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Ensign Karin Sorenstam, Human Communications Officer


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Born: April 11, 2351, Federation Embassy, ShiKahr, Vulcan (legally considered to have been born on Earth)

Personality: Karin is, despite her upbringing on Vulcan, a warm and empathetic young woman, always eager to learn the interests and hobbies of others. She believes that even as a Starfleet officer, her first obligation is to uphold the values of the Federation, most prominently those of peaceful cooperation and a sense of discovery and adventure. The galaxy may be full of dangers, but a danger is often a friend you haven't gotten to know yet. She firmly believes that diplomacy, trust, and understanding can be more powerful than an armada of battlecruisers, and intends to live up to those ideals during her time in service.

First Posting: Karin is due for assignment aboard the U.S.S. Stagg, a Nova-class science vessel intended to conduct survey missions and reinforce diplomatic ties along the Neutral Zone.



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