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Missions - Open Recruiting

For Mission GMs

Any player can run a mission at the Realm Folded Tavern! For missions that you create, you are the "Mission GM": the RFT moderators are not involved in running your adventure. You will need to recruit a party from the pool of Approved Characters here at the Realm Folded Tavern.

To begin recruitment, create a thread advertising your mission here. Please include the following information in your advertisement:

  • A description of the mission, including relevant details such as the duties to be performed, the setting/world, the employer's identity, etc
  • Number of characters you want
  • The appropriate level range for applicants
  • Any restrictions or expectations you want your party to meet (e.g., alignment restrictions, what skills may be useful, etc.)

You may also want to include an IC introduction to set the scene. In the Realm Folded Tavern, mission advertisements appear on a Mission Board, and adventurers who frequent the Tavern looking for work will sign up to participate, so most missions will need to be set up to work with this kind of recruitment hook.

You are free to accept or reject characters as you see fit, and players are expected to respect your decisions. Once you have gathered your players, the moderators can either close your advertisement thread or convert it into an "Active Mission" thread for you (whichever you prefer).

We offer incentives for those who run successful missions at the Realm Folded Tavern, so be sure to check that out.

For Players

To apply to an open mission on this board, simply post in-character on the thread, showing your character applying to the mission. Make sure to include your stat block (or at least a link to your character sheet). Also make sure that your character is in the appropriate level range for the mission.

The mission GM will decide which applicants to accept on the mission. Please respect their decisions.

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