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Play the legendary Call of Cthulhu Campaign in Play by Post Format!

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Call of Cthulhu



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From the Official campaign flavor text:

Long considered to be one of the finest and most engaging roleplaying campaigns ever written, Masks of Nyarlathotep won Best Roleplaying Adventure by theAcademy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design. 

This Call of Cthulhu roleplaying classic is a series of linked adventures forming one unforgettable campaign. Beginning in Peru in 1921, an exciting prologue to the campaign introduces the investigators to Jackson Elias, the charming author whose research uncovers a sinister plot. Ultimately, the investigations follow the trail of the mysterious Carlyle Expedition, picking up clues in New York City in 1925 and then moving overseas to England, Egypt, Kenya, Western Australia, and China. With enemies at every turn, the path is fraught with danger.

For those who don't know, Call of Cthulhu is a game about confronting cosmic horrors beyond human comprehension or imagination in the 1920's. If this sounds like fun to you, but you have never played before, let me know, and I will be happy to assist you.


  1. What's new in this game
  2. Age 34 Education check Education increase if successful Im thinking I’ll make a wealthy businessman as the character. Maybe like a stockbroker as the archetype occupation or something
  3. Yes, you can. I didn't see you add any of your occupational skill points to your skills initially. The base skill is what you would roll if you didn't have any skill points in your skill at all and the value is what you actually roll with your skill points added.
  4. I followed the instructions from page 36, the quote below says I can add Personal Interest points to any skill. Multiply the investigator’s INT × 2 and allot the points to any skills (which can include adding further points to occupation skills), except Cthulhu Mythos (unless otherwise agreed with the Keeper)
  5. Paladinred, I was looking over your character sheet and I still found some irregularities. The Skill points you get from your occupation must be spent improving only your occupation skills and your credit rating, which must be within the boundaries of your occupation. Your personal interest skills can be spent upgrading all of your skills, occupation skills and non-occupational skills alike.
  6. Name: Dr. Ilya Gusev Age: 45 years (born May 6, 1880) Place of Birth: Brooklyn, NY ("Little Odessa") Education: BS, College of the City of New York; MD, New York University Profession: Psychiatrist (Private Practice and Bellevue Hospital)
  7. Hello Paladinred, I was looking over your character and I think there might have been a miscommunication on my part regarding what skills you get. Basically, you gain a base chance to succeed at all skills (not just your career skills), without spending any skill points. You then add your skill points onto that base stat. So for your library use skill you'd start at 20% automatically. You add on skill points from there.
  8. Accounting (05%) Acting (05%)-See Art and Craft Animal Handling (05%) Anthropology (01%) Appraise (05%) Archaeology (01%) Art and Craft (05%) Artillery (01%) Astronomy (01%)—see Science Axe(15%)—see Fighting Biology (01%)—see Science Botany (01%)—see Science Bow (15%)—see Firearms Brawl (25%)—see Fighting Chainsaw (10%)—see Fighting Charm (15%) Chemistry (01%)—see Science Climb (20%) Computer Use (05%) Credit Rating (00%) Cryptography (01%)—see Science Cthulhu Mythos (00%) Demolitions (01%) Disguise (05%) Diving (01%) Dodge (half DEX) Drive Auto (20%) Electrical Repair (10%) Electronics (01%) Engineering (01%)—see Science Fast Talk (05%) Fighting (varies) Fine Art (05%)—see Art and Craft Firearms (varies) First Aid (30%) Flail (10%)—see Fighting Flamethrower (10%)—see Firearms Forensics (01%)—see Science Forgery (05%)—see Art and Craft Garrote (15%)—see Fighting Geology (01%)—see Science Handgun (20%)—see Firearms Heavy Weapons (10%)—see Firearms History (05%) Hypnosis (01%) Intimidate (15%) Jump (20%) Language (Other) (01%) Language (Own) (EDU) Law (05%) Library Use (20%) Listen (20%) Locksmith (01%) Lore (01%) Machine Gun (10%)—see Firearms Mathematics (10%)—see Science Mechanical Repair (10%) Medicine (01%) Meteorology (01%)—see Science Natural World (10%) Navigate (10%) Occult (05%) Operate Heavy Machinery (01%) Persuade (10%) Pharmacy (01%)—see Science Photography (05%)—see Art and Craft Physics (01%)—see Science Pilot (01%) Psychoanalysis (01%) Psychology (10%) Read Lips (01%) Ride (05%) Rifle (25%)—see Firearms (Rifle/ Shotgun) Science (01%) Shotgun (25%)—see Firearms (Rifle/Shotgun) Sleight of Hand (10%) Spear (20%)—see Fighting (or Throw) Spot Hidden (25%) Stealth (20%) Submachine Gun (15%)—see Firearms Survival (10%) G Sword (20%)—see Fighting Swim (20%) Throw (20%) Track (10%) Whip (05%)—see Fighting Zoology (01%)—see Science This is the skill list. All characters start with these skills and the values in the parentheses. You can use skill points to increase these values. I'll try to find an easier/more intuitive way to record these.
  9. Thank you Tomlong. I apologize, but we're full. However, I'll make sure to keep you in mind if a player drops.
  10. If you are advertising it stays public I think if I read the user manual correctly. After you stop advertising, you can change permissions.
  11. Hey all. I actually intended to move the game to read only, but every time I manage the game and save it, it somehow stays completely public. Any ideas/knowledge on how to fix this?
  12. Just hoping to clarify the rules we're using. I have so many CoC systems even though i've never used any, i just wanted to know which ones specifically.
  13. I never thought about that, I will remove the anti-crucifix as it was a symbol of hatred for her father. Done.
  14. roll codes in here Roll texts in here lets see how this goes STR: 30 CON: 70 SIZE: 60 APP: 40 INT: 90 POW: 45 EDU: 70 LUCK: 55 All our education rolls have been pretty good tbh
  15. ahh.. it doesnt let me to edit it so- Str- 60/30/12 Con- 70/35/14 Size-40 Dex- 20/10/05 Appearance 55/27/11 Power 50/25/10 Edu 70/35/14 Luck 65/65 Hmm.. maybe a veteran with an injury.. or an academic/archealogist with some issue with his leg
  16. Looks good so far. Also, just so you know, getting a tattoo was actually seen as the purview of the wealthy up as well until World War 1 when getting a tattoo became much more affordable, at which point it began being seen as only fit for criminals and lowlifes. Your character seems like the type of person to break social norms, so I'll allow it, but having an Upside down crucifix tattoo in an era where plenty of superstition not related to the very real threat of cosmic horror exists might bring consequences.
  17. Steps to character creation. 1. Roll 3d6 and multiply each result by 5 for your Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Appearance, Power, and Luck scores. You will be doing this step 6 times in total. I believe most, if not all of you have already accomplished this step. 2. Roll 2d6+6 and multiply each result by 5 for your Size, Intelligence, and Education Scores. You will be doing this step 3 times in total. I believe most, if not all of you have already completed this step. 3. Choose your age, any number between 15 and 90 (Although I wouldn't recommend going above 69 years old) Some of your stats will change depending on how old you are. An improvement check is rolling a d100 and checking to see if the result is higher than your current EDU (Education) Score. If it is add a d10's worth of points to your education score. If not, nothing happens. Note that Education can not go above 99. 3a. If you are 15 to 19 old: Deduct 5 points among STR (Strength) and SIZ (Size) total. Deduct 5 points from EDU. Roll a d100 two more times to generate a Luck score (see Luck, above) and use the highest value out of all three times you have rolled for your Luck stat. 3b. If you are 20 to 39 years old: Make an improvement check for EDU. 3c: If you are 40 to 49 years old: Make 2 improvement checks for EDU and deduct 5 points among STR, CON (Constitution) and DEX (Dexterity) total, and reduce APP (Appearance) by 5. 3d. If you are 50 to 59 years old: Make 3 improvement checks for EDU and deduct 10 points among STR, CON and DEX total, and reduce APP by 10. 3e. If you are 60 to 69 years old: Make 4 improvement checks for EDU and deduct 20 points among STR, CON, And DEX total, and reduce APP by 15. 3f. I do not recommend making a character that is 70 years or older because you would lose additional STR, CON, DEX, and APP points without gaining any more improvement checks. If you really want to create an elderly character, don't let me stop you, but beware that I won't be lowering the difficulty level either. 4. Add your STR and SIZ together to determine your character's damage bonus. I will tell you it based on the number you give me. 5. Add your CON and SIZ together and then divide the result by 10 (rounding down any fractions) to determine your Hit Points. 6. Your starting sanity points are the same number as your POW score. 7. Your starting Magic points are the same number as 1/5 of your POW score. 8. Movement Rate: I'm not planning to focus too much on movement for this campaign. If it comes up anyway, I'll let you know. 9. Determine occupation. Tell me what you think your character would do in their daily life, and I will determine the occupation. Depending on the occupation, you will get a certain amount of skill points which you can use to add to your occupation skills and a credit rating. 10. Calculate personal interest points by multiplying INT by 2. Allot these points to any skills to round out the investigator (not forgetting fighting and firearms skills, if appropriate). The number for unarmed combat is your investigator’s Fighting (Brawl) skill. Note that if you want to add any points to your Cthulhu Mythos skill, you will have to run it by me and provide a good explanation for why your character knows that information. 11.Write down any Equipment you think your character would have. Be reasonable on this. A doctor wouldn't usually carry a machine gun on his person. I will be the final arbitrator on if a piece of equipment is reasonable or not of course.
  18. I might need some guidance, not too sure what else I am allowed to add to the sheet lol.
  19. I just realized that I didn't confirm if everyone has the rules for character creation. If you do not have the rules for character creation, let me know and I'll guide you through the steps.
  20. Very good igor dragon. Now muliply all of your stats by 5 and those will be your base stats.
  21. Hello. Lets see how the dice roll Str Con Size Dex App Int Pow Edu Luck
  22. Heads up everyone, you're also going to be using luck. I've heard that this campaign is pretty lethal so I think luck will be helpful in making your characters not die immediately.
  23. Sheet: Name: Cecelia Montague Occupation: Private Investigator Cecelia Montague Looks and Likes: Cecelia is a tall, lithe female with a hideous scar across her face, she has pale blue eyes and jet-black hair. A tattoo of a rose adorns her slender neck and her mother's name runs across the bottom, Cecelia has a number of tattoos on her back and front. A white dragon on her front and a black one on her back, on her left arm is a black rose that says "Rot in Hell Father". Cecelia favours black clothing and often wears a plain black hoodie to help cover her face, Cecelia wears her Mothers necklace of a unicorn. Cecelia has a hard, almost callous outlook on life due to the many bad events that have happened to her. Her mother went missing when she was just twelve, the worst time for a young girl not to have a reliable mother. Within the year "Father" had a new wife, a wife who wanted Cecelia to train as a thief so that she might steal some items the witch wished to. When Cecelia refused she had an "accident" that gave her the scar, Borca (the new stepmom) would abuse Cecelia any way she could. She had her son force her one night when she was asleep, eventually, Cecelia ran away to her aunt's. She did not really know her but one night many years ago there was an accusation and she left never to return, this turned out good as Wendy was over the moon to see Cecelia. History Cecelia was born in the Black Country West Midlands in 1899, her mother doted on Cecelia and the two were never apart. One night when Cecelia was about ten her Aunt Wendy came to stay for a few days in the summer holidays, this was the happiest time of Cecelia's life. Wendy was as crazy as her mother and it was laughter all day long, what bliss, then her father ruined it. He made an advance to Wendy and she pushed him off, he accused her of trying to grope him and that was the last time Cecelia saw her aunty. Then in 1911 her father came up to Cecelia's room in the morning and told her that her mother had gone missing, it was the worst thing that could happen to her. A mere six months later her father came to her after school and said he had a new girlfriend, he introduced Borca who was a Russian. Cecelia tried to get on with Borca but the woman was obsessed with dressing her, she also insisted that she bathe Cecelia twice a day. Then when her father was at work Borca asked Cecelia to practice some acrobatics, after a few weeks Cecelia was told to steal from a house where one of her school friends lived. Cecelia refused and that was a big mistake. Only three days later Borca told her to steal a porcelain eagle from a snob's house, but again she refused. That night her father had to work all night as the office had had a tree fall onto the roof which smashed all the clerk's files, Borca crept into Cecelia's room and poured urine in her bed. Borca thrashed Cecelia and scrubbed her with a scrubbing brush. Borca stripped the bed and made Cecelia sleep on the floor, the next day when Cecelia came home from school Borca tied Cecelia to the bed and used a stiletto dagger to cut her pretty face into a disgusting monster. On Cecelia's 16th birthday, her father had to work away for two nights, when Cecelia was in bed Borca's brother came into her room and got into bed and stayed until morning. Cecelia just sat and cried, Borca came into the room and told her to stop snivelling as she was a woman now, if she had become the thief that Borca wanted none of this would have happened. That was the last straw, when Borca was asleep Cecelia found her birth certificate and filled her backpack with clothes and fled to her aunt's. Wendy was overwhelmed to see her, Wendy had been looking for her sister and asked Cecelia to help. Cecelia helped Wendy find her mother and this was difficult due to the war that had broken out, Cecelia went to college and then to university to study Law. By the time she had graduated the war was over and she returned to Wendy, Cecelia got a job as a clerk in the courthouse in Walsall. It was here that she happened upon the missing persons report, her father had made the report when her mother had originally gone missing. He told the police she had gone to see her sister Wendy over Chasewater, Cecelia knew this was a lie. In the hot summer, the two of them dived into the deeper areas and found a body, it was her mother and she had been stabbed. Her father was arrested and charged with her murder, and Borca was also arrested and charged with aiding the crime. Cecelia moved back home and with her Aunty they redecorated, the house was declared hers as it was stated in her mother's will. In Borca's things she found some strange books, they declared them to be the area of Magic.
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