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PFS 8-22 Wrath of the Fleshwarped Queen| OOC

Dax Thura

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I tried to drag and drop a JPG into the Google doc, but got the following error message:

"Images were not inserted into the document. You must be signed in to upload images."

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The last chronicle applied to Aurensar was GM credit from 2018, so Sheila can apparently hold quite the grudge.

Before we leave, Aurensar would like to purchase:

  • Scroll of Mage Armor x2
  • Scroll of Obscuring Mist
  • Scroll of Comprehend Languages
  • Scroll of Speak Local Language (Aurensar speaks Shoanti, but is not a diplomat)
  • Scroll of Crafter's Fortune (in case the Shoanti would be impressed by weaponsmithing skills)
  • Scroll of Ant Haul
  • Scroll Case x2
  • Trail Rations x6

Total 180gp, and adds 7lbs (bringing load to 90 lbs)

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@Dax Thura Are we allowed to Take 10 on the Knowledge checks?


Also, for my fellow players: I’m having a blast roleplaying Prilika as a source of party tension, but please let me know if anything I write starts to annoy the players rather than the characters.  I feel like things are going great, but just want to make sure the lines of communication are open.  Thanks!

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Aurensar gets an automatic Perception check (at total bonus of +6) when passing within 10' of "underground environmental hazards, including traps, potential cave-ins, and dangerous flora." Just in case Prilika misses something, or if the issue isn't in stonework.

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19 hours ago, Dax Thura said:

Yes. Those are the maps that I will reveal as needed. The top one has a place to place your tokens to be used as needed.

1 hour ago, Starhawk said:

Sorry, I am not seeing a tactical map.. just a map of Varisia. Am I missing something?

I think you're talking past each other. As I understand it, we've got the GM saying "yes, that's where the map will be when it becomes relevant" and the player saying "how's the room we're in laid out if we need to fight Julian?"


Also, PF1 goblins. It'd be more of a surprise if they weren't burned, possibly by literal friendly fire.

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