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Is this working properly?

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Did a rather complicated roll (post is here). Unless I'm missing something it doesn't seem to parse.

First, there are 31 rolls. With 4d6 rolled 4 times it seems like there should be 24 -- 26 because there were two 1s to be re-rolled.

The dice were reported as: 6,5,4,5,5,6,5,5,5,6,4,4,4,6,2,1,3,2,3,3,4,1,6,3,4,6,6,2,3,3,4

Tallied as: 16. 16. 14. 10, 16, 10

The rule was: Heroic Stats:repeat(drop(reroll(4d6,1,below),lowest),6)

Breaking it down, it looks like it should be:

6,5,4,5 = 16

5,6,5,5 = 16

5,6,4,4 = 15

4,6,2,1,3 = 13

2,3,3,4 =10

1,6,3,4,6 = 16

6,2,3,3,4 = left over?

Am I not interpreting the results properly?


I did another experiment to see if maybe leaving out a value for the continue was the culprit:

roll:drop(reroll(4d6,1,below,6),lowest) => 4,1,2,2,4,5 => 11

which again seems like too many dice.

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I'll have to dig into the logs to see what's going on. I agree with your assessment that something is not interacting correctly. I'm not sure if that's a display issue (same dice getting reported multiple times in the result) or a calculation issue (too many dice being requested by some step) without a few more reams of forensics 😀

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OK, I've dug at the logs and confirmed the dice result is correct, but the compilation of rolled dice is not. The issue appears to be what happens in the keep/drop function when the dice are sorted. More to follow, but you can trust the result is accurate.

Update: Found the specific cause. When a reroll is involved within a sorting-type function, there are potentially more rolls in the compiled result set than the sort is trying to replace. I removed the attempted in-place sort since it can't always be meaningful.

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