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Blue Seven -- Android Pilot Designate

Mild Scribe

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[Vital Data Summary]


[Character Sheet]



NAME: Blue Seven

RACE: Android

FACSIMILE: Humanoid F-Type


CLASS: Technomancer

ARCHETYPE: Racer / Data Jockey

THEME: Ace Pilot

ROLE: Pilot / Science Officer

CONCEPT: Old Body, New Life

BACKGROUND: Terraformer





As an android Blue is of ancient manufacture but remains eternally in the form of a young human woman of not quite twenty standard years. Most can identify her properly from the gleaming golden circuits of her eye units and the junctures at the back of her neck. Other circuit lines are prominent down her spine and on her extremities, while others activate when she is jacked into a system or using magic. Exceptionally athletic her body is lean and toned, though periodically marked by the occasional scar from injuries Blue does not remember.

Though her body may be ancient Blue herself has just passed two years since her last renewal following a starship crash on the planet Entha and is still figuring out things about herself. Officially each android that undergoes renewal becomes a new person with a new soul but Blue and the iterations before her have always disagreed with this orthodox, viewing renewal as a regeneration of the soul that allows it to take on new perspectives. As such Blue feels uncommonly connected to her prior iterations, particularly the mistakes her immediate predecessor Six made that resulted in her death. Thus Blue has become a very serious, studious, and cautious person, detail oriented and rather happy to hide beneath the 'emotionless android' stereotype.

Or at least on the surface. In the privacy of her own time and space she has several infosphere idents that are considerably more outgoing. While androids are born mature Blue is still young enough that much of the universe is a wonder to her and she enjoys trying and learning new things immensely. She has a deep love of music, an extensive collection, and is even a fair hand at it herself. And while Blue never laughs in public she is fast becoming infamous for her deadpan serious humor, routine noting that those who do not make the departure time will be incinerated by engine exhaust.


Blue is not her name. If the android who answers to it had a proper name it would be 20XX-B an unknown manufacturer number stamped into her hide centuries ago. Which manufacturer cannot be determined for while Blue herself is only two years old 20XX-B has a history running clear back to the Gap and has undergone the process of renewal seven times. She has been a free android, a slave, a revolutionary, a successful trader, a mercenary and more. Blue does not remember this directly, but each iteration of herself has kept a journal of their life to pass on to their descendants.

Blue Seven's life so far has been strongly shaped by her immediate predecessor. An independent starship captain Six worked the scattered drift lanes of the Vast. Six filled the diary with planets and people they 'docked' with, from the Pact Worlds to the Azlanti Star Empire. Yet if Six had a passion for adventure and passionate living, she had rather less of a head for business. Not that running cargoes for people who needed them faster or to more dangerous locales wasn't lucrative, the repairs this entailed and Six's own propensity for cause trouble led to the ship slowly bleeding money. Repairs and maintenance were put off, then put off again, crew left and by the end only small not remained while Six had integrated herself into many systems to replace crew she could no longer afford to pay. Towards the end she took steady work hauling supplies to Entha for the EJ corporation, unglamorous work but slowly getting the ship in order.

Until the day something went wrong in the upper atmosphere. Six went down with her ship and did not survive. Blue was born in the EJ corporate infirmary on Entha.

Renewal is a complicated process for androids, ideally a voluntary process done in a safe setting and preceded by considerable preparation. In the aftermath of a starship crash was rather far from that. Many androids leave something for their successors and Six like the others before her had not been entirely remiss in this, yet there was also the matter of a lost starship and cargo undelivered. The insurance was current but between damages, depreciation, and assorted legal wrangling the young Blue had little left when it was all done. So Blue came to work for the EJ corporation terraforming operation on Entha until she could recertify certain credentials. Finally after two years she has the BD514 as her first real gig of her new life.


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HP: 9 ST: 8 RES:5 EAC: 14 KAC: 15


Str: 17 Dex: 18 Con: 17

Int: 18 Wis: 13 Cha: 12

Fort: +3 Ref: +4 Will: +3


Computer +8, Culture +8, Engineering +8,

Mysticism +5, Perception +5, Ph. Science +8,

Piloting +9, Profession (musician) +5


Constructed, Flat Affect

Infosphere Integration, Upgrade Slot


Skill SynergyAdd Culture and Perception as Class Skills,


  • Level 0: Detect Magic, Holographic Interface, Omnitool, Token Spell
  • Level 1: Comprehend Languages, Magic Missile


  • Datajack
  • Explorer Series MicropadComputer: Tier I, Mini II, Range II, Self-Charging
  • Variable String Resonator "V-taur"Musical Instrument (Basic) resembling a guitar mixed with a magical staff capable of electronically reproducing a wide array of musical sounds.
  • Toolkits: Engineering, Hacking, Musical
  • Azimuth Laser Pistol
  • Tactical Baton 
  • Stationwear Flight Suit
  • Spare Battery
  • CREDITS: 5 remaining


  • Not a literal journal but a personal data archive of simple text files and occaisonal other media scribed by Blue's previous six lives. It is a deeply personal record, light on larger galactic history but heavy on personal impressions of places and people across known space. Of generally little interest to anyone except Blue who never gets tired of reading of her prior iterations in her spare time. Blue as her predecessors did routinely creates back ups in the Infosphere or other archival sources incase something happens to her own copies. [Secure Data: Specific]
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  • EJ Corp: Blue owes the company her life but there's little love lost there since they charged her "appropriately" for every bit of assistance. She isn't precisely resentful of this, as her previous iteration was very much at fault for the crash, but considers Evgeniya-Jaimisson no more then a temporary stopover.
  • Shan: Blue owes the Brenneri a great personal debt since it was Shan who recovered Blue past life journal from the crash wreckage. During Blue's time on Entha they became friends and drinking buddies. She appreciates the Brenneri's passion for helping others, but worries it will get her into trouble some day.
  • Six: The common moniker for Blue's prior iteration, Six was an independent starship captain and a rare outgoing and charismatic android. Which seems to have given her a particular propensity for getting into trouble. A life of jilted lovers, unpaid bar tabs, and swashbuckling hijinks fascinates Blue to read about and know what sort of life she once lived, but cleaning up the mess has dampened any desire to repeat that. As the most recent iteration before Blue she still runs into people that knew Six and recognize the iterations shared face.
  • Other Past Lives: Blue is still getting to know her more distant iterations through their sections of the journal. Some lived better lives and some worse, all of them seem to have spent considerable time on starships often pilots but sometimes in other roles. Blue has records of all their lives but wonders about what might not have survived in the record either being lost in the endless series or copies and backups or simply not recorded by her prior iterations.
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