on a heroforge picture I'll post it later. Raphael ATTRIBUTES Strength 8 -1 Dexterity 17 +3 Constitution 14 +2 Intelligence 14 +2 Wisdom 10 +0 Charisma 13 +1 ---LINE BREAK--- TRAITS Level 1 HP 10 Defense 14 Initiative +3 Passive Perception 10 Speed (ft) 30 ft. Wealth 4 Acrobatics+ Dex +3 +5 Arts and Crafts+ Wis +0 +2 Athletics Str -1 -1 Computers Int +2 +2 Deception Cha +1 +1 Endurance Con +2 +2 Insight Wis +0 +0 Intimidation Cha +1 +1 Investigation Int +2 +2 Mechanics Int +2 +2 Medicine Int +2 +2 Natural Sciences Int +2 +2 Perception+ Wis +0 +2 Performance Cha +1 +1 Persuasion+ Cha +1 +3 Security Int +2 +2 Sleight of Hand+ Dex +3 +5 Social Sciences Int +2 +2 Stealth+ Dex +3 +5 Streetwise Wis +0 +0 Survival Wis +0 +0 Vehicles Dex +3 +3 Proficiency: Basic Equipment, Historical Equipment, Abilities: On the Run- Cursed/Haunted (Background), Antiquarian-Relic Hunter (Profession), Fast Reflexes (Agile Hero 1), Graceful Strike (Graceful Warrior 1), Graceful Style (Graceful Warrior 1), Personal Weapon (Graceful Warrior 1)
  20. OK, now I have added most of the mechanics on the app. You have proficiencies visible and Abilities I currently know visible. The rest is just filling up equipment and Fluff. This is the App I would use as standard.
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