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Trying out the new Marvel Multiverse Game using the Old Day of the Octopuss Adventure from TSR. Looking for 4 players to try this out. The adventure stars Photon (Monica Rambeau), The Thing, Captain America (Steve Rogers), and Spider-Man (Peter Parker) Also in order to play, have a copy of the rule set so you can look up powers and other abilities.

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Trying out the new Marvel Multiverse Game using the Old Day of the Octopuss Adventure from TSR. Looking for 4 players to try this out.


We are looking for a Photon (Monica Rambeau), and or Spider-Man (Peter Parker) Also in order to play, have a copy of the rule set so you can look up powers and other abilities.


  1. What's new in this game
  2. The Amazing Spider-Man Well, there was the Subway with Cap and the Thing - and then there was what Pete had to do as he managed to make the save with Aunt May. Sort of. He was a grown man, why did it feel like he was about to get scolded for stealing cookies from the cookie jar? "Aunt May! Did I just see Cap and the Thing?" he remarks, trying to get to work covering for said secret identity. Sucked sometimes. "I guess that's enough excitement for one day. Let's get you home." Title
  3. The thing smiles and strikes a pose he says, " yup full of hard strong rocks, except my brain, that is still real. "
  4. Narrator Post Caption: Bernie giggled at Caps blushing she then curtsied. Scene: "You better return back to me Captain America or Uncle Joseph is going to give you hell for missing that Veterans Dinner!" Caption: The Captain and Thing entered the New York City Subway system onlookers who were quite confused as they made their way to the turnstile. The Thing was obviously too wide to fit through. Cap nodded as the security door to the side of the pedestrian turnstile opened for Ben. "Captain America where were you during Nam man, could have used you back then." yelled a man in his late Sixties. "Who are you voting for in the next Election?" Asked a woman. "Hey Thing! Is everything made of Rocks?" asked another man. Most of the other people simply ignored the strange duo on the subway platform. The subway arrived letting off a sea of people.
  5. Cap pulls Bernie off to the side. "You know I have to take care of this. I will meet you at the event later. Okay?" added Steve sheepishly as he quickly gave the fiery red head a peck on her cheek. The open display of affection causing the battle-hardened avenger to blush.
  6. Would Bernie travel with Cap on the investigation? Also, there is an event that Steve has to go to later in the day
  7. Does anyone want to play out any scenes on the train or with Aunt May? If not we can move along to the Bar.
  8. yeppers xmen should be good too. Then you can convert Breeder bombs into another mod Ormaybe we can create our own heroes
  9. I heard the adventures are very good as well. I was going to purchase it after we finished "Kicking the Tires" on the system with this adventure.
  10. As an aside... Just received the "Kang" supplemental book form Amazon. Is pretty awesome. If nothing else just as a updated supplement to the 616 universe. Can't wait for the X-men one.
  11. I did see at least a short one, yes. Need to get clues, but need to get Wheatcakes more. :P
  12. I am thinking of a scene with Peter and Aunt May and another one with the Thing and Cap. Also, Cap has a veterans event later in the day. Let me know what you want to do next. The lead clue is going to the bar, but in true Marvel fashion, our heroes have other obligations they might want to consider as well.
  13. The thing smiles, " sure appreciate that. Besides we can sign a few autographs too along the way."
  14. "Bernie and I took the "El" added Steve sheepishly "I know what one runs to the Tower, or we can take the MTA bus. We can use that one." Steve looked at Ben and noticed his lack of pockets. "I will even spot you the fare."
  15. Thing says, ' sure guess you have to find a place. Being a rock guy like me there is no costume to deal with. Hey cap can you give me a lift to the bar, Reed got the fantastic car with Suzy."
  16. The Amazing Spider-Man "Doctor Otto Octavious, the supervillain that fights like a computer nerd. Good and Bad, admittedly." Spider-Man quips a bit as he looks around. He doesn't know where the guy would be but the word comes down and it's a better lead then anything. Now, the next issue is Aunt May. This is something he's got to figure out. "I, uh, gotta hit the can. Mind if I meet up with you two there?" Title
  17. Narrator Post Jarvis then chimed in over the Avengers Commiucator. "We are receiving broadcasts from all over. Doctor Octopus is threatening to destroy the city to prove his evil genius. " After a moment Jarvis started again, "In looking into the Doctor's Activities, he was commonly known to be associated with one Jim McGreed. McGreed was arrested on account of aiding and abetting Doctor Otto Octavius but no action was taken by the city. Mr. McGreed is usually seen recently frequenting a drinking establishment known as The Squid Bar." Jarvis paused for a moment "According to the S.H.E.I.L.D file, The Squid Bar is a place that has a reputation for attracting skilled mercenaries and others of ill repute."
  18. Narrator Post Caption: Cap, Spidey, and the Thing converse as Aunt May speaks to Cap Scene: Aunt May blushes when Cap speaks to her. Aunt May "Oh my" as she paused to take in Cap and then processed that the actual Captain America was speaking with her. "So glad that I am speaking with you and not that awful Spider-Person," said Aunt May. She then thanked Captain America and then turned to a local police officer to help her find her Nephew.
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