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This is the place where players will create and maintain their knaves.

Please read the following section before you Start a New Topic and create a thread to create a knave.

How to Create a Knave

Knave Creation Rules

  • You can not create a knave if you already have one with an Active status. You will need to Retire that knave before you can create a new knave (more details about that to come).
  • You can not create a knave with the same Race (Subrace)/Class/Background/Drive combination as a knave that has the Active or Retired status on the Knave Directory. If a knave has the Deceased status, then you can create a knave with that combination.
  • Knaves are accepted into the campaign on a first come, first serve basis once submitted for review and approved. Take a look at the knaves being created by other players when you are creating your knave to make sure your combination is different (or if it is the same, that you submit your knave first).
  • A knave can only be submitted for review if all 12 of the previous steps have been completed (including making all choices for those steps). If your knave is reviewed and determined to be incomplete, you will be provided a list of steps you must do in order to complete your knave. Once you have finished those steps you may resubmit your knave for review.
  • Start a New Topic in this game forum and make the Title follow this format before you submit them for review: Your Knave's Name - Race (Subrace)/Class/Background/Drive
  • You are free to design your knave's character sheet any way you please.
  • All starting equipment from your knave's Class and Background is shoddy quality.

Knave Creation Steps

  1. Determine Ability Scores by rolling 4d4+2 six times and assigning the results to the ability scores of your choosing.
  2. Choose a Race.
  3. Choose a Class.
  4. Choose a Background.
  5. Choose a Drive.
  6. Choose Skill Specialties and Bonus Knowledge, if any.
  7. Choose Brawl Moves.
  8. Purchase Equipment, but it can only be shoddy quality (1/10th the cost).
  9. Name your knave, choose an Alignment, and provide a brief description of their Personality and Appearance.
  10. Provide an image of your knave that will be used to make a token of them.
  11. Misdeeds are not determined now because they will be revealed once your knave starts the campaign, so you can skip this step.
  12. Provide a brief Backstory, but don't worry about this too much, because you can alter it when you learn your misdeeds and fill in the blanks as the campaign progresses, so less is more.
  13. Submit your knave for review by labeling your thread with a "completed" tag and mentioning me @jokomaisu so I'll know you're done.

How to Advance a Knave

Knave Advancement Rules

A knave advances to the next level once they have completed a number of jobs equal to their current level. It does not matter if the job was a success, a failure, or somewhere in between. As long as a knave survives to the end of a job, it counts as a completed job for them.

Current Level Total Number of Jobs Completed to Advance to the Next Level
1 1
2 3
3 6
4 10
5 15
6 21
6+ 27


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