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War of the Dragons

There no dedicated volumes in the Athenaeum to the War of the Dragon. It is only mentioned in passing in contemporary history volumes and only briefly touched on in modern schooling. A summary of these findings is at follows:

  • The war consisted of the "Civilized Race" - the majority of these are currently living in the Skies Between - on one side with the "Dragons" and the 'uncivilized races' on the other side.
  • The war lasted longer than 500 years, but the exact period is contested between sources as is the event triggering the start of the war.
  • The war was fought on the surface in the skies below and much of the arable land was destroyed by the end of the war.
  • All accounts agree that the war was ended by the "Last Magus" who unleashed a cataclysmic effect on the world that ended the war and created the lower and upper crusts while also creating and relocating all of the civilized races to the "First Mass" 


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Era of the Skies

The Era of the Skies has a fairly decently recorded history and many volumes detailing the events and happenings of this age. Much of the original books however are only kept in the Palace of the First Mass and copies were rarely produced. What is taught and distributed about this era is less than a standard history volume in size and the salient points of what is standardly taught on this era outside of visiting the Palace of the First Mass is as follows:

  • This era lasted 433 years and was an unprecedented period of peace and cooperation.
  • The Last Magus led the people of the Skies through almost 100 years of the era before passing the leadership down to his grandson.
  • This period was a burst of rediscovery and exploration and rapid growth of the remnants of the civilized races.
  • The Last Magus had always held exploration being a key thing to regrowth, but cautioned about delving too deep or too high into the lower and upper crusts.
  • This rule became more and more lax as the descendants of the Last Magus forgot the cautionary reminder.
  • The Era was brought to an abrupt end when the piercing of the lower crust triggered the first incursion from the skies below.


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The Shattering

Following the First Incursion and the peoples of the Skies barely turning back the dragon led forces the Civilized races realized that the 'solution' of the Last Magus was only temporary and had only separated and weakened the dragon's and the uncivilized races.

  • Period of time when the first mass was split into smaller masses as the civilized races and ideologies split after discovering the cataclysm didn't destroy but only 'imprisoned' the dragons and their banners. 
  • Disagreement on how to proceed with the dragon threat with differing banners raised to reflect their ideology and borders drawn between the masses
  • Open multiple way war between the ideologies began and lasted for this entire period
    • Banner of the Dove (try to negotiate with the Dragons)
    • Banner of the Knight (protect the people and don't delve the lower or upper crust. Stay the current course)
    • Banner of the Dragon (Dragons! Mostly hated by all as they wanted to align with the force that was only known to want to destroy)
    • Banner of the Serpent (Delve the lower skies for riches and gain, study the dragons for use and manipulation)
    • Banner of the Skies (Ignore the lower skies and look to the skies between and explore into the skies above)
  • History isn't clear on which banner 'won' officially, each one claiming they were the first to make it to the skies above, in any case the shattering ended when the veil of the skies above was breached and the first "sun-kissed" returned.
  • The first of the sun-kissed shone almost as bright as the sun and made compacts and concessions between all of the different banners marking the official end of the shattering 


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Era of the Sun Kissed

It is the Quatercentenary in the Era of the Sun Kissed (400 ESK) and from all history texts this Golden Age will continue for another 400 years at minimum. 

  • The first explorers to breach the veil into the skies above discovered something high in those skies that changed them forever and returned almost as bright as the sun.
  • This mutated them to be a shining representative of their respective races and became known as "sun-kissed" members of the race.
  • These traits are passed down by blood and the addition boons gained from it led to the sun-kissed members quickly becoming the leaders of the masses.
  • When the compact was completed some migration from the skies below was tentatively allowed and some of the 'uncivilised' races walk the skies between.
  • Due to the immense magical radiation in the skies above only the sun-kissed tend to live above the upper crust with many nobility or high status people moving in to the upper crust.
  • The Temple of the Sun as a place of meditation in the upper crust where many of the sun-kissed gather to run the governmental functions of the skies between.
  • The Sun-kissed don't live any longer than the normal representative of their race and as the generations passed the new 'rulers' became less and less aware of the desires of the people and more focused on their own.
  • Soon mines and penal colonies were set-up in the lower crust to force mining and materials to be produced for the wants of the upper crust.
  • Life in the skies between for most didn't change, however there did seem to be a finer line to walk when dealing with those from the upper stratas.


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