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Chapter 2 - First Hunt


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Kek Finds a Few Recipes

Kek manages to find a handful of alchemical recipes. With a little help from Flick or Tsimrin on the road, he should have them translated and added to his own book in a day or two:

  • Prey MutagenRare | Alchemical | Consumable | Elixir | Mutagen | Polymorph
    Price: 4 gp
    Bulk: L
    Usage: held in 1 hand

    A mixture of fey blood and rare ingredients give you incredible speed but also cause you to become particularly attractive to predators.

    Benefit You gain a status bonus to your speed and are able to use the following reaction:
    Timely Dodge Trigger You are targeted by a Strike; Effect You dart aside, gaining a circumstance bonus to AC, then Step after the Strike resolves.

    Drawback The range at which creatures can detect you with scent or tremorsense doubles. Animals and beasts gain a +2 circumstance bonus to attack rolls against you.

    You gain a +10 status bonus to your Speed and gain a +1 circumstance bonus to AC when using Timely Dodge. The duration is 1 minute.
    AP 194
  • Deep Blood VaccineUnique | Alchemical | Consumable | Elixir | Healing
    Price: 6 gp
    Bulk: L
    Usage: held in 1 hand

    Grants a creature immunity to a specific strain of Ooze Blood Infection of a level equal to or less than the vaccine's level, and a +2 item bonus on all saving throws against other strains of the same disease. For example, a vaccine could grant immunity to ooze blood infection created by Nabara and Anad, but would only grant a +2 saving throw bonus ooze blood infection crafted independently by someone else.

    The duration is permanent.
    Crafting Requirements Creating a vaccine requires a sample of the disease in question.
    Special A vaccine is the same rarity as the disease it’s designed to prevent, or as the creature who inflicts the disease if the disease itself doesn’t list a rarity.
  • Excellent Bottled VimRare | Alchemical | Consumable | Elixir
    Price: 3 gp
    Bulk: L
    Usage: held in 1 hand

    A dose of this slightly fizzy, pale-pink tonic vitalizes the body and bolsters the spirit, bringing those suffering from aches and pains brought on by illness some temporary respite. For 8 hours after drinking this elixir, reduce the value of one of the following conditions you're suffering by 1: clumsy, drained, enfeebled, or sickened. A condition whose value is reduced to 0 is not removed; after 8 hours, the condition returns to its original value, unless its duration expired or it was removed by another means.
    Misc. Adventures
  • Black Smear PoisonAlchemical |Consumable | Injury |Poison
    Price: 5 gp
    Bulk: L
    Usage: held, 2 hands

    Many calignis use a debilitating poison crafted from subterranean fungi.

    Saving Throw DC 16 Fortitude; Maximum Duration 6 rounds; Stage 1 1d6 poison and enfeebled 1 (1 round); Stage 2 As stage 1; Stage 3 1d6 poison, and enfeebled 2 (1 round)

    Activate 2 actions Interact

I could not find Kek's formulae on his character sheet. With the alchemical crafting feat, he should have a formula book with 4 common rank 1 formulae, plus the anti acid salve.

More Books

With Flick and Tsimrin's help, the adventurers assemble a pile of books that should be manageable to carry back to town. These include:

  • books on other planes
  • a large book on The Mud - a wet region of the plane of earth
  • history of the goblinoid home world
  • catalogues of flora and fauna found deep underground (as the Deep Blood were apparently very rarely found on the surface)
  • a couple books on building into and around stalagmites and stalactites
  • several religious texts about Swarm, Heshbelu, and The Carrion Court
  • some maps of the major goblinoid clans and holds on their old world
  • one book of poems written in praise of the beauty of a bugbear woman who was famously ill all the time with flu and colds and many parasites
  • books on cultivating giant mushrooms
  • two books on carpentry with hard mycelium
  • a book on stone carving
  • two books on goblin art
  • one book of erotic goblin art
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Chelia Gremaris Elven Fighter 2

HP: 28/28 | AC: 19 (20 with shield) | speed: 30 | hero: 1/1

Perception: +7 | Fort: +7 | Ref: +7 | Will: +5

conditions: none


"It's getting late," Chelia said as she looked at the pile of books, "we best stay here tonight and head back tomorrow. We should be pretty safe here now all the weird stuff is taken care off."



exploration activity: scouting (gives a +2 to initiative)

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