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Sandbox Game using Knave 2E as a basis for the development. The Crosslands, a rough and alluring wilderness that defies the bounds of civilization, is a legendary stretch in the wild center of the globe of Elsver that acts as a crucial buffer between the various kingdoms of this realm. Nature rules supreme here with its age-old woods, undulating hills, perilous marshes, and mythological animals that walk free among its natural splendor. The mysterious order of the Direwardens stands as the protectors of the Crosslands among this dangerous beauty, committed to maintaining its delicate balance and revealing its buried riches. Their great goal is to open up this frontier to all the kingdoms of Elsver, making it into a place where collaboration and shared opportunities are possible.

Game System

Knave 2e



Detailed Description

Campaign Title: Elsver: The Crosslands Chronicles

Setting: The world of Elsver is a vast and diverse realm, but at its heart lies the untamed wilderness known as the Crosslands. This is where your epic RPG campaign begins, a land of uncharted territories and ancient mysteries, where the line between civilization and the wild blurs. As adventurers, you find yourselves drawn to this chaotic frontier, where legends are born and heroes rise amidst the rugged beauty of the natural world.

Quest: Your party's quest revolves around the enigmatic order known as the Direwardens, charged with keeping the Crosslands stable and making it accessible to all the kingdoms of Elsver. As you delve deeper into this campaign, you'll uncover ancient prophecies, lost artifacts, and hidden sanctuaries. Your mission is to aid the Direwardens in their noble cause, protecting the Crosslands from threats, uncovering its secrets, and forging alliances with the diverse factions that call this land home.

Challenges: The Crosslands are a land of peril and wonder, filled with dangerous creatures, unexplored ruins, and rival adventurers seeking fortune and glory. You'll need to navigate treacherous swamps, ancient forests, and rocky terrain, all while deciphering cryptic clues and facing off against mythical foes. Decisions you make will impact the balance of power in the Crosslands and the fate of its people.

Character Development: Your characters will grow and evolve as they uncover the secrets of the Crosslands. Gain new abilities, forge alliances, and uncover your own unique storylines as you delve deeper into this untamed frontier. Will you become revered heroes, feared conquerors, or wise protectors of the wilderness?

Campaign Themes: The Crosslands Chronicles explores themes of nature vs. civilization, duty and sacrifice, and the blurred lines between heroism and ambition. It's a campaign of exploration, mystery, and high-stakes adventure in a world where the wild and the mystical hold sway.

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  2. A few questions: Where should we post our characters? Do you have any limitations or recommendations for characters? Anything we should avoid completely?  
  3. Six separate realms, each largely populated by one of the continent's primary sentient species—humans, elves, dwarfs, halflings, gnomes, and beastfolk—spread throughout the vast and diverse continent of Elsver. The Crosslands, a vast expanse of uninhabited wilderness that spans the continent and serves as both a physical and a spiritual separation, are the most striking natural feature in Elsver's topography. The Realm of Humans: North of the Crosslands lies the realm of humans, a place of bustling cities and trade routes, a mosaic of cultures. Humans are known for their adaptability and ambition, creating diverse societies that span from the frigid northern tundras to the fertile southern plains. They follow the faith of the Great Oracle, the maker of destiny. The Elven Enclave: West of the Crosslands, the realm transitions into ancient forests, the very heart of the elven realm. Here, amidst towering trees and shimmering glades, the elves make their homes in arboreal cities. They are deeply attuned to nature's rhythms, serving as guardians of the mystical secrets of the woods. Divided between the Sunnara, Mother Life, she who gives life; and Lunarion, Father Time, he who takes it. The Dwarven Dominion: To the east of the Crosslands, beneath towering mountain ranges, lies the Dwarven Dominion. The dwarfs have fashioned magnificent underground cities, delving deep into the earth to mine precious metals and gems. Renowned for their craftsmanship, their society thrives on honor, industry, and ancestral heritage. Followers of the Seven Crafts and their Stern Philosophers. Halfling Haven: In the sun-drenched southern regions beyond the Crosslands, halflings roam freely across savannahs and deserts. Nomadic tribes embrace life in harmony with nature, possessing a deep connection to ancestral lands and a culture that reveres storytelling and community. Simple people without care about contemplation. The Gnomish Grottoes: Nestled amidst labyrinthine tunnels and caverns beneath the Crosslands, gnomes have established their subterranean homes. Ingenious inventors and tinkerers, they are known for their curiosity and whimsy. Their society thrives on innovation and exploration. Followers of Science, what can and cannot be checked. Beastfolk Territories: In the untamed heart of the Crosslands, beastfolk have carved out their niche. A diverse array of anthropomorphic creatures, from feline Tabaxi to reptilian Lizardfolk, have established tribal communities within the wilds. They are deeply attuned to the natural world and its rhythms, embracing their animalistic heritage. Followers of the multiple wild spirits.
  4. Everybody is welcome to the game. My plan is to create a West Marches type of campaign. I am waiting to see people join and start narrating.  
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