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A retelling of the critically acclaimed Carrion Crown Adventure Path, artfully converted to 2e!

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Pathfinder 2e



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Tales are told throughout Golarion of shadowy figures that lurk in dark corners—sstoris recounted at children’s bedsides feature bestial creatures that come out only when the moon is right, and fireside legends speak of otherworldly beings beyond reckoning, whose very existence is more than the human mind can bear to know.

These are the legends that explain where the blood of the family cow went, and why clerics spend so much time ensuring the proper Pharasmin rites are observed at gravesites throughout the Inner Sea.

One can write them off as simple, scary stories in Absalom or Westcrown, but in Ustalav, everyone knows the truth of the things that go bump in the night.


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  2. Overview Anamaria Lucescu First Impressions: A pretty young woman who carries herself with an obvious confidence that came from living a charmed life. A bit delicate, Anamaria nevertheless has a big energy to her and it's never been difficult (or undesirable) for her to find herself the center of attention. Background: Anamaria is the only child of Cosimo Lucescu, a regent of University of Lepidstadt and old friends with Petros Lorrimor. A spirited and gregarious child, it was fairly clear from an early age that the world of academia wasn't where she was going to fit in comfortably. She was just too energetic, too distractible, too much. It wasn't a problem for her though, she always found a way through and her own talents. She was a veritable virtuoso on the violin and it secured her an early admission to the Karcau Conservatory and the education only it could provide.   The Village of Voices was a much better fit for her anyway, even if it meant being away from her family and home for long stretches. But ever the optimist, it just meant Anamaria would make her home some place new, and make new friends and have them be like her family. Her easygoing ways coupled with her musical passion made Anamaria a success on that front, and her natural magical affinity helped with her schooling. She was a natural talent in so many ways, something that surely earned ire from her classmates. But ironically she wasn't ever much for competition for would-be rivals. She much preferred making friends and going as she pleased to be much of a threat.   As she got older it felt more like a restlessness. She wanted to meet new people and do new things and see new places. Maybe she would when her education was done. It seemed more fun than some of her other options. The prestige she could have had didn't seem all that important to her. Something out there was calling, but what she couldn't say. And then she recieved word of 'Uncle' Lorrimor. Her father was an old friend of course, and Anamaria wasn't too much younger than the professor's own daughter. He was the one who recognized her musical affinity and even arranged her introduction to the Conservatory. He was always so nice to her, always wanting to know how she was feeling and how things were going, always asking funny questions and asking about her dreams. She always felt so badly when she never had any to tell him. But that was just Uncle Lorrimor!   What she didn't know, and still didn't know, were the circumstances of her birth. Or rather how she came to be the daughter of Cosimo Lucescu. Like Lorrimor himself, her father was an adventurer some years back. They were exploring a burnt out village, a haunted place whose name was now forgotten. It was the last days, the duo not finding many answers to what happened to the village but some disturbing insinuations, when a discovery was made just at the outskirts of their camp: Anamaria. Just a newborn, apparently left abandoned, and where only Cosimo and Petros would have found her. Lucescu and his wife had been trying for a child for some time but her mother's frail constitution made it a dangerous prospect at best. Just what Anamaria was no great mystery to Petros Lorrimor, but at that moment it scarcely seemed to matter. And so too in the years that followed. He kept watch as best he could but there was no way that sweet and kind Anamaria could be the same as what her 'mother' certainly was. It didn't matter where she came from. Her parents were her parents and there was nothing to her actual heritage, especially since Anamaria certainly hadn't shown any sign of it while the professor was alive. But he wasn't anymore, and that all might be changing. Compact Mechanics Anamaria Lucescu Good Human (Changeling) Bard 1 Perception +5 | Speed 25 | Conditions none AC 15 | Fortitude +4 | Reflex +5 | Will +5 | hp 17/17 AncestrySize: Medium Traits: Human, Humanoid Heritage: Changeling - Low Light Vision Ancestry Feats 1 Adapted Cantrip: Electric Arc 1 Cooperative Nature 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 | Archetype2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 | BackgroundMusical Prodigy Skill and General Feats 1 Virtuosic Performance (from Background) 2 (skill) 3 (general) 4 (skill) 6 (skill) 7 (general) 8 (skill) 10 (skill) 11 (general) 12 (skill) 14 (skill) 15 (general 16 (skill) 18 (skill) 19 (general) 20 (skill) | ClassMuse: Maestro Get Soothe as a bonus spell, Lingering Composition as a bonus feat Feats Bonus: Lingering Composition 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 | EquipmentArmor Studded Leather Armor Weapons Rapier Sling and 20 bullets Dagger Other gear Adventurer's Pack Musical Instrument (violin) | Skills+5 Acrobatics (T) +5 Arcana (T) +0 Athletics (U) +2 Crafting (U) +7 Deception (T) +7 Diplomacy (T) +7 Intimidation (T) +5 Lore: Musical Lore (T) +0 Medicine (U) +0 Nature (U) +4 Occultism (T) +7/8 Performance (T) +0 Religion (U) +5 Society (T) +5 Stealth (T) +0 Survival (U) +2 Thievery (U) Languages: Common, Varisian | SpellsDC 17, +7 attack Cantrips Adapted Cantrip: Electric Arc Detect Magic Ghost Sound Musical Accompaniment Prestidigitation 1st Level (Slots 2/2) Soothe Magic Weapon Illusory Object COMPOSITION SPELLS Focus 2/2 Cantrip: Inspire Courage Counter Performance Lingering Composition
  3. Having run into a roadblock coming up with the wizard's backstory, because I was essentially, trying to take a character from a game put on indefinite hiatus into this one, I have switched my app. Now, for the rogue, who is built with the intention of being a back up healer, I took a rare background, the Revenant. This ties in *directly* with why this, less than nice man, owes the Professor, and would be invited to the funeral. Because Lorrimor knows that Enoch, despite his past, can get a job done, and that his violent tendencies can be focused towards those that would do the Professor's daughter harm. Now, specifically, I built the character with the group in mind, so he can be a down time healer, with Risky Surgery at level 1, but by level 2, as a rogue, he is an expert in medicine, and picks up Continual Recovery, which means he can make Treat Wounds checks in just 10 minutes, with a 10 minute cool down. At level 2, assuming Risky Surgery, his Treat Wounds check would be +10, which means on a 5+ he heals for 4d8, less 1d8 from risky surgery. And if I am feeling lucky, I can aim for a DC 20 check, and get 4d8+10, on a 10+. Also, he can do this to himself, meaning that he can circumvent his own Negative Healing trait from Revenant. Also, since he is going Alchemist Dedication at 2nd, he can craft Elixirs of Life, which, specifically, he can benefit from because, while he has Negative Healing, he is not, specifically, undead, and still a living creature for the purposes of spell targeting and effects.
  4. ~Posting Format~ Evelyn Tander • Wizard (Necromancer) • AC: 15 • HP: 12/12 • Speed: 30 ft • Class DC: 17 • Senses: Low-Light Vision | Perception +5 STR: 0 • DEX: +2 • CON: 0 • INT: +4 • WIS: +1 • CHA: +2 • Languages: Common, Elven, Varisian, Auran, Goblin, Necril Feats: Arcane BondYou place some of your magical power in a bonded item. Each day when you prepare your spells, you can designate a single item you own as your bonded item. This is typically an item associated with spellcasting, such as a wand, ring, or staff, but you are free to designate a weapon or other item. You gain the Drain Bonded Item free action., Metamagical ExperimentationYou’ve realized that the practice known as metamagic is a holdover from a time long ago, when wizards had to work out their own spells and variations rather than rely on spells recorded by others and passed down over the years. This allows you efficient access to various metamagic effects. You gain a 1st-level metamagic wizard feat as a bonus feat. Starting at 4th level, during your daily preparations, you can gain a metamagic wizard feat of your choice that has a level requirement of no more than half your level, which you can use until your next daily preparations., Necromancy SchoolAs a necromancer, you call upon the powers of life and death. While your school is often vilified for its association with raising the undead, you understand that control over life also means control over healing. You add one 1st-level necromancy spell (such as grim tendrils) to your spellbook. You learn the call of the grave school spell., DiehardIt takes more to kill you than most. You die from the dying condition at dying 5, rather than dying 4, Elven LoreYou’ve studied in traditional elven arts, learning about arcane magic and the world around you. You gain the trained proficiency rank in Arcana and Nature. If you would automatically become trained in one of those skills (from your background or class, for example), you instead become trained in a skill of your choice. You also become trained in Elven Lore., ForlornWatching your friends age and die fills you with moroseness that protects you against harmful emotions. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to saving throws against emotion effects. If you roll a success on a saving throw against an emotion effect, you get a critical success instead., Reach SpellYou can extend the range of your spells. If the next action you use is to Cast a Spell that has a range, increase that spell’s range by 30 feet. As is standard for increasing spell ranges, if the spell normally has a range of touch, you extend its range to 30 feet. Skills • Acrobatics +2, Arcana +8, Athletics +0, Crafting +7, Deception +2, Diplomacy +5, Intimidation +2, Lore: Boneyard +7, Lore: Elven Lore+7, Medicine +1, Nature +4, Occultism +7, Performance +5, Religion +4, Society +7, Stealth +5, Survival +1, Thievery +2 Evelyn speaks in "Bold Mood 2" and thinks in Italic Mood 2. Show Spells ~Cantrips~ Chill Touch (Necromancy) Electric Arc Infectious Enthusiasm Light Shield Telekinetic Projectile ~Level 1~ Animate Dead Fear Illusory Object ~Inate~ Detect Magic ~Focus Spells~ Call of the Grave  
  5. "If you live in the dark a long time and the sun comes out, you do not cross into it whistling. There's an initial uprush of relief at first, then-for me, anyway- a profound dislocation. My old assumptions about how the world works are buried, yet my new ones aren't yet operational. There's been a death of sorts, but without a few days in hell, no resurrection is possible."   Theme: Twist in my Sobriety Evelyn Tander Elf (Seer Elf) • Returned • Wizard (Necromancer) 1 Medium • Neutral Good • Abilities Strength 10 (+0) • Dexterity 14 (+2) • Constitution 10 (+0) • Intelligence 18 (+4) • Wisdom 12 (+1) • Charisma 14 (+2) Boosts • Ancestry: Dexterity, Intelligence, Charisma, Ability Flaw(s) Constitution • Background: Constitutions, Intelligence • Class: Intelligence • Free: Wisdom, Dexterity, Intelligence, Charisma Adventuring & Combat HP 12/12 Perception +4 • Trained +3 • Wis +1 • Item 0 • Senses Low Light Vision Speed 30 Class DC 17 • Trained +3 • Base 10 • Int +4 • Item 0 Armor and Shields AC 15 • Trained +3 • Base 10 • Dex +2 • Item 0 • Trained: Unarmoured Shield • Bulk 0 • +0 AC, Hard 0, HP 0 (0) Saving Throws  • Fortitude +3 • Trained +3 • Con 0 • Item 0 • Reflex +5 • Trained +3 • Dex +2 • Item 0 • Will +6 • Expert +5 • Wis +1 • Item 0 Weapon Proficiencies • Trained: club, crossbow, dagger, heavy crossbow, and staff • Trained in unarmed attacks Fist +5 • Trained +3 • Dex +2 • Item 0 • Damage 1d4 Bludgeoning • Notes Agile, Finesse, Nonlethal, Unarmed Dagger +5 • Trained +3 • Dex +2 • Item 0 • Damage 1d4 Piercing • Notes Agile, Finesse, Thrown 10 feet, Versatile S Crossbow +5 • Trained +3 • Dex +2 • Item 0 • Damage 1d8 Piercing • Notes Range 120 feet, Reload 1 Staff +3 • Trained +3 • Str +0 • Item 0 • Damage 1d4 Bludgeoning • Notes Skills Acrobatics +2 • Untrained 0 • Dex +2 • Item 0 Arcana +7 • Trained +3 • Int +4 • Item 0 Athletics +0 • Untrained 0 • Str 0 • Item 0 • Armor -0 Crafting +7 • Trained +3 • Int +4• Item 0 Deception +2 • Untrained 0 • Cha +2 • Item 0 Diplomacy +5 • Trained +3 • Cha +2• Item 0 Intimidation +2 • Untrained 0 • Cha +2 • Item 0 Lore: Boneyard +7 • Trained +3 • Int +4 • Item 0 Lore: Elven Lore +7 • Trained +3 • Int +4 • Item 0 Medicine +1 • Untrained 0 • Wis +1 • Item 0 Nature +4 • Trained +3 • Wis +1 • Item 0 Occultism +7 • Trained +3 • Int +4 • Item 0 Performance +5 • Trained +3 • Cha +2 • Item 0 Religion +4 • Trained +3 • Wis +1 • Item 0 Society +7 • Trained +3 • Int +4 • Item 0 Stealth +5 • Trained +3 • Dex +2 • Item 0 • Armor -0 Survival +1 • Untrained 0 • Wis +1 • Item 0 Thievery +2 • Untrained 0 • Dex +2 • Item 0 Languages: Common, Elven, Varisian, Auran, Goblin, Necril Abilities Arcane Bond • Type Class • You place some of your magical power in a bonded item. Each day when you prepare your spells, you can designate a single item you own as your bonded item. This is typically an item associated with spellcasting, such as a wand, ring, or staff, but you are free to designate a weapon or other item. You gain the Drain Bonded Item free action. Metamagical Experimentation • Type Class • You’ve realized that the practice known as metamagic is a holdover from a time long ago, when wizards had to work out their own spells and variations rather than rely on spells recorded by others and passed down over the years. This allows you efficient access to various metamagic effects. You gain a 1st-level metamagic wizard feat as a bonus feat. Starting at 4th level, during your daily preparations, you can gain a metamagic wizard feat of your choice that has a level requirement of no more than half your level, which you can use until your next daily preparations. Necromancy School • Type Class • As a necromancer, you call upon the powers of life and death. While your school is often vilified for its association with raising the undead, you understand that control over life also means control over healing. You add one 1st-level necromancy spell (such as grim tendrils) to your spellbook. You learn the call of the grave school spell. Feats Diehard • Type General • It takes more to kill you than most. You die from the dying condition at dying 5, rather than dying 4 Elven Lore • Type Ancestry • You’ve studied in traditional elven arts, learning about arcane magic and the world around you. You gain the trained proficiency rank in Arcana and Nature. If you would automatically become trained in one of those skills (from your background or class, for example), you instead become trained in a skill of your choice. You also become trained in Elven Lore. Forlorn • Type Ancestry • Watching your friends age and die fills you with moroseness that protects you against harmful emotions. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to saving throws against emotion effects. If you roll a success on a saving throw against an emotion effect, you get a critical success instead. Reach Spell • Type Class • You can extend the range of your spells. If the next action you use is to Cast a Spell that has a range, increase that spell’s range by 30 feet. As is standard for increasing spell ranges, if the spell normally has a range of touch, you extend its range to 30 feet. Spells & Powers Spell Attack +7 • Trained +3 • Int +4 Spell DC 17 • Trained +3 • Base 10 • Int +4 Focus Points 1/14 Spells/Day: 0: 5+1 • 1st: 2+1   Prepared Spells Spell 0 — • Chill Touch • Electric Arc • Infectious Enthusiasm • Light • Shield • Telekinetic Projectile Spell 1 — • Animate Dead • Fear • Illusory Object Spell Inate • Detect Magic Focus Spells • Call of the Grave Inventory Money: 5 GP 5SP Bulk 3/5 • Enc 0 (5 + Str 0) • Max 10 (10 + Str 0) Adventurer's Pack • Bulk 2 • Backpack, bedroll, belt pouch (2), chalk (10), flint and steel, rope (50 ft.), rations (14), soap, torches (5), waterskin Alchemist's Tools • Bulk 1 • This mobile collection of vials and chemicals can be used for simple alchemical tasks. Writing Set • Bulk L • Using a writing set, you can draft correspondence and scribe scrolls. A set includes stationery, including a variety of paper and parchment, as well as ink, a quill or inkpen, sealing wax, and a simple seal. If you've written a large amount, you can refill your kit with extra ink and paper. Explorer's Clothing • Bulk L • Explorer’s clothing is sturdy enough that it can be reinforced to protect you, even though it isn’t a suit of armor. It comes in many forms, though the most common sorts look like clerical vestments, monk’s garments, or wizard’s robes, as members of all three classes are likely to avoid wearing armour. For more information on explorer’s clothing, see its entry in the armour category. Material Component Pouch • Bulk L • This pouch contains material components for those spells that require them. Though the components are used up over time, you can refill spent components during your daily preparations. 10 bolts • Bulk L • Arms and Armour Crossbow • Bulk 1 • Hands 2; Group Bow; Range 120 ft.; Reload 1 • This ranged weapon has a bow-like assembly mounted on a handled frame called a tiller. The tiller has a mechanism to lock the bowstring in place, attached to a trigger mechanism that releases the tension and launches a bolt. Dagger • Bulk L • Hands 1; Group Knife • This small, bladed weapon is held in one hand and used to stab a creature in close combat. It can also be thrown. Staff • Bulk 1; Hands 1; Group Club • This long piece of wood can aid in walking and deliver a mighty blow. Appearance Evelyn is a slim and attractive elf, young and graceful. Her clothes are utilitarian but often old fashioned. She favours bright colours, pinks and yellows and bright greens. Her long, blonde hair is usually tied back quite severely, either in an elaborate knot or more often in a plait that runs behind her ears and down her back.  Her blue eyes are striking and she often touches up their appearance with a simple cantrip. When she lets her thoughts drift those eyes betray a deep sadness and a loneliness that anyone who knows her history can understand. Personality During her first life, Evelyn was happy to have married a merchant, despite him being human. She was comfortable with outliving him as long as they had a full life together. Their son was going to be their legacy, a way for Martius to live on. The love that Evelyn and Martius had was genuine and she is dismayed at how the decades ravaged him. She was also horrified at the obsession that her husband had in bringing her back from the dead. His own death, only months later left her in mourning and she is trying to build a new life for herself. Her son is a grown man who never knew her and their contact is awkward at best. She knew nobody else in Sandpoint when she was resurrected and they are often forced together as a result. She feels that she should give him space and moved into the White Deer initially and later took it upon herself to follow the path of her deceased husband as he travelled and searched for a way to bring her back. Her death and resurrection and the years she has missed have made her sad but she works to remind herself of the second chance that it has given her. Sometimes she drifts off, thinking about friends who have passed away or who have left to seek new fortunes. There weren't many elves to talk to in Sandpoint but she befriended Hannah Velerin and volunteered to help the woman with her cures when she can. In return Hannah helped Evelyn with sleeping droughts to drive away the dreams that she has. History Evelyn died 30 years ago after giving birth to a son, Nisk. Her husband, Martius Tander, a merchant and lay priest of Iomedae was devastated. He gave up his business and dedicated himself to the goddess of justice. Their son was placed with foster parents in Sandpoint and away he left on his crusade.  It could be said that he threw himself into battle in order to join his wife in death but death eluded him. He won battle after battle, and advanced within the church hierarchy as a noble defender and crusader. He travelled far and wide and fought demons and dark monsters. He seldom returned to visit his son or to lay flowers upon his wife's tomb though he send enough money for the boy to be educated well. Two winters ago, now in his sixties and suffering from old age and a hard life on the road, he finally returned home with one last deed to be performed. He carried with him a staff of power, a relic of the church, recovered from ruins deep in the north lands. Breaking open the tomb he used the staff to resurrect his dead wife. Confused and frightened, Evelyn ran from this strange, scarred, old man dressed in armour and carrying a glowing longsword. Sandpoint had changed in 30 years. Next to the graveyard, the small wooden chapel dedicated to the gods of good had been replaced with a more modern, stone cathedral. New buildings had been put up, the main street now had cobblestones and she didn't know a soul.  Martius caught up with her and calmed her down but not before she'd burst through the door of the new White Deer and upset a table. Her introduction to the new Sandpoint caused quite a stir, at least for the innkeeper and the dinner guests of The White Deer. Martius explained what he had done and then took her home to their son's shop. Nisk was not at all pleased at his father and accused him of dabbling in dark forces. Having been estranged from his father for most of his life the alchemist and merchant was justifiably angry. Yet he treated the mother he'd never met with awe and amazement. Nisk had always blamed himself for her death and was pleased to have the elven woman dismiss the idea as nonsense. As the weeks went by and Evelyn got to grips with her new life she began to see how Martius' obsession had caused him so much pain. Not just to himself but to their son. Nisk was raised almost as an orphan and had developed something of a chip on his shoulder. Having his parents return has left the young man treading on eggshells. Worse, Martius had been concealing the effects of age. He was dying. His wish had been to return his wife to life, spend his last years with her, and die happy. Sadly those years were shortened to only a few months. Martius died in the spring. His body and the holy artefacts he carried were given over to the church who arranged for their distribution. His body was laid to rest in the same tomb that Evelyn had laid in for thirty years. She doesn't like to talk about her death and resurrection and she fears that something beyond the grave has come back with her. Before her death her spells could create bright lights to dazzle and surprise people but now they've become shadows that claw and bind people fast. There's a darkness to her now too, a weight on her soul that sometimes threatens to pull her down into its depths. Evelyn helped with her son's business but her alchemy skills are limited. She's sold a few spell scrolls through him but they are expensive and not in high demand. Her help with Hannah's Cures earns her a few coins too but identifying plants is hardly lucrative and it's something that Hannah can easily do alone. She tried to spend her free time with her son and daughter in law. Nisk had married a local woman in the spring while his father still lived. She's not needed though and often feels in the way. She spent a long time writing to contacts of her late husband, introducing herself and passing on the news of his death. One of the letters that came back to her was from a Professor Lorrimor. He invited Evelyn to travel to his estate in Ustalav, a thousand miles by road from Sandpoint, and stay for several months. He had news of her husband's activities some twenty years earlier and wished to examine her following her resurrection. Giving the matter some thought she eventually decided to accept his offer. She felt useless and out of place in Sandpoint and had long wished to travel. This was her chance. She set off after bidding her son and her few friends goodbye, promising to write whenever she could. The journey took a little over two months, travelling as she did with merchant caravans and pilgrims. By the time she arrived, much of her savings were gone but she was content to have begun a new chapter of her new life.
  6.   ***In Progress***   Nikandr, Created Hunter   Name: Nikandr Gender: Male Ancestry: Created Fleshwarp Background: Hunter Alignment: LN Class: Investigator Archetype: Pathfinder Agent/Scrollmaster  
  7. @Tokaka_Stormheart Ready for review, I think. I may continue prodding at formatting, but the content is up.
  8. Quick mechanical overview: A metal/water kineticist, human dhampir with the "Making Good on Promises" background. Long-view focus on providing varied damage types, an easy source of healing, and some utility. I plan to take the scout archetype, investing heavily in stealth and later survival. I don't know if you're planning to utilize alignment, but this character would probably fall on "Lawful Neutral" with good leanings. https://pathbuilder2e.com/launch.html?build=540871 Level 1-2 should be pretty set, though anything past that is likely to change as I get a better feel for the character. Ancestry : Human | Heritage : Dhampir | Background : Making Good on Promises | Class : Kineticist Feat(Ancestry) : Natural Ambition | Feat(Ancestry Paragon) : Eyes of the Night | Feat(Background) : No Cause for Alarm Kinetic Gate : Dual Gate(Metal/Water) | Water Impulse : Ocean's Balm | Metal Impulse : Shard Strike Feat(Class) : Versatile Blasts | Feat(Natural Ambition) : Impulse(Deflecting Wave)   Str : 12 | Dex : 16 | Con : 18 | Wis : 10 | Int : 10 | Cha : 12 HP : 20/20 | AC : 18(19 with buckler) | Fort : +9 | Ref : +8 | Wil : +3 | Per : +3 Athletics : +4 | Diplomacy : +4 | Lore(Forest) : +3 | Nature : +3 | Stealth : +5 | Survival : +3   Vision modes : Low-light, Darkvision   Notable actions : Raise Shield(1a) : +1 circumstance bonus to AC Strike(1a): Dagger +6/1d4+1 piercing No Cause for Alarm(3a) : Reduce Frightened values with Diplomacy(vs. target's Will) Channel Elements(1a) : Activate kinetic aura, can use impulses. Remains until deactivated, character is rendered unconscious, or character uses an [Overflow] impulse. Can use any (1a) Elemental Blast or [Stance] impulse. Impulses(Needs a free hand, [Concentrate], [Magic] : Base Kinesis(2a) : Generate, Move, or Suppress an element. Elemental Blast(1a)[Attack] +7/1d8(double on critical success) bludgeoning, piercing, slashing, acid, cold, or electricity Elemental Blast(2a)[Attack] +7/1d8(+4 status bonus to damage)(double on critical success) bludgeoning, piercing, slashing, acid, cold, or electricity Ocean's Balm(1a)[Manipulate, Healing, Vitality, Water] : Touch to heal 1d8, grant 2 fire resist, and attempt to remove persistent fire damage. 10 minute immunity. Shard Strike(2a[Metal]) : Reflex DC 17, 15' cone, 1d6 slashing(1d6 bleed on critical failure) OR 30' line, 1d6 piercing(clumsy 1 until the start of character's next turn on critical failure) Deflecting Wave(r)[Water] Trigger : Bludgeoning or Slashing damage, Effect : Resist 1 damage OR Trigger : Acid or Fire, Effect : Resist 2 damage   Belongings(1 bulk of 6 used) Wealth : 0p 7g 2s 8c Weapon : Dagger | Armor : Chain Shirt | Shield : Buckler Other Gear : Backpack, Bedroll, Flint and Steel, Rope, Torch(x2), Chalk(x10), Rations(2 weeks), Soap, Waterskin(x2) Backstory: Anshal's childhood wasn't anything special in Ustalav. He grew up alone, the discarded progeny of some vampire who cared nothing for him. He learned to keep quiet, to scavenge food, and beg. His heritage gave him a degree of sturdiness that kept him alive on some of the worst nights, and his light feet kept him out of most trouble.   His real struggle began when he was barely into adulthood, and he abruptly became violently ill. It was as if his blood itself had turned on him, violently wrenching itself from his pores and weeping from his eyes. Those who knew him thought it was some curse or disease, and abandoned him to his miserable fate. Rumor and desperation brought him to the door of a scholar he had heard of in the city, a man by the name of Petros Lorrimor. He remembered dragging himself to the mans home, begging Lorrimor to break his curse, babbling incoherently about his own ancestry and blood.   Lorrimor agreed, taking the young Dhampir in to study his ailment, though he extracted a promise of an unspecified repayment first. Anshal was in no right mind to haggle, and agreed immediately. Lorrimor determined the cause to be a side-effect or Anshal's unrealized ability to channel elemental energy. "Something akin to sorcery, but not quite," he had said. Lorrimor used several rituals to effectively "wall off" Anshal's abilities from each other, cutting his ability to manipulate his own blood into an ability to manipulate elemental water and metals. Something about the iron in the blood? Anshal wasn't certain of the reasoning, but the results were clear as day.   His pain was gone, his body no longer self-destructing with every passing moment. And within a day the promised power over water and metal began to manifest as the ability to create ripples in still water from across a room, or pull coins along the floor while still sitting on his sickbed. Within a week he was feeling better, and had begun to learn the intricacies of his new abilities. So he asked Lorrimor about the promised payment, dreading the worst. And in a way, he got it. Lorrimor promised to request his repayment "In due time" and sent the fledgling Kineticist on his way.   Anshal found himself feeling somewhat lost. His old contacts were effectively gone, him breaking his "curse" doing nothing to relax their superstitions. Without any lingering ties, and with a new power in him, Anshal did the only thing that felt natural. He left.   His journeys never took him far, the anchor of his debt holding him near enough to be found. No letter ever came, no summons to pay the man who had saved his life. Anshal hated the feeling, the debt a constant thorn, pricking at his every thought. He often dreamt of being summoned to a pay an impossible sum, or to a life of servitude, or any number of other things. He never stayed in one place, a constant wanderlust driving him from one village to another as if he could escape from the debt, even though he refused to actually leave it behind. Though the feeling slowly faded with time, it was never truly gone.   When the letter finally came it was like a slap to the face, however long-anticipated it may have been. The knowledge of the man's death did not come as too great a shock, but the knowledge of Anshal's naming in his will did. What did that mean? He had barely known the man! A week at best, and their interactions had been brief and business-like. A doctor to his patient, or a teacher to his charge, as the moment called for.   A strange sick feeling of dread in his gut, Anshal took to the road again. He had not repaid the man in life, but he had not forgotten his debt. Whatever Lorrimor requires, Anshal shall bring it. He just hoped the interest wasn't as high as he feared.   --------------------- More character detail: Anshal is a worshipper of Irori, though arguably a bad one. He likes the idea of striving for "self-perfection" but is unsure of exactly what that might mean for him. His heritage as a Dhampir makes him feel like he'll never really live up to those sorts of standards. He largely lives life day-by-day, keeping enough food and coin on hand to continue subsisting but avoiding settling down. He makes a loyal companion, but does his best to ignore the general suffering around him. If directly confronted with someone in genuine need he has difficulty turning them away, though this has caused him trouble in the past. He takes promises very seriously, both given and received. His debt to Lorrimor has made him wary of accepting favors or gifts. He carefully tracks what he owes to others, and when he is forced to accept a debt he repays it at the very first opportunity. He is not particularly stingy about lending coin or favors, but is strongly disinclined to let such a loan languish and seeks repayment as soon as he believes it can be given. He is not naturally inclined towards violence, though it is a fact of life in Ustalav. He generally tries to avoid conflicts, or to talk his way out of them...though he is much better at the former than the latter. Partly due to his idolizing of Irori, and partly as an attempt to avoid trouble he lives a disciplined life, trying to stick to legal methods despite sometimes associating with those that feel differently. He does not feel any particular need to urge others to a similar lifestyle, though he does discourage anything he thinks might bring difficulty upon himself.   ------------------------ Personal notes: I don't know if this is typical for a MW game application, but a lot of real-time online groups generally involve asking about the player, so I thought I'd give a few relevant details to round out my attempt to join. I'm a pretty experienced TTRPG player, having started about 20 years ago, with AD&D 1st edition, and much later I played and ran a lot of 3.5. I've played a few online games, in Pathfinder and later PF2e. I have some experience with play-by-post games, having once been part of one on an ancient message board for a couple of years, and a brief experience on MW with the Beginner's Box(though that group eventually fizzled out). My own real-time group lost their GM, and the one who stepped up to continue running wanted to use a different system. Which is great, because they're a fantastic group! But I still want to play PF2, but I can't really give up another specific time frame for a second real-time game so I thought I'd give a shot at getting into a PBP game. My posting times are likely to be unusual, since I keep odd hours, but I should be able to post at least once a day(or however often, since I known most games don't run at that sort of pace). I consider myself a pretty laid-back player and I like engaging with RP, both with NPCs and players, though I'll be upfront and say that my interest in the tactical combat side of PF2 is a big part of my preference for the system. I hope my backstory for Anshal wasn't too "edgy", as that wasn't really the goal. In my defense, the last AP I played was Bloodlords and edgy was a way of life for that game. As I tried to clarify in the additional details segment, Anshal is someone who mostly wants to just live their life...but will definitely get trapped in whatever this AP throws at them. I like playing characters who can contribute to a social or exploration segment without leading it(fingers crossed that modest boosting to charisma and trained in diplomacy will avoid the fate of my last character, a dwarf with 8 charisma), and who have a few options they can fall back on in a fight.
  9. APPEARANCE: Enoch is Nidalese by descent and, though, he has long since journeyed beyond that gloomy realm he carries those scars with him, both in his flesh and in his, callous, nature. Unlike most of his countrymen, Enoch's skin is sun-kissed, as he has long since fled the nation of his birth, though, as a traveler, it is often encrusted with grime road dust. His face is narrow, with a tall, weathered, forehead, his black hair, clipped short, and brushed back giving even further length to his discerning face. Deep set grey eyes, high cheekbones and a narrow jaw, a large nose, broken oft times, with a prominent, crooked, bridge, beneath which rests a thin lipped, slash of a mouth, rarely turned up in smile or humor. However, his most noticeable feature is a jagged, thick scar, which runs from his right temple skirting the corner of his eye, to continue down it's path to his jaw, it pinches up the right corner of his mirthless mouth to give the odd impression of a perpetual smirk. He typically wears high necked shirts with long, cuffed sleeves, typically in a military fashion, these keep others from seeing network of scars that criss cross his wiry frame, some thin, delicate, strangely beautiful, the work of the Kuthonite priests, others thick, jagged, with protruding ridges, the work of his father, a man who Enoch rarely speaks of, even when pressed. Over his military shirts, he wears a long, thigh length jacket, thick, cured leather protects his vitals when it is buckled up, it has a neck guard that can be turned up to protect his throat in an encounter. It is trimmed in navy and black, with dull iron buckles, his shoulders further concealed beneath a weathered great cloak, itself, with a storm flap for when the weather turns sour, and he sports an old, worn leather, tricorn, with brass buttons to keep the brim affixed. A broad bandoleer crosses his chest, from which hang tool kits containing scalpels and tinctures, as well as picks and wire, both tools of his trade. On his hip is a sheathed short blade, slightly curved with a notched, serrated section just past the cross guard, meant to cut through flesh and saw through bone if needed, opposite that a short handled steel sickle, with a worn leather grip. Also, secured across his person a serious of small, blades with not guard, meant to be thrown at a distance, which, if nervous, Enoch will draw and twirl through his fingers. BACKGROUND:  Enoch was born in the Nisroch, his father some ship's captain who promised his mother that he'd return and whisk her away across the Inner Sea, allowing her to escape the oppressive rule of the Umbral Court, who rule all of Nidal in the Black Triune's name. However, once he bedded her, the captain's ship never returned to harbor and the woman, Hattie, exiled from her father's house for trying to flee Nidal, turned to whoring to earn a living for herself and her newborn son. Given Nidal's devotion to the Midnight Lord, it isn't hard to imagine how dangerous Golarion's oldest profession is, within it's borders. However, she was cautious, vetted some of her clients with the other workers, she was a streetwalker, without the protection of a brothel or madame, and mostly worked the alleys. Within a year, she had had her face sliced, been, both, beaten and bruised, and quickly came to realize that she needed protection to continue to try to provide for both herself and her son. There was a gentleman, Stanley Adalwulf, who wished to monetize the alley-workers of the district, to ensure that they were protected, and that the fees they earned would, ultimately, be siphoned back into his pesh refining operations. Hattie worked for another year under Adalwulf's protection, before it became apparent to the cruel man, that she wasn't earning as much as her peers due to the disfigurement she received when plying her trade prior to coming under his protection. She he brought her into the refining process, where she worked long hours in an abandoned fishery, refining pesh, for sale by his network of orphans. During his early years, Enoch was raised by Hattie's former colleagues, until he began to grow like a reed, tall and lanky, like the Varisian captain who fathered him. As he did, he began to watch his caretakers and their clients closely, selecting the most affluent of clients, and stalking them through the narrow maze of alleys and dead-ends that made up the wharf district. Then breaking into their homes when they next returned to Adalwulf's alleys, breaking in, stealing, and pawning their valuables. However, the pawn shops in the district were too closely affiliated with Adalwulf and his operations, so the man soon became aware of Enoch's endeavors and had a crew of boys warn him from continuing such activities by thrashing him, breaking his nose, and threatening worse to his whore of a mother, should he continue in his roguish endeavors. Never one to give up, after Enoch healed, he stalked the young boys who had thrashed him, and ensured that their leader, Alger, suffered an accident, a shipping crate being loaded aboard ship, had it's rope mysteriously snap, and the crate landed on the boy, crushing his leg and twisting his ankle. Enoch then, days later, broke into Adalwulf's office, and made an offer to the man, having heard of an opening in the organization he offered to lead his crew of pickpockets and thieves. As Enoch grew into manhood, Adalwulf took him underwing, impressed by the boys callous, cruel nature, his eye for business and profit, and his desire to step above his station made it easy to manipulate the youth. What he didn't understand was the youth's ambition, or his savage desire to crawl his way out of the lot dealt him by birth. Adalwulf had to, at times, temper the youth, and as he grew to seventeen years, there were innumerable beatings, bruises, and even broken bones, delivered directly from Adalwulf's fist that taught Enoch the value of discretion, deception, but fueled a seething, quiet, rage in the man's heart. However, when Hattie fell ill, having contracted black lung from the years spent refining pesh, Enoch began to hatch a plan that would see his mother and he sail away from Nidal's gloomy shores, as his father had promised a lifetime ago. Enoch used the privilege of Adalwulf's favor to steal into his coffers, retrieving the profits of a pesh delivery to secure passage on a Chelaxian vessel headed to Kintargo. However, on the docks, his mother and he were surrounded by Adalwulf's men, the lithe half orc stalking forward to beat Hattie bloody, before drawing a gutting knife and beginning to carve Enoch's face. The Captain of the vessel, seeing his passengers assaulted, ordered his crew to secure the cargo, in this case, Enoch and his mother, and batten down for a storm. Confronted by hardened Chelish sailors, Adalwulf's thugs backed off of the docks, allowing the men to take the bruised and bloody cargo aboard ship. The Captain was a kind woman and had her ship's surgeon take care of the pair, Enoch woke with the wound from Adalwulf's blade cleaned and stitched up, though considering the extensive nature of the wound, it would heal poorly, with puckered skin tugging at his face for the remainder of his life. His mother, however, never recovered from the beating, as it exacerbated her black lung, and the woman was now prone to long, bloody, coughing fits. Disembarking in Kintargo, Enoch secured the pair lodging, though, with his mother's condition, the two had to delay their passage to Korvosa, as Hattie didn't have the strength to survive the journey. Enoch secured healers trying to heal Hattie, or, at the least, ease her suffering, and soon enough the funds he had secured for their passage to Korvosa and east from there had been depleted. Within a month, Hattie passed, and Enoch, disobeying Chelish law, burned her body at the wharfs, as he was unable to secure the funds for a plot of land, and did not wish to leave her corpse for the rats in an open sewer. He took her ashes, stored some in a pouch which he wears around his neck, to this day, and left the pier to burn. Without the calming presence of his mother's hand upon his sleeping brow, Enoch had little to live for, and so he turned to old ways. Finding Kintargo too close to Nidal, he resorted to his old ways, his predatory mind seizing opportunity as it became available to him, he used his quick wit, sharp blades, and cruel nature to accumulate the coin for his journey north. Cut-throat, hired-killer, it didn't matter the job, just that it paid ... in time he secured the funds needed, traveling north to Kintargo with pesh smugglers, then west through Nirmathas with Molthune spies. However, it was while journeying through Lastwall, skirting crusader patrols, avoiding the restless dead, he encountered a group of men in need of a man of his skills. The dark deeds he had committed during his travels through Varisia, Nirmathas and the Hold had reached their organizations ear ... they needed a killer, one with intelligence and patience, to perform a task for them. However, prior to entrusting the newcomer with such a deed, they wished to determine the veracity of the rumors that had heard, but had not observed. Since the absence of Hattie, the man had become unhinged, any contract accepted, only the weight of the coin mattered, not the blood on his hands. Impressed with the cruelty they witnessed in the man, the strange cultists made their request, a man and his daughter, in Ustalav. That was the goal, Enoch only shrugged, it seemed easy enough, an academic travelling with a young daughter, surely the man posed little threat, easy coin for quick, bloody work. Enoch accepted, and began what was, perhaps, the greatest, most enjoyable, portion of any murder, observing one's target, learning their strengths, their weaknesses, sharing in their intimate, private moments as one plans their end. And so it was that Enoch first met Professor Lorrimor and Kendra.
  10. Solomon Cain Human Kinslayer 1 | Neutral Good | Application | Sheet AC: 17 |  HP: 17/17 |  Perception: +4 |  Fort: +6 | Ref: +3 | Will: +6 CantripsDetect Magic | Disrupt Undead Guiding | Light | Shield | Level 1 Spells:Magic Weapon Magic Weapon | Harm FontTraditions divine Bloodline undead Cast [one-action] to [three-actions] Range varies; Targets 1 living creature or 1 willing undead creature You channel negative energy to harm the living or heal the undead. If the target is a living creature, you deal 1d8 negative damage to it, and it gets a basic Fortitude save. If the target is a willing undead creature, you restore that amount of Hit Points. The number of actions you spend when Casting this Spell determines its targets, range, area, and other parameters. [one-action] (somatic) The spell has a range of touch. [two-actions] (somatic, verbal) The spell has a range of 30 feet. If you're healing an undead creature, increase the Hit Points restored by 8. [three-actions] (material, somatic, verbal) You disperse negative energy in a 30-foot emanation. This targets all living and undead creatures in the area. Heightened (+1) The amount of healing or damage increases by 1d8, and the extra healing for the 2-action version increases by 8. 4/4 Great Pick (P): ◆ +6/+1/-4 1d10+3 Magic Items:: Current Effects: None "Dialogue." Thoughts.   Mechanics Reaction: None Action 1: Action 2: Action 3: OOC None Misc Skills Trained: ◆ | Expert: ◆◆ | Master: ◆◆◆ | Legendary: ◆◆◆◆ Acrobatics: +0 Arcana: +1  Athletics: +6 ◆ Crafting: +1 Deception: +6 ◆ Diplomacy: +6 ◆ Intimidation: +6 ◆ L (Caliphas): +4 ◆ L (Legal): +4 ◆ L (Undead): +4 ◆ L (Vampire): +4 ◆ Medicine: +1 Nature: +1 Occultism: +4 ◆ Performance: +3 Religion: +4 ◆ Society: +4 ◆ Stealth: -2 Survival: +1 Thievery: +0          
  11.   Faendan Human (Ardande) • Plant Whisperer • Kineticist 1 Medium • NG • Human, Ardande, Kineticist Abilities Strength 14 (+2) • Dexterity 12 (+1) • Constitution 18 (+4) • Intelligence 10 (+0) • Wisdom 14 (+2) • Charisma 10 (+0) Boosts • Ancestry: Strength; Constitution • Background: Constitution; Wisdom • Class: Constitution • Free: Strength; Dexterity; Constitution; Wisdom Adventuring & Combat HP 20|20 Perception +5 • Trained 3 • Wis 2 • Item 0 • Senses: Low Light Vision Speed 25 Class DC 17 • Trained 3 • Base 10 • Con 4 • Item 0 Armor and Shields AC 14 • Trained 3 • Base 10 • Dex 1 • Item 0 | AC (With Hardwood Armor) 17 • Trained 3 • Base 10 • Dex 1 • Item 3 Shield(Hardwood Armor) • Bulk 0 • +1 AC, Hard 3, HP 12 (6) Saving Throws  • Fortitude +5 • Trained 3 • Con 2 • Item 0 • Reflex +5 • Trained 3 • Dex 2 • Item 0 • Will +6 • Expert 5 • Wis 1 • Item 0 Weapon Proficiencies • Trained: Unarmed; Simple Weapons Staff +5 • Trained 3 • Str 2 • Item 0 • Damage 1d4 • Notes: Two-Handed: 1d8 Skills Acrobatics +1 • Untrained 0 • Dex 1 • Item 0 Arcana +0 • Untrained 0 • Int 0 • Item 0 Athletics +5 • Trained 3 • Str 2 • Item 0 • Armor -0 Crafting +3 • Trained 3 • Int 0 • Item 0 Deception +0 • Untrained 0 • Cha 0 • Item 0 Diplomacy +4 • Trained 3 • Cha 0 • Item 0 Intimidation +0 • Untrained 0 • Cha 0 • Item 0 Lore: Plant +3 • Trained 3 • Int 0 • Item 0 Medicine +2 • Untrained 0 • Wis 2 • Item 0 Nature +5 • Trained 3 • Wis 2 • Item 0 Occultism +0 • Untrained 0 • Int 0 • Item 0 Performance +0 • Untrained 0 • Cha 0 • Item 0 Religion +2 • Untrained 0 • Wis 2 • Item 0 Society +0 • Untrained 0 • Int 0 • Item 0 Stealth +4 • Trained 3 • Dex 1 • Item 0 • Armor -0 Survival +5 • Trained 3 • Wis 2 • Item 0 Thievery +1 • Untrained 0 • Dex 1 • Item 0 Languages: Common; Muan Abilities Channel Elements: +lvl Temp hp per turn Elemental Blast: Wood Feats Natural Ambition • Ancestry 1 • NotesYou were raised to be ambitious and always reach for the stars, leading you to progress quickly in your chosen field. You gain a 1st-level class feat for your class. You must meet the prerequisites, but you can select the feat later in the character creation process in order to determine which prerequisites you meet. Woodworker • Ancestry 1 • NotesDenizens of the Plane of Wood take immense pride in the magnificent works of art they can craft from wood, and practicing your own woodcraft helps you feel a connection with your planar heritage. You gain the trained proficiency rank in Crafting. If you would automatically become trained in Crafting (from your background or class, for example), you instead become trained in a skill of your choice. You gain the Specialty Crafting skill feat for woodworking. Fresh Produce • Class 1 • NotesYou grow a nourishing nut, vegetable, seed, or fruit. Choose a creature in your kinetic aura. The produce grows in their open hand, or at their feet if they have no open hands. The produce has light Bulk. A creature can eat it with an Interact action to regain 1d4 + 1 HP; this is a healing vitality effect. The creature feels full for 10 minutes, during which it has resistance 2 to void damage and can't eat another piece of produce. Produce not consumed by the start of your next turn withers away. Level (+2) The healing increases by 1d4+5, and the resistance increases by 2. Hail of Splinters • Class 1 • NotesA fusillade of jagged splinters flies from you. Creatures in a 30-foot cone take 1d4 piercing damage and 1d4 persistent bleed damage with a basic Reflex save against your class DC. Level (+2) Each type of damage increases by 1d4. Hardwood Armor • Class 1 • NotesWood and bark grow over your body like armor. This hardwood armor is medium armor but uses your highest armor proficiency. The wooden armor's statistics are: AC Bonus +3; Dex Cap +2; Check Penalty –2; Speed Penalty –5 feet; Strength 14; Bulk 1; Group wood. Any bonuses, runes, and magical abilities of your actual armor are suppressed, but any runes that could apply to the hardwood armor are replicated onto it. When you use this impulse, you can also create a wooden shield in a free hand. You can Shield Block with this shield even if you don't have that feat. The hand wielding this shield counts as a free hand for using impulses. The shield decays in an instant if it becomes broken or leaves your grasp. The armor lasts for 10 minutes, and you can Dismiss this impulse. If you use this impulse again, any existing one ends. Level (+3) The shield's Hardness increases by 1, its HP by 4, and its BT by 2. Timber Sentinel • Class 1 • NotesA slim, symmetrical tree travels from the Plane of Wood. You conjure a tree within 30 feet, as a protector tree spell of a rank equal to half your level rounded up. If you use this impulse again, any previous one ends, and an ordinary tree remains. Natural Medicine • Skill 1 • NotesYou can apply natural cures to heal your allies. You can use Nature instead of Medicine to Treat Wounds. If you’re in the wilderness, you might have easier access to fresh ingredients, allowing you to gain a +2 circumstance bonus to your check to Treat Wounds using Nature, subject to the GM’s determination. Specialty Crafting(Woodworking) • Skill 1 • NotesYour training focused on Crafting one particular kind of item(woodworking). Select one of the specialties listed below; you gain a +1 circumstance bonus to Crafting checks to Craft items of that type. If you are a master in Crafting, this bonus increases to +2. If it’s unclear whether the specialty applies, the GM decides. Some specialties might apply only partially. For example, if you were making a morningstar and had specialty in woodworking, the GM might give you half your bonus because the item requires both blacksmithing and woodworking. Spells & Powers Impluses: Atk: +7; DC: 17 Impulses -Elemental Blast: Wood: 1d8 bludgeoning or vitality, 30 feet -Fresh Produce: 1d4+1 Heal -Hail of Splinters: 30ft cone; 1d4 dmg; 1d4 bleed -Hardwood Armor: Wooden Armor/Shield; AC bonus +3; Max Dex 2 -Timber Sentinel: Protector Tree spell at will Inventory Money: 35 SP Bulk 5.7/7 • Enc 7 (5 + Str 2) • Max 12 (10 + Str 2) Adventurer's Pack • Bulk 1 • Backpack, bedroll, belt pouch (2), chalk (10), flint and steel, rope (50 ft.), rations (14), soap, torches (5), waterskin Writing Set • Bulk L • Notes Compass • Bulk 0 • Notes Basic Crafter's Book • Bulk L • Notes Formula Book • Bulk L • Notes Repair Kit • Bulk 1 • Notes Tent • Bulk L • Notes Artisan's Tools (Woodworking) • Bulk 2 • Notes Staff • Bulk 1 • Notes Arms and Armor Explorer's Clothing • Bulk L • Notes Appearance Faendan would appear to be a druid or woodsman among the Shutterwood. He wears sturdy, but plain, cloths and boots, with little glint or glamor. That is, he would appear normal enough, were it not for himself. He does not have the green skin of orcish heritage, but the green of new grass in the rains of spring. He lacks normal hair, instead being made of long, thin leaves. Personality Faendan is much like the trees he appears to be, tall, thin, and patient. His early life taught him to be quiet and avoid conflict, but also that one could rarely avoid it for long. He teachings with the old druid taught him control and focus. While his own work was marked with patience and insight. To those he meets, he tends towards kind curiosity when he can, and when he can not, well the road can always take you somewhere else to meet someone else. History Faendan grew up in Chastel, a large town between the south eastern edge of the Shutterwood and the Vhatsuntide River. His parents worked as foresters, collecting trees to feed the lumbermills of the town. Chastel was never a good place to raise a family, but it was all the worse for them and the 'fey-born' as they called Faendan. He got used to a shouts and jeers of the others early in life, as his appearance looked as much like a dryad's as his own parents. Of course, it came with whispers of fey tricks, or curses. For all he detested the city life, he did love the chance to walk the forests with his parents as they did their work. They even moved out into the outskirts of the forest rather than risk the unwelcoming town. He just seemed to understand the wood more than people, almost as if he could speak with the trees themselves. As he grew older, his powers began to show. He could shape wood with a touch and even form it to some extent. His parents worried, even going so far as to track down an old druid hermit for advice. His powers were different than the druid's, but some guidance was given and some control was found. Interestingly, the druid claimed that he was no child of the fey, he was not sure what Faendan was, but he was not fey touched. Eventually, Faendan left to make his own way in the world. He travelled the edges of the Shutterwood, though he rarely ventured far into the werewolf controlled forest, not that the wise ever would. He still looked like a tree man, so he tended to avoid the towns when he could. Instead, he found other places to make his home, small hidden groves in the woods where he could cultivate his trees, herbs, and bushes. He scattered a few about, migrating from one to another as time and need required. In between these places, he would visit various towns along the Vistear River. There he would spend a few days. He would sell various herbs, nuts, fruits, and the like. Or he spread what he knew of various plants, which came easily to him. He made what friends among them that he could. It was on of his trips among the Shutterwood that he stumbled across Professor Lorrimor and his group, under attack by a werewolf. He did what he could to help, twisting branches to block the thing's strikes and thorns to pierce and bleed. But he did little more than slow it down long enough for Lorrimor's magic to actually end the creature. He ushered the group to one of his little groves, where he had planted wolf'sbane, one of the few cures to a werewolf's curse. The group stayed a few days to recover from the fight and wolfsbane's poisonous effects. During those days, Faendan and Lorrimor talked about many things, including Faendan's heritage. While he did not learn of his heritage that day, the two did strike up a friendship, and often crossed paths again to share stories and curiosities. When he received word of the Professor's death, Faendan quickly ventured cross country to pay his respects for one he would truly call friend.
  12. Name: Althea Neurath Pathbuilder Sheet: https://pathbuilder2e.com/launch.html?build=534592 Ancestry and Heritage: Human (Versatile Heritage) Background: Chance Savior Class: Swashbuckler Alignment: Neutral Good Height: 6'0" Weight: 143 lbs. Eyes: Hazel green Skin: Clear and fair Hair: Sandy blonde, kept loose Description: Althea generally finds herself standing head, and sometimes shoulders over her fellow students, despite being a recent enrollee at the University of Lepidstadt. The young first year's appearance also tended to stick out, given her fair complexion and the flaxen locks of her Ulfen heritage. A late bloomer, the formerly lanky frame of her teens had filled out into lean muscle after years of persistent training to try and take after her adventurous forebears. Her general preference for clothing is quite austere, though the material is still noticeably of fine quality. In recent years, she has taken to covering her well worn fencing leathers with bronze guards and a shirt of scale, something she claims to be a stopgap measure until she figures out how to consistently use her gangly frame to be anything other than provide a bigger target. Personality: Rather self-conscious and generally unassuming, Althea's mannerisms can be a jarring contrast to the striking first impression she tends to give off when she enters a room. She has a habit of second guessing her decisions, struggles to adapt to rapidly changing situations and can be startlingly clumsy or uncoordinated when forced to rush her decisions. Possessed of an almost saintly patience that might almost be mistaken for drive, her parents had long struggled to imbue Althea with more aggression, dash or any of the other traits that a budding duelist worth their steel would have been expected to possess. Althea's is a caring soul that likes to assume the best in people, and is often quite stung when they prove to mean her ill, making her confidence perhaps more fragile than her lean but deceptively strong frame. Still, it was perhaps those qualities that changed her fortune when she came to the aid of Professor Lorrimor in the border region known as the Stolen Lands on one of his last few expeditions abroad. Background: The natural child of a much lauded Aldori swordlord and an Ulfen reaver, Althea's parents have grudgingly worked together to try and provide a noble upbringing for a daughter that was the product of a passionate tryst built on the whims of adventure and adrenaline. While not lacking for coin in her youth, her mother's desire to have Althea follow in her footsteps have long been an exercise in frustration for her, especially as she had physically taken far more strongly after her often absent father, blossoming into a physique suited to a distinctly different set of combat skills. No matter how her persistent parent approached her training, nurturing her nature out of her has proven to be an uphill battle. Admittedly, most objective observers of her attempts at practice duels found themselves of the opinion that she probably could muscle past most other fledgling duelists' parries with sheer brute force and the leverage granted by her height, but she had always avoided doing so due to most considering it not sporting or appropriate in the Aldori style she was trained in. Still, it hurt Althea to notice how consistently she disappointed her ever supportive mother, feeling herself to be an unproductive burden with every year that passed that she seemed unable to establish herself. Despairing of ever bettering her skills as long as she remained in Restov, Althea took advantage of a recent spurt of adventuring interest for parties to head into the northern River Kingdoms to try and improve her abilities, taking little more beyond the blade that was her birthright. Even there, her tendency to fail to live up to the reputation expected of someone openly swinging an Aldori blade tended to get her blacklisted quite quickly, and she had been about to give up and go home to ask forgiveness from her mother when the fates seemed to lay down an unexpected path and patron for her, as she headed towards instead of away from cries of panic and fear despite being on the road alone and found the chaotic havoc of an expedition led by the Professor Lorrimor around a forgotten barrow beset by a werebeast. The bodyguards of the small group had already been felled by the vicious creature's ambush and now the injured professor and his aides were trying to fend off the unexpected assailant with the only piece of weaponized silver in the vicinity...by sheer chance, an ancient Aldori blade from the Age of Enthronement. Even so, the victory that followed was a near run thing but the coincidence that somebody with her specific skills, subpar though they might be, had stumbled into the camp at the very moment it was direly needed was viewed as a powerful quirk of fate by the Professor. Though he kept the ancient artifact for further research, she encouraged Althea to broaden her horizons and perhaps see if she might fare better in a different dueling school. He thus allowed her to join him on the journey back to Ustalav, paying for her tuition to start attending the University of Lepidstadt where she might be able to hone her skills amongst the dueling fraternities. He even suggested that if she successfully got to her final year, he might even reunite her with the blade and be her advisor in preparing a new thesis that challenged the accepted history of the activities of Sirian First during the Taldan expeditions into Rostland in the late Age of Enthronement. Althea was barely into her first year of getting settled into a new life in Lepidstadt, appreciated as she was for the first time in a long while, when the news of her patron's untimely end arrived, throwing everything into disarray and putting her future attendance at the school in jeopardy. She thus suspended her preparations for the dueling gauntlet on Fifthstones Hill that would have marked her acceptance into one of Ustalav's dueling fraternities, and travelled south to Ravengro with a growing dread. Dourly accepting that life was bound to disappoint her once more, she tried to harbour the faint hope that she might at least be bequeathed the ancient silver blade and have that to show to her mother as the meagre product of her extended absence from Restov. Regardless, Althea certainly felt she owed the only stranger to have ever put faith in her a last visit for his troubles, before lack of funds was bound to force her to trudge off back to Brevoy with the weight of legacy still bearing down on her shoulders.
  13. Enoch Adalwulf, grave-spurned killer     "Oi! Think yer scary, mate? I crawled outta me own grave wit a mouth full 'o dirt 'n worms. Now piss off 'fore I razor yer face such that even tha' skinsaw's 'd blush." Level: 1 Class: Rogue Archetype: None. Background: Revenant Deity: Atheist Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Height: 5'7" Weight: 157 lbs Eyes: Blue-grey, flecked Skin: Lightly Tanned, Scarred Hair: Dark Brown, short cropped Race: Human, Versatile Gender: Male Age: 27 yrs Abilities Ability | Modifier STR: 10 | +0 DEX: 18 | +2 CON: 14 | +2 INT: 12 | +1 WIS: 14 | +2 CHA: 10 | +0 Hit Points: 18 Armor Class: 18 Size: Medium Speed: 25 ft Perception: +7 ◆◆ Fort Save: +5 ◆ Ref Save: +9 ◆◆ Will Save: +7 ◆◆     Abilities Ancestry  HumanRarity: Common Hit Points: 8 Size: Medium Speed: 25 ft. Ability Boosts: Two Free. (Strength, Charisma) Racial Languages: Common (Taldan) Bonus Languages: Additional languages equal to your One plus your Intelligence modifier, if it's positive. Choose from the list of common languages and any other languages to which you have access, such as languages prevalent in your region. (Hallit) Traits: Humanoid  Heritage VersatileHumanity's versatility and ambition have fueled its ascendance to be the most common ancestry in most nations throughout the world. Select a general feat of your choice for which you meet the prerequisites. Background RevenantYou died. No real doubt about that. Bullet to the brain or knife to the throat, you were dead as dead can be. Then you got back up again. Maybe you had some unfinished business, or maybe you were just so tough and so mean that Hell itself spat you out. Either way, you came back for a reason. Choose two ability boosts. One must be to Constitution or Charisma, and one is a free ability boost. (Constitution & Dex) You're trained in Religion and Boneyard Lore. You're still alive, not undead, but you have the negative healing ability, which means you're harmed by positive damage and healed by negative effects as if you were undead. Ancestry Features Low-light VisionA creature with low-light vision can see in dim light as though it were bright light, so it ignores the concealed condition due to dim light.   Class Features Class ProficienciesPerception: Expert (◆◆) Saves: Fortitude: Trained (◆), Reflex: Expert (◆◆), Will: Expert (◆◆) Skills: Trained in Stealth; Thieves' Racket: trained in Thievery; seven additional skills plus Intelligence modifier, (Acrobatics, Arcana, Athletics, Deception, Intimidation, Medicine, Occultism, Society) Attacks: Simple Weapons: Trained (◆), Rapier, Sap, Shortbow, Shortsword: Trained (◆), Unarmed Attack: Trained (◆) Defenses: Light Armor: Trained (◆), Unarmed Defense: Trained (◆) Class DC (Dexterity): Trained (◆) | Rogue's RacketAs you started on the path of the rogue, you began to develop your own style to pursue your illicit activities. Your racket shapes your rogue techniques and the way you approach a job, while building your reputation in the criminal underworld for a certain type of work. A client with deep pockets might even hire a team of rogues for a particular heist, each specializing in a different racket, in order to cover all the bases. Choose a rogue’s racket. THIEVES' RACKET Nothing beats the thrill of taking something that belongs to someone else, especially if you can do so completely unnoticed. You might be a pickpocket working the streets, a cat burglar sneaking through windows and escaping via rooftops, or a safecracker breaking into carefully guarded vaults. You might even work as a consultant, testing clients’ defenses by trying to steal something precious. When a fight breaks out, you prefer swift, lightweight weapons, and you strike where it hurts. When you attack with a finesse melee weapon, you can add your Dexterity modifier to damage rolls instead of your Strength modifier. You are trained in Thievery. | Sneak AttackWhen your enemy can't properly defend itself, you take advantage to deal extra damage. If you Strike a creature that has the flat-footed condition with an agile or finesse melee weapon, an agile or finesse unarmed attack, a ranged weapon attack, or a ranged unarmed attack, you deal an extra 1d6 precision damage. For a ranged attack with a thrown melee weapon, that weapon must also be agile or finesse. As your rogue level increases, so does the number of damage dice for your sneak attack. Increase the number of dice by one at 5th, 11th, and 17th levels. | Surprise AttackYou spring into combat faster than foes can react. On the first round of combat, if you roll Deception or Stealth for initiative, creatures that haven’t acted are flat-footed to you. Feats Skill Feats Class & Archetype Feats Ancestry & General Feats Risky SurgeryTRAITS: General, Skill PREREQUISITES: Trained in Medicine Your surgery can bring a patient back from the brink of death, but might push them over the edge. When you Treat Wounds, you can deal 1d8 slashing damage to your patient just before applying the effects of Treat Wounds. If you do, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to your Medicine check to Treat Wounds, and if you roll a success, you get a critical success instead.   Tumble BehindTRAITS: Rogue You tumble under and behind your foe to catch them off guard. When you successfully Tumble Through, the foe whose space you passed through is flat-footed against the next attack you make before the end of your turn.   Adopted AncestryTRAITS: Uncommon, Human You’re fully immersed in another ancestry’s culture and traditions, whether born into them, earned through rite of passage, or bonded through a deep friendship or romance. Choose a common ancestry, Orc. You can select ancestry feats from the ancestry you chose, in addition to your character’s own ancestry, as long as the ancestry feats don’t require any physiological feature that you lack. | GloomseerTRAITS: Human PREREQUISITE: Nidalese Ethnicity Gloom holds few terrors for you, and the pall of darkness over Nidal has made you comfortable in dim light. You gain low-light vision. | Orc FerocityORC FEROCITY (Reaction) TRAITS: Orc FREQUENCY: Once per day TRIGGER: You would be reduced to 0 HP's but not immediately killed. Fierceness in battle runs through your blood, and you refuse to fall from your injuries. You avoid being knocked out and remain at 1 Hit Point, and your wounded condition increases by 1. Skills  Trained: ◆ | Expert: ◆◆ | Master: ◆◆◆ | Legendary: ◆◆◆◆ Acrobatics: +7 ◆ Arcana: +4 ◆  Athletics: +3 ◆ Crafting: +1 Deception: +3 ◆ Diplomacy: +0 Intimidation: +3 ◆ Lore (Boneyard): +4 ◆ Medicine: +5 ◆ Nature: +2 Occultism: +4 ◆ Performance: +0 Religion: +5 ◆ Society: +4 ◆ Stealth: +7 ◆ Survival: +0 Thievery: +7 ◆   Attacks MELEE RANGE Shortsword, Agile, Finesse, Versatile S ◆, +7 1d6+4 P (+1d6 Sneak Attack) Sickle, Agile, Finesse, Trip ◆, +7 1d4+4 S (+1d6 Sneak Attack) Throwing Knife, Agile, Finesse, Thrown 20 ft ◆, +7 1d4+4 P (+1d6 Sneak Attack) Fist, Agile, Finesse, Nonlethal, Unarmed ◆, +7 1d4+4 B (+1d6 Sneak Attack) Throwing Knife, Agile, Finesse, Thrown 20 ft ◆, +7 1d4+4 P (+1d6 Sneak Attack)       Inventory Platinum Gold   Silver Copper 0 0   5 9 Weapons & Armor     Leather Armor Shortsword, Sickle, Throwing Knife (x3) Adventuring Gear Worn Stowed Backpack, Caltrops, Clothing (Explorer's), Flint & Steel, Healer's Tools, Thieves' Tools, Waterskin   Climbing Kit, Lantern (Bull's Eye), Oil (x4), Playing Cards, Rations (x1)   Current Bulk: 2.8 Encumbered: 5.0 Maximum:  10.0
  14. Zenovia 'The cards show you only what is possible of your Destiny. You must grasp it... if you think you can.'   Level: 1 Class: Magus Future Archetype: Psychic Background: Teacher's Pet Height: 6 ft. 3in. Weight: 177 lbs Eyes: Yellow Skin: Green Hair: Black Race: Half-Orc Gender: Female Age: 28 Abilities Ability | Modifier STR: 18 | +4 DEX: 12 | +1 CON: 12 | +1 INT: 16 | +3 WIS: 10 | +0 CHA: 10 | +0 Hit Points: 17 Armor Class: 18 Size: Medium Speed: 25 ft (30 Cascade) Perception: +3 ◆◆ Fort Save: +6 ◆◆ Ref Save: +4 ◆ Will Save: +5 ◆◆     Abilities Ancestry  Human Heritage Half-Orc Background On the Payroll Ancestry Features Low-Light Vision   Class Features Arcane Cascade | Conflux Spells | Hybrid Study (Laughing Shadow)| Spellstrike Feats Additional Lore (Background Feat, "Teacher's Pet", Lv. 1) - Your knowledge has expanded to encompass a new field. Choose an additional Lore skill subcategory [Lore (Harrow)]. You become trained in it. At 3rd, 7th, and 15th levels, you gain an additional skill increase you can apply only to the chosen Lore subcategory. Familiar (Class Feat, Natural Ambition, Lv. 1) - You make a pact with a creature that serves you and assists your spellcasting. You gain a familiar. Orc Weapon Familiarity (Ancestry Feat, Lv. 1) - In combat, you favor the brutal weapons that are traditional for your orc ancestors. You are trained with the falchion and greataxe. In addition, you gain access to all uncommon orc weapons. For the purpose of determining your proficiency, martial orc weapons are simple weapons and advanced orc weapons are martial weapons. Skills  Trained: ◆ | Expert: ◆◆ | Master: ◆◆◆ | Legendary: ◆◆◆◆ Acrobatics: +1 Arcana: +6 ◆ Athletics: +7 ◆ Crafting: +3 Deception: +0 Diplomacy: +3 ◆ Intimidation: +3 ◆ Lore (Harrow): +6 ◆ Lore (Academia): +6 ◆ Medicine: +0 Nature: +0 Occultism: +6 ◆ Performance: +0 Religion: +3 ◆ Society: +3 ◆ Stealth: +1 Survival: +0 Thievery: +1 Attacks Orc Necksplitter, Forceful, Sweep ◆, +7 1d8+4 S Guisarme, Reach, Trip ◆, +7 1d10+4 S Fist, Agile, Finesse, Nonlethal, Unarmed ◆, +7 1d4+4 B Inventory Platinum Gold   Silver Copper 0 0   1 5 Weapons & Armor Orc Necksplitter Guisarme Breastplate Wooden Shield Adventuring Gear Worn Stowed Backpack   Bedroll, Flint and Steel, Rope, Chalk (10), Rations (2), Soap, Waterskin, Harrow Deck   Current Bulk: 5.4 Encumbered: 9.0 Maximum:  14.0 Spellbook and Prepared Spells (Note: Spells marked in bold have been prepared; the () next to each level indicates available daily slots) Cantrip (4) Brine Dragon Bile, Detect Magic, Ghost Sound, Gouging Claw, Mage Hand, Message, Shield, Telekinetic Projectile 1st (1) Briny Bolt, Shocking Grasp, Tether, True Strike Background WIP... Still in progress, but bullet points I'm leaving for myself: - Zenovia is a member of a Varisian caravan - Theirs is a caravan (name TBD) that is granted a very, VERY rare privilege: to travel among the orcish tribes of the Hold of Belkzen west of Ustalav, and to leave again with their lives. More amazing still, they do this somewhat regularly. Very few know for certain how this miraculous ability came about, but it can almost certainly be traced to one obvious fact: many of the caravan members have visible orc blood, and have both descendants and living kin within the Hold itself. They do a brisk trade of goods and gossip with the inhabitants of Ungir, Freedom Town, , and gain both the occasional Orc with a touch of wanderlust... and even more occasionally, a new caravan-child or two. Or three. Additionally, the caravan itself is a fair bit tougher and more intimidating than the average Family caravan; where most Families rely on blending in, seeming outwardly non-threatening and easygoing, they instead carry weapons openly and in intimidating fashion, and display savage muscles and toothy frowns that successfully dissuade all but the most desperate bandits and wild beasts on the road. They also speak flowing Varisian and Orcish with ease, and often blend the two together into a strange lingual dance that somehow can manage to sound both terrifying and irresistibly exotic and alluring at the same time. - Zenovia: TBD parental lineage. Someone of importance in the Hold, and one parent is a member of the caravan. Their relationship is tempestuous enough that they need LOTS of time apart, but they just can't help returning to one another every time the Family stops for a bit in the Hold. - Zenovia: Things she's done in her lifetime. She's respected as a skilled Harrow sage and is the apprentice of the caravan's most respected elder in such matters. She is training Zenovia to one day take over her duties as both a fortune-teller and a spiritual guide for the caravan. Managed to somehow impress a brine dragon that sought to attack the Hold after it had been summoned by an unskilled orcish sorcerer for an honor duel; Zenovia convinced it not to make strife, but sought parley instead. The non-native creature taught her a unique style of water-magic before departing, though not without declaring that Zenovia is now one of its "subjects." Link to Lorrimor It was a most unusual night that saw Zenovia and Professor Lorrimor cross paths, and indeed, perhaps the most curious lecture that the Professor had ever given; for it took place not in the warm and well-lit mahogany lecture halls of the University of Lepidstadt, but instead a makeshift classroom beneath the open stars, ringed by Varisian wagons, and not a podium but a rickety wooden crate to stand upon. The arrangement was an odd but agreeable one: in exchange for shelter and a fire and food for the evening, the traveling (though somewhat waylaid, on account of a horse with a light sprain) scholar gave the caravan of entertainers and free spirits a lecture on Varisian culture in Ustalav. He got a few details wrong, certainly, which the Family was all too happy to correct him on here and there, laughing all the while, and the Professor took the remarks in good humor. But then came a young child, green-skinned and sharp-toothed, who seemed so serious and scowling, her voice cutting over the chuckles and ending them; for the Professor had made light of the Harrow, and that was something that in her eyes was no laughing matter. The lecture ended shortly thereafter, with reassurances from many that all was well - and with that end, Lorrimor sought out the young child who had been so protective of the Cards. Shaking her head and muttering, a young Zenovia proceeded to give an elementary lesson of her own, this one on the nature of the Harrow and of fortunes and Fate. Professor Lorrimor was astounded by the child's scholarly depth and great respect for the Varisian cultural touchstones laid out before him; they talked late into the night, and he took detailed notes on all she was prepared to share. The caravan and Lorrimor parted ways the next morning. But Zenovia managed to find her path crossing Lorrimor's frequently in the months and years from then on - sometimes by chance, oftentimes by deliberate consultation of the Professor's published speaking engagements; but always, claimed Zenovia, it was down to Fate. And every single time, she listened with rapt attention to the myriad subjects the Professor expounded upon, taking quiet note in her mind and heart, locking away the knowledge... for what purpose, even she herself did not know. But she sought after it all the same. She would do a reading, after each "fated" meeting. The cards' message would be different every time. On their final reading, the Future revealed the Snakebite, the Fiend, and the Dance. She explained that there was a great difficulty coming: one that would bring many different sorts of people together, due to a tragedy... and if they could not find a way to join their myriad strengths and skills, skills that threatened to oppose even one the other, there would be suffering untold. "It's just a way of looking at the world, and what you must do," Zenovia explained hastily, with unease that she tried her best to hide. "Don't take it literally - you always take it so literally. Just... dwell on what the cards tell you. Their meaning will become clear. But... I'm sure everything will be fine." They parted with cheer, and Zenovia put the foreboding draw behind her... until seven days later, when she learned that Professor Lorrimor had suddenly died. She has not consulted the cards ever since. Perhaps she fears what they next might tell. Appearance and Personality WIP    
  15.  Under Construction To do: lots Overview First Impressions: Jevrin Sepetdlav is a large Human of Varisian ancestry. Background: WIP Personality: TBD Compact Mechanics Jevrin Sepetdlav Human (Beastkin) Monk 1 Perception +4 | Speed 25 AC 17 | Fortitude +7 | Reflex +7 | Will +6    
  16. Overview Vahl Marmam First Impressions: Vahl Marmam is a Human of mixed Varisian and Ulfen ancestry. He's of about average height with a sturdy build and boyish good looks. He carries himself like a warrior and carries an oversized sword, but he also has a way of putting people at ease. He favors colorful clothes with fur trim, but he's obviously not wealthy enough to own anything truly fine. Background: The son of a blacksmith, Vahl's earliest memory is the first time he picked up a sword - just to help out in the workshop - and knowing that this was something important, something he was meant to be doing. He became obsessed with swords, even though they were a minor part of a village blacksmith's work, and after a few years his father gave up all hope of apprenticing him as a blacksmith and sent him off to train with the town guard. Every time he sparred, he sensed...something, just out of reach. Like he was close to realizing something vitally important. As his skill increased, he started to understand that, for him, those moments of intense life-and-death struggle were a pathway to grasping some hidden, ultimate Truth of reality. He began to push himself harder, seek out more challenging opponents, dance closer to the edge of death in the pursuit of elusive enlightenment. Someone who is always seeking out fights is not cut out to be a town guard, so he became a wandering blade-slinger: mercenary, bodyguard, and occasionally assassin. He doesn't relish killing, but he's not squeamish about it, either, and the eternal quest for cosmic wisdom doesn't pay the bills. This is how he came into contact with Petros Lorrimor: Lorrimor needed some extra muscle, and Vahl needed the work. But what impressed Lorrimor the most about this mercenary was not his skill with the blade, but his enthusiasm for esoteric lore and the occult. They remained in touch and Vahl has worked for him on several occasions. Personality: Vahl has what almost seems like a split personality. Most of the time, he's friendly, curious, easy-going, and sometimes a bit absent-minded and naïve. Above all, he's a seeker of Truth and is always eager to learn more about different faiths, traditions of magic, and theories about the cosmos. When the prospect of a battle presents itself, he becomes intensely focused and attentive. He approaches swordfighting with the kind of rapture most people reserve for religious devotion, bardic performances, and true love. Compact Mechanics Vahl Marmam CN Human Oracle 1 Perception +3 | Speed 30 | Conditions none AC 17 | Fortitude +4 | Reflex +4 | Will +5 | hp 17/17 Bastard sword +6 (two-hand d12) 1d8+3 slashing AncestrySize: Medium Traits: Human, Humanoid Heritage: Versatile Ancestry Feats 1 Natural Skill 1 General Training (Multilingual) 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 | Archetypeplanning for duelist 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 | BackgroundOn the Payroll (worked as a bodyguard for Lorrimor) Skill and General Feats 1 Fleet (from Background) 1 Incredible Initiative (from Versatile Heritage) 1 Multilingual (from General Training Ancestry Feat) 2 (skill) 3 (general) 4 (skill) 6 (skill) 7 (general) 8 (skill) 10 (skill) 11 (general) 12 (skill) 14 (skill) 15 (general 16 (skill) 18 (skill) 19 (general) 20 (skill) | ClassMystery: Battle Trained in medium and heavy armor, martial swords Feats 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 | EquipmentArmor scale mail Weapons bastard sword short sword gauntlet Other gear adventurer's pack | Skills+1 Acrobatics (U) +4 Arcana (T) +6 Athletics (T) +4 Crafting (T) +3 Deception (U) +6 Diplomacy (T) +3 Intimidation (U) +4 Lore: Warfare (T) +0 Medicine (U) +3 Nature (T) +4 Occultism (T) +3 Performance (U) +3 Religion (T) +4 Society (T) +1 Stealth (U) +0 Survival (U) +1 Thievery (U) Languages: Common, Dwarven, Skald, Varisian | SpellsDC 16, +6 attack Cantrips Detect Magic Guidance Light Read Aura Shield (from mystery) Stabilize 1st Level (Slots 2/2) Heal Magic Weapon REVELATION SPELLS Focus 2/2 Call to Arms Weapon Surge Curse of the Hero's Burden Current Level: 0 Effects: n/a Expanded Mechanics Vahl Marmam CN Human (Versatile) Oracle (Battle) 1 [Human, Humanoid] Perception +3 | Speed 30 | Conditions none AC 17 (scale mail) | Fortitude +4 | Reflex +4 | Will +5 | hp 17/17 Attacks Bastard sword +6 (two-hand d12) 1d8+3 slashing Gauntlet +6 (agile, free-hand) 1d4+3 bludgeoning Short sword +6 (agile, finesse, versatile S) 1d6+3 piercing Spellcasting DC 16, +6 attack Cantrips Detect Magic, Guidance, Light, Read Aura, Shield, Stabilize 1st Level (Slots 2/2) Heal, Magic Weapon Focus Spells (Focus 2/2) Call to Arms, Weapon Surge Notable Feats Incredible Initiative Skills Acrobatics +1, Arcana +4, Athletics +3, Crafting +4, Lore (Warfare) +4, Medicine +0, Nature +3, Occultism +4, Performance +3, Religion +3, Society +4, Stealth +1, Survival +0, Thievery +1 Abilities Str +3, Dex +1, Con +1, Int +1, Wis +0, Cha +3 Languages Common, Dwarven, Skald, Varisian Equipment adventurer's pack Load 5, encumbered 8, max carry 13 Money 5gp, 2sp
  17.   Full disclosure, it's been several years since I played any RPGs. Last time I played was during Pathfinder 1e, so I'm very new to the 2e system (this is actually my first build with it). I find the notion of a necro-gothy sorcerer who keeps trying to convince himself he's neither gothy nor necro amusing as heck ("I'm just your average magic guy. Nothing graveyard-y to see here. Pay no attention to the care packages from the local wights with that 'welcome to the family' card...."). And since I'd just statted him up in 1e, it seemed like a reasonable learning opportunity to try a 2e conversion. Hopefully it's not an utter mess.   Sheet: Zagian Theem Background: Zagian grew up in the shadow of his older sister. Ziggellia was a prodigy of New Thassilon's wizardly traditions, while Zagian never could wrap his brain around the complex preternatural theorems to spell casting. When he came of age, he signed on with a merchant ship and announced he was leaving to seek his fortune (and also, let's be honest, get away from the constant, disappointed glares of his wizard parents).  Zig insisted on working her magics on her little brother before he left. Zag had to take his sister at her word that the intricate runes would protect him from the dangers of the wider world; other than how quickly the tattoos healed, he didn't feel any more magical than before. Until the night of a terrible storm on the waves, when one of the tattoos sparked.  Rather than keep him safe, though, the spell craft seemed to call to the roiling thunder. The small arc of electricity from his flesh met its larger, deadlier cousin crashing down from the clouds. A bolt of lighting struck the ship's deck. Zag should have died. He did die, though his corpse showed no signs of burns. After the storm, the crew couldn't revive him. They wrapped him up to return him to the sea.  Then he woke up.  The superstitious sailors welcomed Zag's choice to abandon the vessel as he searched for answers to his inexplicable return past the final boundary of life. Remembering the sailors' thinly-veiled unease, Zag kept his resurrection to himself, especially when he began to manifest small physical changes (how does hair turn purple overnight!?) and mysterious magical abilities -- though he still couldn't make heads or tails of a spellbook.  He risked exposure when he heard the reputation of Petros Lorrimor. He subjected himself to the professor's inspection and tests, and corresponded with him when the professor moved on to other active projects. The last letter he got from the professor only deepened the ambient dread Zag felt since that day he woke wrapped in burlap on a ship's deck. In that last letter, the professor suggested that just because Zag didn't stay dead might not mean he actually came back to life...  
  18. Build Notes Strength key Dwarven Weapon Prof -> Warhammer as simple prof. Off-hand Clan Dagger + sneak Ideally flanking + Twin Feint, warhammer for setup, clan dagger for sneak attack 3rd action will be for RK, movement, shove/trip (MAP...), feint/diversion/etc. Need to look into ranged options
  19. Ustalav Lore is a pretty broad choice but I won't disallow it. As a reminder to folks that the opening post does have a link to my Discord server. As it will be the main way I communicate ooc I encourage all applicants to jump on, as I will more readily be able to answer questions and help develop character apps there, and part of my selection and review process will be on there as well
  20. I had a hallowed necromancer in this campaign years ago but the game never got very far. I'd love to convert her to PF2e and see if I could get the same sort of build in the end.
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