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The 2e version of the Kingmaker campaign for Pathfinder.

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Pathfinder 2e



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For generations, the Stolen Lands have spanned the southern border of Brevoy. Many attempts have been made to settle them, but to date, none have succeeded, making these 35,000 square miles of wilderness the largest swath of unclaimed land in the entire River Kingdoms. As tensions mount in Brevoy, one of Rostland’s swordlords hopes to change that fact; she plans to issue charters to several groups of adventurers, sending them south into the Stolen Lands reopen old trade routes and defeat the bandits and monsters who have made them too dangerous to use. By sending free agents south, this swordlord of Rostland hopes to create new allies without sacrificing her own position of power in Brevoy.

Yet as with most complex and brilliant plans, the future holds plenty of opportunities for disaster…


Where the danger is greatest, the rewards can sometimes be the greatest. Do you have the courage and strength of character to face these dangers head-on?


Looking for seven brave adventurers at level one using Pathfinder 2e rules. Please note which books you used to create your character in case I don’t have it. I try not to be ignorant or more limiting than necessary for character creation options.

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  2. Vastille Tiefling 1 Medium, Human, Tiefling, Humanoid Alignment Chaotic Good Perception +4; Darkvision Languages Common, Elven Skills Intimidation +7, Lore: Labor +3, Medicine +4, Occultism +3, Religion +4, Society +3, Stealth +5 Str +0, Dex +3, Con +1, Int +0, Wis +1, Cha +4 Items Studded Leather Armor, Backpack, Clothing (Ordinary), Healer's Tools, Basic Face Mask, Bedroll, Chalk (10), Flint and Steel, Hourglass, Lock (Poor), Mirror, Rope, Rations (2), Torch (5), Waterskin, Soap, Writing Set Coin 8s, 8c AC 18; Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +6 HP 15/15 Focus Points 2/2 Speed 45 feet Melee Dagger +6 (Agile, Finesse, Thrown 10ft, Versatile S), Damage 1d4 P Spells Divine DC 12; Spell Attack +7 Focus Spells , Additional Feats , Appearance Age: 24(ish), Height: 5'4", Weight: 130lbs. Small and lithe, Vastille is easy to overlook and, well, easy to look over, too. She has a darker beige complexion and piercing eyes that give off the impression that she sees more than it seems. Her hair is well kept, she wears jewelry on her pointed ears, and regularly applies makeup; a practice that she hasn't kicked from her time serving in a noble household. Vastille's tiefling heritage manifests in several small ways: her pink eyes, her sharper canines, her pointed ears, slightly clawed hands, a longer tongue, and small spikes along her spine. She doesn't have a tail like some tieflings, but her most prominent features are the two red and black horns that arc backwards from her head, as well as her hoofed feet, which begin just below her calf muscles. Vastille's studded leather armor contains fashionable adornments and is a treasured possession of hers- the majority of her material wealth went into purchasing it. She keeps a dagger and her healer's tools at her hip and keeps the remainder of her belongings in her backpack, which she seals with a lock. Oracular Curse Vastille's curse causes her to exist slightly outside of time, advancing and regressing in age in small random ways. For example: wrinkles appear and disappear, strands of hair go gray for a day, her eyesight changes slightly day to day, her voice sometimes changes octaves, etc. These small changes make it difficult to discern her age. Vastille is unbothered by her curse and sees it as just another aspect of her nature that she has to contend with, similar to her tiefling heritage and the way that others view it. Personality Vastille tries to take advantage of her freedom, acting brave and headstrong, but years of working as a servant have left their mark and she is easily cowed by those of higher social standing. She is pragmatic, inquisitive, honest, playful, and caring. She is also at times timid, a little naive, and quick to trust- but if that trust is rewarded she is fiercely loyal. She treasures her belongings fiercely and secures her backpack with a lock every night to keep her treasures safe. Backstory Vastille was orphaned at birth. She doesn't know the reason, but living in Brevoy she assumes that her parents were nobility of some sort and were quick to get rid of her when they realized that she was a tiefling. As a result, she holds no surname and has no concept of her ancestry. Her Oracular Curse and its benefits emerged early, causing her to age oddly as a child. Combined with her heritage, this saw her shunned, bullied, and passed over in the orphanage, leaving her to fend for herself. When she entered her teenage years, the orphanage forced her to leave and make her own way in the world. Vastille finally found work as kitchen staff in a noble house- some offshoot of the Lebeda family- where she spent several years washing dishes, floors, and doing any other menial task that no one else wanted to do. She was at first bullied by the other staff, but over time her kind nature, even in the face of such adversity, brought the others around and she became close with them. At one point, Katerina, the daughter of the house's Lord, fell ill to a poison that had been inflicted upon her by a member of a rival noble house. With only hours to live, Vastille pushed her way out of the servant's quarters and to Katerina's bedside. Using her oracular powers, she slowed the passage of time within the girl's body and provided enough extra time for her to receive treatment. While most of those present were startled and scared of her unexpected powers, Katerina became attached to Vastille for saving her life and Vastille became her personal servant, during which time she learned to read, write, and was taught many standards of high society, especially in regards to one's appearance and etiquette. Several more years passed and Katerina fell in love, got engaged, and then married. Vastille expected to follow her as her servant to her new home, but Katerina surprised her by granting her a small purse of coin. It was enough to cover living expenses for awhile and gave Vastille the freedom to leave her servant role to find a new life. The two women parted on good terms and if there is one person that Vastille loves like family, it is Katerina. Vastille had no place that is really home, though; nowhere to go back to. The funds eventually began to dwindle and recently she spent her remaining wealth on adventuring gear. Her future wasn't going to be found in Brevoy. She hopes that this opportunity to adventure into the Stolen Lands will give her the opportunity to earn some money, make some connections, and figure out what she will do with her life. She is also more than a little interested in seeing what her oracular powers can actually do now that she doesn't feel the need to keep them hidden and in check. About Me I'm a long-time TTRPGer and have been GMing PF2e for a year now. No one else in my group is interested in GMing the system so I've turned to PbP for a chance to play. I like to balance mechanics with narrative and explore character growth, not just character progression. I'm also down to talk anything nerdy; games or fantasy, I'm here for it :P
  3. …there are no restrictions on that in the Adventure Path, so it should be fine. …once the submission time is up, I will give everyone until Sunday at 1700 Eastern US to finish up apps. …welcome to TTRPG! I’ll look at your app and let you know if there are any glaring errors. If you don’t hear from me before Sunday evening, assume all is good with it.
  4. Evlav Inimeg (He/Him) Ancestry: Fey-Touched Gnome Background: Gladiator Class: Bard Ability Scores STR: 14 DEX: 12 CON: 16 INT: 10 WIS: 10 CHA: 16 HP: 19 Saves: Fort T, Ref T, Will E Alignment: Chaotic Good ―Features― Background Impressive Performance Ancestry Gnome Weapon Familiarity Bard Muse: Warrior Feats Martial Performance ―Background― Evlav grew up an odd duck amongst the already odd ducks that are Gnomes. He was always scrapping and making up fantastic stories about his adventures. He was a performer, that was evident early on, but no one expected the fighting ring would be his stage. He became king of the sell, telling a story during a fight and just being the center of attention. This went on for years as he crafted his skills and the time has now come where even the rush of applause has somewhat dimmed. So what is a performer and overall stellar warrior to do? Well, take the show on the road of course. ―Personality― At first meeting (and let's be honest, the second, third and fourth) Evlav can come off quite self centered. As one would begin to sift through those layers, if one can suffer that long, you will find someone who can be quite caring and believes in people. ―Appearance― Flamboyant and eye catching, Evlav rarely keeps his hair color the same for long. This can be said to a lesser degree for his equipment, thinking that to keep people interested you have to be interesting. ―Skills― (unlisted = unranked) Acrobatics T Athletics T Deception T Intimidation T Lore (Gladiatorial) T Occultism T Performance T Stealth T
  5. Hello! I put in my application but I just wanted to add that I'm pretty new to TTRPG and very very new to Pathfinder. I hope I don't have any glaring errors, but if there's anything that needs fixing please let me know.
  6. Fhushi Garasu, Tengu Monk 1 Medium, Tengu, Jinxed Tengu, Humanoid Alignment Chaotic Good Perception +4; Low-Light Vision Languages Common, Tengu Skills Acrobatics +6, Athletics +7, Lore: Warfare +3, Nature +4, Stealth +6, Survival +4 Str +4, Dex +3, Con +1, Int +0, Wis +1, Cha +0 Items Explorer's Clothing, Backpack, Clothing (Winter), Healer's Tools, Bedroll, Chalk (10), Flint and Steel, Rope, Rations (2), Torch (5), Waterskin, Soap, Material Component Pouch AC 18; Fort +6, Ref +8, Will +6 HP 17 Speed 25 feet Melee Khakkara +4 (Shove, Two-Hand d10, Uncommon, Versatile P), Damage 1d6+4 B Ranged Shuriken +6 (Agile, Monk, Thrown, Uncommon), Damage 1d4+4 P Flurry of Blows Additional Feats , , , , Additional Specials , Appearance Age: 25, Height 4'10", Weight 95 lbs Fhushi is tall for a Tengu, with comfortable, flowing monk's robes covering his solid build. He wears tall wooden sandals and carries his monk's staff with metal rings dangling from an ornate metal hoop at the top. Personality Fhushi is usually stern and stoic, however he is also intensely curious about the world beyond his monastery, even if he might look down on its customs and people. Backstory Fhushi was born and raised in an ascetic Tengu monastery in the mountains. For generations, the monks have lived there with little to no contact with the outside world, while monks actually leaving the monastery, never to return, was an even rarer event. Recently, however, Fhushi had been experiencing strange visions and an undefinable restlessness that caused his mind to remain unsettled, even during his meditations, making them increasingly futile. Frustrated, he sought the advice of companions and masters alike, whose answers all left him unsatisfied, yet he still couldn't understand why. In a particular fit of restless frustration, a halfhearted idea entered his mind: that he should just give up and leave. Surprisingly, this thought struck a chord within him. He should leave. He didn't know why, or what he would do, he only knew that when he ruminated on this thought, his restlessness and frustration was somehow tempered. After conferring with his masters, they were content to allow him to leave, although they could not fully understand why, their hearts were filled with sadness and doubts that he would ever return. And so, Fhushi's wanderings have brought him to a strange new city, where a call for heroes catches his attention. Initially, he scoffs at the hubris he imagines it would require for someone to consider themselves a hero, but his soul is intrigued, and he has learned to follow the whims of his soul.
  7. Hope applications are open until end of tomorrow; I spent a good chunk of time today creating a character but haven't quite finished.
  8. Can I be a character from Alkenstar or Dungan Hold? I want to build a Dwarf Thaumaturge and the clan pistol / Ammunition Thaumaturgy is really appealing, but I'm not sure if it makes sense in a Kingmaker game. What do you think? (If not I'll just roll a different Dwarf Thaumaturge build nbd)
  9. "Love." "Yes, that's the motivation for joining the expedition to the Stolen Lands. Many winters ago, it was love at first sight when my eyes met the intense stare of Anna Medyved. From then on, I left my mother Alina's herbalist hut at the edge of the forest to serve the noble family of Medvyed, acting as caretaker for her brother." "Where the Medvyed family are excellent hunters, I assisted, healing the scrapes the siblings wound up with, using both medicine and the blessing of the forest. As I stood besides them, I have learned how to manage a household and observe noble protocol." "When I finally confessed my love, Anna said she could never marry somebody like me. A person without title or noble lineage. So here I am, to show my worth and make a claim." "I will help foster a community where all are welcomed, no matter what they look like. Because, yes, those are antlers. My father was a faun. I know the look. Not all are favourable, so I wish to make a place where all with a good heart are welcome." Lukyan Alinin Lukyan Alinin Wood Kineticist 1 Neutral Good, Medium, Skilled Human, Humanoid Background Servant Perception +3 Languages Common, Sylvan Skills Acrobatics +5, Athletics +5, Diplomacy +5, Lore: Labor +3, Medicine +3, Nature +3, Performance +5, Society +3 Str 14 (+2), Dex 12 (+1), Con 18 (+4), Int 10 (+0), Wis 10 (+0), Cha 14 (+2) Items Explorer's Clothing, Backpack, Healer's Tools, Bedroll, Chalk (10), Flint and Steel, Rations (2), Torch (5), Waterskin, Soap, Sling Bullets (20), Material Component Pouch, Musical Instrument (Pan flute) AC 14 Fort +9, Ref +6, Will +3 HP 20 Speed 25 feet Melee Staff +5 (Two-Hand d8), Damage 1d4+2 B Ranged Sling +4 (Propulsive), Damage 1d6+1 B Kinetic Gate Wood (Single) Kinetic Abilities Kinetic Aura, Channel elements, Wood Impulse Junction, Base Kinesis, Elemental Blast, Impulses Class Feat Extended Kinesis Wood Impulse Feats Fresh Produce, Hardwood Armor Ancestry Feat General Training: Courtly Graces Background Feat Read Lips
  10. Archives has the Remastered rules/spells up by default. You can change settings to hide Remastered content, but if you search for Light without changing anything it will show you the Remastered spell, with a link to the old one.
  11. I don’t have the remaster rules, so I would prefer core 2e.
  12. Just to confirm (I know it was asked before, but didn't see a definitive answer) are we using the remaster rules? What is currently up on Archives of Nethys?
  13. Prince Lampwick, Goblin, Rogue Name: Prince Lampwick "All the best stuff is overlooked, either forgotten in a shadow or behind something big and unmoving, or else right in plain view but not considered for its value. That's true of goods and people." - Prince Lampwick Appearance: Prince is a reasonably common looking goblin, blue-gray skinned, with just a bit of sparse stubble coming from the top of his head. He wears well-made, tailored but slightly worn and dirty clothes consisting of blue breeches, a cream shirt and red waistcoat embroidered with gold thread, and a brown leather skullcap. Personality: Socially, Prince tends to return what is given to him. He's used to being underestimated, overlooked, or even treated poorly, and thus he does carry a chip in his shoulder and isn't immune to bursts of caustic language or acerbic or snide comments. When treated with kindness or respect, he can be quite warm and selfless. Mostly however, he is sharp and shrewd and looking for the angles. A deal where everyone comes out on top is the best, but one where he comes out on top nearly as much so. Prince Lampwick Mastermind Rogue 1 TN, Small, Goblin, Unbreakable Goblin, Humanoid Perception +6; Darkvision Languages Common, Goblin Skills Acrobatics +5, Athletics +3, Crafting +6, Deception +6, Diplomacy +6, Lore: Cooking, Driving, Mercantile, Storage +6, Medicine +4, Nature +4, Performance +6, Society +6, Stealth +5, Survival +4 Str +0, Dex +2, Con +4, Int +3, Wis +1, Cha +3 Items Explorer's Clothing, Clothing (Fine), Bull's-Eye Lantern, Compass, Flint and Steel, Mirror, Sling Bullets (10), 5sp 2cp Backpack: Crowbar, Hammer, Hooded Lantern, Repair Kit, Tent, Torches (5), Writer's Kit Chest & Simple Lock: Cookware, Merchant's Scale, Sacks (5), Extra Paper & Ink AC 15; Fort +3, Ref +7, Will +6 HP 18 Speed 25 feet Melee Dagger +5 (Agile, Finesse), Damage 1d4 P/S Melee Sap +5 (Agile, Nonlethal), Damage 1d6 B Melee Fist +5 (Agile, Finesse, Nonlethal, Unarmed), Damage 1d6 B Ranged Sling +5 (Propulsive), Damage 1d6 B Ranged Dagger +5 (Agile, Finesse), Damage 1d4 P Surprise Attack You spring into combat faster than foes can react. On the first round of combat, if you roll Deception or Stealth for initiative, creatures that haven’t acted are off-guard to you. Sneak Attack When your enemy can’t properly defend itself, you take advantage to deal extra damage. If you Strike a creature that has the off-guard condition with an agile or finesse melee weapon, an agile or finesse unarmed attack, a ranged weapon attack, or a ranged unarmed attack, you deal an extra 1d6 precision damage. For a ranged attack with a thrown melee weapon, that weapon must also be agile or finesse. Mastermind Racket If you successfully identify a creature using Recall Knowledge, that creature is off-guard against your attacks until the start of your next turn; if you critically succeed, it’s off-guard against your attacks for 1 minute. Hefty Hauler Encumbered at 7 Bulk, Max 12 Bulk. Bargain Hunter You can Earn Income using Diplomacy, spending your days hunting for bargains and reselling at a profit. You can also spend time specifically sniffing out a great bargain on an item; this works as if you were using Earn Income with Diplomacy, except instead of gaining money, you purchase the item at a discount equal to the money you would have gained, gaining the item for free if your earned income equals or exceeds its cost. Finally, if you select Bargain Hunter during character creation at 1st level, you start play with an additional 2 gp. Trap Finder You have an intuitive sense that alerts you to the presence of traps. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to Perception checks to find traps, to AC against attacks made by traps, and to saves against traps. Even if you aren't Searching, you get a check to find traps that normally require you to be Searching. You still need to meet any other requirements to find the trap. You can disable traps that require a proficiency rank of master in Thievery. If you have master proficiency in Thievery, you can disable traps that require a proficiency rank of legendary instead, and your circumstance bonuses against traps increase to +2. City Scavenger You know that the greatest treasures often look like refuse. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to checks to Subsist, and you can use Society or Survival when you Subsist in a settlement. When you Subsist in a city, you also gather valuable junk that silly longshanks threw away. You can Earn Income using Society or Survival at the same time while you Subsist, without spending any additional days of downtime. You also gain a +1 circumstance bonus to this check. About me I haven't played on Myth-Weavers in some years, and I've never played Pathfinder before. I've been hoping to play Kingmaker since I joined a group on here years ago, but that sadly did not go much past creation.
  14. Jarkal the Divine Alchemist Level: 1 Class: Alchemist Background: Barber Height: 3'1" Weight: 35 lbs Eyes: Bright Yellow Fur: Black Race: Ratfolk (Nephilim) Gender: Male Age: 22 yrs Abilities Ability | Modifier STR: 10 | +0 DEX: 16 | +3 CON: 12 | +1 INT: 18 | +4 WIS: 12 | +1 CHA: 10 | +0 Hit Points: 15 Armor Class: 18 Size: Small Speed: 25 ft Perception: +4 ◆ Fort Save: +6 ◆◆ Ref Save: +8 ◆◆ Will Save: +4 ◆ Abilities Ancestry RatfolkHit Points 6 Size Small Speed 25 feet Ability Boosts Dexterity, Intelligence, Free Ability Flaw(s) Strength Languages Common, Ysoki. Additional languages equal to your Intelligence modifier (if it’s positive). Choose from Aklo, Draconic, Dwarven, Gnoll, Gnomish, Goblin, Halfling, Orcish, Undercommon, or any other languages to which you have access (such as the languages prevalent in your region). Low-Light Vision: You can see in dim light as though it were bright light, so you ignore the concealed condition due to dim light. Heritage NephilimYour nature is influenced by celestials, fiends, or monitors. This manifests as a combination of features that belie your heritage, such as golden eyes, a halo, horns, or a tail. You gain the nephilim trait, in addition to the traits from your ancestry. You gain low-light vision, or you gain darkvision if your ancestry already has low-light vision. You can choose from nephilim feats and feats from your ancestry whenever you gain an ancestry feat. Background BarberHaircuts, dentistry, bloodletting, and surgery—if it takes a steady hand and a razor, you do it. You may have taken to the road to expand your skills, or to test yourself against a world that leaves your patients so battered and bruised. Choose two ability boosts. One must be to Dexterity or Wisdom, and one is a free ability boost. You're trained in the Medicine skill, and the Surgery Lore skill. You gain the Risky Surgery skill feat. Class Features Class ProficenciesPerception: Trained (◆) Saves: Fortitude: Expert (◆◆), Reflex: Expert (◆◆), Will: Trained(◆) Skills: Trained in Crafting Trained in a number of additional skills equal to 3 plus your Intelligence modifier Attacks: Simple Weapons: Trained (◆), Unarmed Attack: Trained (◆) Alchemical Bombs Trained (◆) Defenses: Unarmored Defense: Trained (◆) Medium Armor: Trained (◆) Light Armour Trained (◆) Class DC: Trained (◆) Research FieldYour inquiries into the alchemical nature of the universe have led you to focus on a particular field of research. You might have a degree from an scientific institute, correspond with other researchers in your field, or work as a genius loner. Choose a field of research. Your research field adds a number of formulas to your formula book; these are your signature items. When using a batch of infused reagents to create your signature items using advanced alchemy, you create three items instead of two. Each time you gain a level, you can swap one of your signature items with another formula in your formula book. This new signature item must be on your research field’s list of possible signature items. BomberYou specialize in explosions and other violent alchemical reactions. You start with the formulas for two 1st-level alchemical bombs in your formula book, in addition to your other formulas. When throwing an alchemical bomb with the splash trait, you can deal splash damage to only your primary target instead of the usual splash area. Field Discovery Level 5: When using advanced alchemy to make bombs during your daily preparations, you can use a batch of reagents to create any three bombs instead of just two of the same bomb. Perpetual Infusions Level 7: Choose two of the following formulas: lesser acid flask, lesser alchemist’s fire, lesser bottled lightning, lesser liquid ice, lesser tanglefoot bag, lesser thunderstone. Perpetual Potency Level 11: The moderate versions of the bombs you chose for perpetual infusions. Greater Field Discovery Level 13: You can increase the splash on your bombs to damage creatures within 10 feet, or 15 feet if you have Expanded Splash. Perpetual Perfection Level 17: The greater versions of the bombs you chose for perpetual infusions. Formula BookAn alchemist keeps meticulous records of the formulas for every item they can create. You start with a standard formula book worth 10 sp or less (as detailed on page 290) for free. The formula book contains the formulas for two common 1st-level alchemical items of your choice, in addition to those you gained from Alchemical Crafting and your research field. The catalog of alchemical items begins on page 543. Each time you gain a level, you can add the formulas for two common alchemical items to your formula book. These new formulas can be for any level of item you can create. You learn these formulas automatically, but it’s also possible to find or buy additional formulas in settlements or from other alchemists, or to invent them with the Inventor feat. AlchemyYou understand the complex interactions of natural and unnatural substances and can concoct alchemical items to meet your needs. You can do this using normal reagents and the Craft activity, or you can use special infused reagents that allow you to craft temporary items quickly and at no cost. Over time, you can create more and more alchemical items for free, and since each of them becomes more and more powerful, you advance in power dramatically, leaving behind those who don’t understand your strange science. You gain the Alchemical Crafting feat, even if you don’t meet that feat’s prerequisites, and you gain the four common 1st-level alchemical formulas granted by that feat. The catalog of alchemical items begins on page 543. You can use this feat to create alchemical items as long as you have the items’ formulas in your formula book. Advanced AlchemyDuring your daily preparations, after producing new infused reagents, you can spend batches of those infused reagents to create infused alchemical items. You don’t need to attempt a Crafting check to do this, and you ignore both the number of days typically required to create the items and any alchemical reagent requirements. Your advanced alchemy level is equal to your level. For each batch of infused reagents you spend, choose an alchemical item of your advanced alchemy level or lower that’s in your formula book, and make a batch of two of that item. These items have the infused trait and remain potent for 24 hours or until your next daily preparations, whichever comes first. Infused ReagentsYou infuse reagents with your own alchemical essence, allowing you to create alchemical items at no cost. Each day during your daily preparations, you gain a number of batches of infused reagents equal to your level + your Intelligence modifier. You can use these reagents for either advanced alchemy or Quick Alchemy, described below. Together, these infused reagents have light Bulk. As soon as you make your next daily preparations, your infused reagents from the previous day’s preparations are instantly destroyed, and nonpermanent effects of your previous day’s infused items immediately end. While infused reagents are physical objects, they can’t be duplicated, preserved, or created in any way other than your daily preparations. Any such artificial reagents lack the infusion and are useless for advanced alchemy or Quick Alchemy. Special Features Dark VisionYou can see in darkness and dim light just as well as you can see in bright light, though your vision in darkness is in black and white. Feats Skill Feats Class Feats Ancestry & General Feats Alchemical CraftingYou can use the Craft activity to create alchemical items. When you select this feat, you immediately add the formulas for four common 1st-level alchemical items to your formula book. MultilingualYou easily pick up new languages. You learn two new languages, chosen from common languages, uncommon languages, and any others you have access to. You learn an additional language if you are or become a master in Society and again if you are or become legendary. Special You can select this feat multiple times. Each time, you learn additional languages. Risky SurgeryYour surgery can bring a patient back from the brink of death, but might push them over the edge. When you Treat Wounds, you can deal 1d8 slashing damage to your patient just before applying the effects of Treat Wounds. If you do, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to your Medicine check to Treat Wounds, and if you roll a success, you get a critical success instead. Quick BomberYou keep your bombs in easy-to-reach pouches from which you draw without thinking. You Interact to draw a bomb, then Strike with it. AngelkinYou descend from an angel, a winged messenger from Nirvana or one of the other celestial realms. You gain the trained proficiency rank in Society. If you would automatically become trained in Society (from your background or class, for example), you instead become trained in a skill of your choice. You know the Empyrean language, and you gain the Multilingual skill feat. Skills Trained: ◆ | Expert: ◆◆ | Master: ◆◆◆ | Legendary: ◆◆◆◆ Acrobatics: +5 ◆ Arcana: +4 Athletics: -1 Crafting: +7 ◆ Deception: +3 ◆ Diplomacy: +0 Intimidation: +0 Lore (Surgery): +7 ◆ Medicine: +4 ◆ Nature: +4◆ Occultism: +7 ◆ Performance: +0 Religion: +4 ◆ Society: +7 ◆ Stealth: +5 ◆ Survival: +1 Thievery: +5 ◆ Attacks MELEE RANGE Dagger, Agile, Finesse, Thrown 10ft, Versatile S ◆, +6, 1d4 P Sling, Propulsive Range 50ft, ◆ +6, 1d6 B Formula (Alchemy Level 1) Max Infusions: 5 Signature: ◆ Bombs Elixirs Poisons Ammunition Other Acid Flask (Lesser)Acid Alchemical Bomb Consumable Splash Price: 3 gp Bulk: L Usage: held in 1 hand This flask filled with corrosive acid deals 1 acid damage, the listed persistent acid damage, and the listed acid splash damage. Many types grant an item bonus to attack rolls. It deals 1d6 persistent acid damage and 1 acid splash damage.◆ Antiode (Lesser)Alchemical Consumable Elixir Healing Price: 3 gp Bulk: L Usage: held in 1 hand An antidote protects you against toxins. Upon drinking an antidote, you gain an item bonus to Fortitude saving throws against poisons for 6 hours. You gain a +2 item bonus. ArsenicAlchemical Consumable Ingested Poison Price: 3 gp Bulk: L Usage: held in 1 hand This toxin is a compound of arsenic and other substances. You can’t reduce your sickened condition while affected. Saving Throw DC 18 Fortitude; Onset 10 minutes; Maximum Duration 5 minutes; Stage 1 1d4 poison damage and sickened 1 (1 minute); Stage 2 1d6 poison damage and sickened 2 (1 minute); Stage 3 1d8 poison damage and sickened 3 (1 minute) SunrodAlchemical Consumable Light Price: 3 gp Bulk: L Usage: held in 1 hand This 1-foot-long, gold-tipped rod glows after it's struck on a hard surface. For the next 6 hours, it sheds bright light in a 20-foot radius (and dim light to the next 40 feet). Alchemists Fire (Lesser)Alchemical Bomb Consumable Fire Splash Price: 3 gp Bulk: L Usage: held in 1 hand Alchemist's fire is a combination of volatile liquids that ignite when exposed to air. Alchemist's fire deals the listed fire damage, persistent fire damage, and splash damage. Many types grant an item bonus to attack rolls. The bomb deals 1d8 fire damage, 1 persistent fire damage, and 1 fire splash damage.◆ Elixer of Life (Lesser)Alchemical Consumable Elixir Healing Price: 3 gp Bulk: L Usage: held in 1 hand Elixirs of life accelerate a living creature's natural healing processes and immune system. Upon drinking this elixir, you regain the listed number of Hit Points and gain an item bonus to saving throws against diseases and poisons for 10 minutes. The elixir restores 1d6 Hit Points, and the bonus is +1. Blight Bomb (Lesser)Alchemical Bomb Consumable Poison Splash Price: 3 gp Bulk: L Usage: held in 1 hand Blight bombs contain volatile toxic chemicals that rot flesh. A blight bomb deals the listed poison damage, persistent poison damage, and splash damage. Many types grant an item bonus to attack rolls. The bomb deals 1d6 poison damage, 1d4 persistent poison damage, and 1 poison splash damage. Bottled Lightning (Lesser)Alchemical Bomb Consumable Electricity Splash Price: 3 gp Bulk: L Usage: held in 1 hand Bottled lightning is packed with volatile reagents that create a blast of electricity when they are exposed to air. Bottled lightning deals the listed electricity damage and electricity splash damage. On a hit, the target becomes flat-footed until the start of your next turn. Many types grant an item bonus to attack rolls. It deals 1d6 electricity damage and 1 electricity splash damage. Inventory Platinum Gold Silver Copper 0 1 5 8 Weapons & Armor Dagger (Worn) Sling (x20 Bullets) (worn) Studded Leather ArmorPrice 3gp; Bulk 1; AC Bonus 2; Dex Cap 3; Check Penalty 1; Speed Penalty 0; Strength +1; Bulk 1 (worn) Adventuring Gear Worn Stowed Backpack Formula Book Alechemist Tools Crafters Book Bedroll, Chalk (x10), Flint & Steel, Rations (2 wks) Rope Soap, Torch (x5) Waterskin, Caltrops x2, Healers Toolkit Current Bulk: 2 Encumbered: 5 Maximum: 10 Background Jarkals mother fled the Stolen Lands after a group of slavers had found their warren and captured or killed any ratfolk they could find. She was lucky enough to escape with baby Jarkal, and made the long journey to Restov, where they eventually started their new life. She taught Jarkal in her trade as a healer which he showed a strong promise in, though not as much as he did in the alchemical sciences. She nurtured the both his interests though, as she knew he would make something of himself one day with either of those talents. When he was a teenager, she eventually died and Jarkal took up her buisness as a "barber: for the poor folk in the slums of Restov. Though even they were hesitant about getting their injuries and illness treated by a walking, talking rat. Several years went by, and all though Jarkal was making a living in the city, he felt empty and hallow. He had no sense of community or family in this overpopulated area. So when he heard about a call to heroes from the lady of the city to go into the Stolen Lands he felt compelled to answer the call. Was it to find out more about where he came from, or seek out a warren to call his own? Or perhaps something deep within his blood was calling him out there. Either way he wasn't sure, but he did know that Restov no longer held anything for him. Personality Inquisitive: Jarkal is always looking into new ways of expanding his knowledge especially in regards to his alchemical concoctions. Clanless: Being a member of a community is a large part of ratfolk culture and Jarkal has never truly felt like he was part of one. So he actively seeks out a place and people to call home. Divided Drive: As much as Jarkal loves the feeling of treating the wounds and injuries of others, there is something about the sight of his alchemical bombs going off that brings joy and wonderment to his heart. Appearance Lean: Like most ratfolk, Jarkal is small and thin with long gangly limbs. Organized Chaos: Jarkal is constantly covered in alchemical items, bulging pouches, and overstuffed travelers pack. Though it seems like every item is just randomly placed somewhere, he knows where everything he carries is on him at all times. Calming Eyes: Jarkals has bright, vibrant yellow eyes that on most ratfolk would come off as unsettling. However his nephilim heritage give them the warmness that reminds people of laying outside on a sunny day.
  15. I'm a Wood Kineticist, I hope to get the wood Kineticis healing next level (2) and with my protection tree's can soak 10hp of damage from a person if they stand next to the tree. just and FYI and that's if I get picked to play.
  16. Awilix Female 1 (Advanced Player's Guide, Lost Omens Ancestry Guide 126, Rage of Elements, Secrets of Magic) Rare, Tiny, Fey, Sprite Heritage Background Perception +3 (+5 to locate a creature you could hear within 30 feet using Seek); low-light vision Languages Common, Draconic, Elven, Fey, Goblin, Hallit Skills Acrobatics +6, Arcana +7, Athletics +3, Deception +4, Diplomacy +4, Farming Lore +7, Medicine +3, Nature +3, Religion +3, Survival +3 Str +0, Dex +3, Con +1, Int +4, Wis +0, Cha +1 Items explorer’s clothing, sickle, sling (20 sling bullets), staff, backpack, bedroll, chalk (10), flint and steel, rations (1 week) (2), rope (foot) (50), soap, torch (5), waterskin, familiar, purse (13 gp, 1 sp, 8 cp) -------------------- AC 16 Fort +4; Ref +6; Will +5 HP 13 -------------------- Speed 20 feet Melee [1] sickle +6 (agile, finesse, trip, magical, reach 0 feet), Damage 1d4 S Melee [1] staff +3 (magical, two-hand (1d8), monk, reach 0 feet), Damage 1d4 B Ranged [1] sling +6 (propulsive, magical, range increment 50 feet, reload 1), Damage 1d6 B Divine Witch Spells DC 17, attack +7; Prepared caster 1st , Cantrips (1st) , , , [RE], [RE], Focus Spells 1 Focus Point, DC 17; 1st , Ancestry Feats [LOAG] Skill Feats Other Abilities , familiar, Familiar Corgi Small, Minion low-light vision, scent (imprecise) 30 feet -------------------- AC 16; Fort +4; Ref +6; Will +5 HP 5 -------------------- Speed 25 feet Other Abilities , land speed,
  17. I am tossed up between applying with an elven magus, or a fire kineticist, heh. And then there's the fact that we have a significant lack of healing, though Fae Sorcerer is Primal, so some healing, and Bard has Soothe from the Occult list. But yeah, that might be rough too.
  18. @Kirby …cool with me @zealousthoughts …you are very welcome to submit an application!
  19. I would be totally new to 2e but have played first if that would be ok?
  20. I was thinking at least a couple hundred years old? Elves typically live up to 600.
  21. Ok Awesome thank you. (checks over , makes sure it's all correct) Changed her ancestry, and background to be a farmer. I couldn't see how to make her a 1/2 orc in the pathbuilder2e app thought, as I thought that might be good too.
  22. …how olds do you want to be? …those or the player handbook rules. Either is fine, as well as the advanced adventurers guide
  23. Here's a crazy question ... I'm rolling up an Ancient Elf right now. How old would you be willing to let me be to start off?
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