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Arbereth, daughter of Firithros, emissary of the Woodland Realm


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Culture: Elf of Mirkwood
Standard of Living: FrugalThe Elves of Mirkwood consider themselves under siege at all times, and dedicate much of their wealth to their defence.
Cultural blessing: Folk of the dusk
Lifepath: Slender
Calling: Messenger
Shadow path: Wandering-Madness
Distinctive features: Cunning, Keen-eyed, Folk-Lore, [Strider]



Strength Heart Wits
4 (TN 16) 4 (TN 16) 6 (TN 14)


Common Skills:

Awe: ▣☐☐ Enhearten: ☐☐☐ Persuade: ☐☐☐
Athletics: ▣▣☐ Travel: ▣▣☐ Stealth: ▣▣▣
Awareness: ▣▣☐ Insight: ▣▣☐ Scan: ▣▣☐
Hunting: ▣▣☐ Healing: ▣☐☐ Explore: ▣☐☐
Song: ▣▣☐ Courtesy: ▣▣☐ Riddle: ▣▣☐
Craft: ▣☐☐ Battle: ▣☐☐ Lore: ▣▣▣



Weapon: Skill: Damage: Edge: Injury: Load:
Bow ▣▣☐ 3 10 16 2
Short sword ▣☐☐ 3 10 16 1


Rewards & Virtues:

Rewards Virtues
Fell bow Mastery



Total XP: 0 Unspent XP: 0 Total APs: 0 Unspent APs: 0
Wisdom: 1 Valour: 1 Hope: 12/12 Shadow: 0
Parry: 21 Endurance: 20/20 Load: 9 Fatigue: 0
Conditions: ☐ Weary ☐ Miserable ☐ Wounded
War gear: Leather corselet Bow Short sword
Useful items: Old tome    
Treasure: 0 MountNone Fellowship: 1 Shadow scars: 0
Refuge: Halls of the Elvenking Fellowship focus: N/A Patron: N/A  


Starting XP allocation

Starting XP: +10

Strider mode: +5


Travel 0 to 2: -3

Courtesy 0 to 2: -3

Insight 0 to 2: -3

Riddle 0 to 2: -3

Lore 2 to 3: -3

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You were born in the dusk of these Fading Years, under the twilight of your peoples, of whom few now remain in the East. You grew up in the shadow of your father and your mother, who were emissaries and ambassadors. They made frequent journeys to Lake-Town and beyond, at times in the king's company, and at others alone. You yearned to walk in their footsteps, and to follow that tradition, but that was forbidden for you: for you were deemed too precious to risk in these times of waning.

But things have changed of late, and many perils have now perished. The Free Folk are gathering again in strength in many places, and even your folk rejoice under the boughs of Mirkwood, setting foot to where they did not dare before. Things seem brighter, and there is a world of possibilities beyond the borders of your realm.

Permission has been granted to you to journey a little further, and to seek your folk in Esgaroth and convey a message. Perhaps after this task is completed, and if it goes well, further horizons will be unlocked to you.

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