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This is for questions and clarifications for Setting Information on the Skies Between. 
Please restrict your questions to these areas.

This is an actual physical place in the Skies Between than can be visited,
any in character interactions that happen in this thread may or may not have
occured. There is no requirement to ask questions in character.
Clare the Librarian

Tspacer.pnghe librarian of the Athenaeum of the Skies walks around the collection of books contained within. She being the most knowledgable of the current staff frequents the help desk to provide answers as best she can find and make sure the listings are properly updated to contain the answers.


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31 minutes ago, madcaster said:

Where would a forest ranger/guide/hunter do his job in the Skies Between before becoming a member of Ground Patrol? Any forests around Holstaed or Trine Illume, or are there masses specifically for wood and quarry?

There are many dedicated masses specifically for wood, the mines would typically be the sources for stone / metals - but there would be small quarries on most masses that have rock just to prevent excessive shipping relocation. 


A forest ranger / guide / hunter could easily have lived on Holstaed and travelled to one of the nearby untamed / wild masses to forage / hunt and provide good for Holstaed and others. Additionally on could have lived on a dedicated skyship to that practice that travels between untamed masses and the trading centers on a schedule.

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6 hours ago, SirLoganofGilead said:

Would there be any sort of organized crime?  Anything setting specific? 

Sky Banditry would be fairly organized. At least for each individual pirate group, the larger ones would have fingers onto the larger masses to fence / offload goods.


The Lower crust would have multiple gangs for most masses, not too many would be cross mass gang unless there was a close conference of masses.


Skies Between and the Upper Crust is more white collar crime.

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On 10/16/2022 at 1:17 AM, Arcticus said:

What would a soldier background be doing before he joined the Sky Patrol? I'm considering either that or a sailor background.

Soldier background could have been a local volunteer militia member of a mass before joining- or could be a soldier from an actual unit (dicharged / quit / disgraced / being diciplined / on loan)

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