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Dax Thura

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On the old site I was the Venture-Agent for the Myth-Weavers Pathfinder Society and we could have multiple games ran by multiple people under one heading. Each GM could advertise their own game.

I am once again the Venture-Agent and, on the new site, it looks like each advertisement is linked to one game that can have multiple topics, but only the Owner can advertise and then they can only advertise the overarching game.


While I would much prefer the ability to advertise each scenario/adventure separate from the others, my major concern is for the future. When the time comes for me to step down, will the Society have to open a new game to advertise or make other changes?

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On the new site, the preferred structure would be to run each game run separately, connected using the Community feature:



With 5e Adventurers' League, there is an overarching game that serves as the main hub, and it has an open continuous advertisement; each game still has the ability to independently advertise as needed.


As far as GMs having the ability to set the advertising status, that's a good idea and I will put it on the feature queue.

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