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A Romp in the Snow


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Was it +4 amulet? I thought it was +2.


Anyways, this is going to be confusing. Do we take the gold, knowing that the WBL will most likely even out at some point or do we give it up just to adhere to it?


My thought is to take it as we wont always have large payouts, thus the WBL will even out. Just a random thought of someone half asleep though.

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There was a +2 Charisma Cloak, but it was definitely a +4 amulet.




Peripet of Wisdom +4

Masterworked Heavy Mace

+1 Morningstar


+1 Mace

Masterworked Breastplate

+1 Steel Shield



Masterworked Mace

+1 Mithril Chainshirt of Twilight

+2 Cloak of Charisma


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We try to keep everybody close to WBL, because there was a time when we were seeing players apply to missions at the same level, but with twofold or greater wealth disparity, because some mission DMs were overly generous with rewards and others were overly stingy. We fielded a bunch of complaints about that, so I lobbied for a standardized reward system to prevent it from happening again.

I don't usually even give out loot in my missions: I just award a standard gold amount based on WBL. A lot of players would love for us to do more loot and less standardization, so I don't know what to do anymore.

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This is an instance of a very generous DM vs. RFT rules.

Since this goes way past WBL and I can repost certain rules here, but we all know where to find them by now, how about a compromise? A Gold to XP conversion?

Once the loot is out of the bag, it's hard to pull it back in without it ruining a lot. As PR graciously dumped a large amount of very expensive equipment upon us, ain't none of our characters are going to say "Yep. No thanks! I'll take my 2 cp and be on the way!" when faced with a mountain of gold. Last I checked, none are saints or paladins with the vow of poverty on their sheets. But, if that gold was converted to XP, then you are capable of fixing the WBL issue and gets us a little higher in level. That would only leave the Periapt of Wisdom +4 that Faeryl earned fair and square and even solves that issue as well.


Also, I don't recommend this for every instance. It's just that this came in awkward and seems fair.


@Blue Jay @Faeryl_ @paladinred


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Well, considering I already spent a large portion of the money, I say leave things as is. Then again, I also don't see it as that huge of a deal. Take that how you will.

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