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Help in developing characters.


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Character Creation Guide for "Ethereal Odyssey - The Polarodduhss Paradox"

Step 1: Conceptualize Your Character

  • Think about the kind of character you want to play.
  • What's their background? What faction are they aligned with, if any?

Step 2: Choose a Class

  • Refer to Starfinder's class options.
  • Some classes may have restrictions or unique traits based on the setting (provide details if applicable).

Step 3: Ability Scores

  • Use Starfinder's standard point-buy system (or whichever method you prefer).

Step 4: Choose a Race

  • The only sentient race in this universe is humanity, but you can be a post-human, android, or a human-android hybrid.
  • Certain racial traits may be adjusted to fit the setting.
  • But if you're feeling particularly quirky, why not use starfinder races and say they are some post-human/android/posthuman android 'race'? 😁
  • Here's how you could expand this third option:

    Step 4: Choose a Race further hints on the 'quirky' 😜

    • Option 1: Human – The original sentient species from which all others were created or modified.

    • Option 2: Post-Human/Android/Hybrid – Human-derived species and androids that have been modified to such an extent that they represent a new 'race.'

    • Option 3: Starfinder Race as Template (The Quirk 🥸😛) – Feeling adventurous? Choose a race from the Starfinder rulebook and explain it as a unique form of post-human, android, or hybrid. For example, a "Kasatha" could be a post-human modified for multi-armed dexterity, or a "Shirren" could be a human-android hybrid with enhanced communication abilities.


Step 5: Background & Faction

  • Choose a background for your character. How did they end up as a pioneer on Pioneer's Hope?
  • Decide if your character is aligned with any of the existing factions or neutral.

Step 6: Skills & Feats

  • Refer to Starfinder for skill and feat options.
  • Some skills or feats may be adjusted, restricted, or expanded based on the setting (provide details if applicable).

Step 7: Equipment

  • You will begin with a standard equipment package plus an additional sum of Terran Credits.
  • The equipment list will be based on Starfinder's list, modified to fit the campaign's economy.

Step 8: Personality & Goals

  • Think about your character's personality traits, ideals, bonds, and flaws.
  • What are their short-term and long-term goals?

Step 9: Create a Backstory

  • Write a brief backstory for your character. This will help the GM understand your character's motivations and integrate them into the story.

Step 10: Review with Moi

  • Once you've completed steps 1-9, submit your character for review to ensure it fits within the campaign's lore and setting.
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14 minutes ago, artsmythe said:

@Odeoron, I would be interested in playing a character in your story, but I didn't know where to post a character sheet. I am currently entertaining the idea of an android scholar technomancer. Would this be acceptable? I will flesh it out if it is permitted.

Hi, you can join my discord server that i have announced on the overview. --> https://www.myth-weavers.com/index.php?/clubs/933-ethereal-odyssey-the-polarodduhss-paradox/&do=overview

Also, heh, the confusion of the new aspect of Myth-Weavers got me too.
Here: https://www.myth-weavers.com/index.php?app=sheets&module=sheets&controller=view&id=388

I have this in the tabs of the game, it is essentially, i think, a place to upload and store character sheets apart from the main game table section?


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13 minutes ago, artsmythe said:

Is Discord mandatory for playing in the game or is it simply to allow you and the players to chat OOC? I have played some M-W games in the past that involved Discord, but I am not a fan.

Not mandatory, is just to chat so that i don't need to create an ooc thread here, the game will be played in the gaming table with first segment "The Arrival" already created.

It is easier for me to chat and offer advice and also have out of game chat...

This is where the game will begin after all have finished their sheets:

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