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The Skies Between

Cultural Collections


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Cultures at a Glance:

  • The Sun Kissed
  • People of the Skies Between
  • People of the Lower Crust
  • Inhabitants of the Skies Below


Civilized Races at a Glance:

  • Marsupials
  • Lagomorphs
  • Primates
  • Equines
  • Musteloids
  • Avians


Uncivilized Races at a Glance:

  • Rodents
  • Felines
  • Canids
  • Sauropods
  • Insectids
  • Draconids
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Cultures at a Glance

The Sun Kissed

The majority of the inhabitants of the upper crust are the sun kissed. Paragons of the civilized races the sun kissed have abilities beyond the normal member of their race. Those who are sun kissed have been changed by the intense mana that pours off the solar wind from the sun in the Skies Above. With lack of cloud cover this mana scours buildings, people and plants alike, most of the time this over saturation of mana is lethal but the sun kissed lines appear to have discovered a method to introduce the mutation without serious side effects. 


Sun Kissed are treated with respect, and they have learned to expect it. Many privileges' are awarded to the sun kissed by default as the status alone implies they belong to a family of wealth and connections.


Playing as a Sun Kissed

For a Player to Play as a sun kissed the following Foci is to be used to replace the 'free choice' foci.

Sun Kissed:

You have been touched by the solar winds of the skies above and survived changed. You no longer require sleep, but may benefit from it, but instead require to bathe in sunlight to feel truly rested. The needed time to bathe in sunlight varies depending on the depth from the Skies Above. Additionally you may expend some of your sunlight to produce and manipulate light around you, minor effects of prestidigitation take no charge. You may use this ability once per scene and may not use the ability again unless sufficient charging time has occurred between scenes.


People of the Skies Between

The people of the skies between vary significantly based on profession and location, the majority of the population is split between the rural and the city dwellers. The city dwellers tend to be the industrial driven workforce of the refineries, the savvy merchants of the shops and the aspiring governmental workers. The rural folk are the miners, farmers and herders who sustain the ability of the realm to continue to eat and be clothed. While both sides acknowledge to some degree the importance of the other there are still biases and stereotypes between them.

People of the Lower Crust

The people of the lower crust are considered by many the dregs of society, the outcasts and failures who couldn't or would not rise to the task and elevate themselves to the higher skies. While this was true for a time this hasn't been the case for many years. The lower crust feel the heel of the skies above them more firmly than any and draw the kinds of people who would want larger change and other idealists. These people are the survivors, the dreamers and the downcast - while many still turn to illegal methods of sustaining themselves others try to find more legal ways to change the system. 

Inhabitants of the Skies Below

Not much is known about how those who live in the Skies Below are, rumors and second hand accounts from the immigrants tell tales of living on dark masses trying to eke a living while hiding from the dragons that round up inhabitants and force them into their armies. 


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Author's Note on Races of the Skies Between

The following list of civilized and uncivilized races do not reflect the authors belief on what kind of race should be considered "civilized" or not. This is purely based on the prevailing opinion of the powers that be in the skies between and the general feeling of the population. Generally the races that sided with the Dragons in the War of the Dragons are considered "uncivilized" even should there be outliers of the sentiment. 


Additionally the races are divided into general type groups, there are many 'subraces' within these general labels with specific names or cultural names for a subrace. Many postulate that there is no actual division of races as the majority of the races are capable of crossbreeding with the others, but others still remain purists to a cultural race.


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Civilized Races at a Glance


spacer.pngspacer.pngThe Marsupial category covers a significant variation of subraces, most notably are the wide variations in skin (or fur) coloration. Many of the subraces have extra appendages like tails, horns, antenna. Marsupials are some of the most adaptable of the races and many adapt to the specific climate or area they are living in within a few generations.


Marsupials are generally considered as lazy by the rest of the races, mainly because they are more willing to go along with changes and move with the flow of the terrain and lands. As such they fill many of the soft roles in society, farmers, crafters, washers, clothers, artisans, hunters and guides. With the wide variety many of them have more of an adventuring streak and seek excitement. 


Common Marsupial Subraces: Firbolg, Tiefling, Lashunta

Playing a Marsupial Paragon

For a Player to Play as a Racial Paragon the following Origin Focus is to be used to replace the 'free choice' foci.

Marsupial Paragon:

Your strain of ancestry and adaptation to the lands around you where you grew up shape you in some way. Pick one of the following abilities depending on the mass you grew up on and your parents:

  • Dark Vision, gain Sneak as a free skill
  • Fire Resistance, gain Exert as a free skill
  • Cold Resistance, gain Exert as a free skill
  • Limited Telepathy, gain Connect as a free skill
  • If any additional racial features are desired discuss with GM



spacer.pngspacer.pngThe Lagomorph category is mostly made up of smaller than human 'average' size subraces who thrive in living along side nature. Most lagomorph subraces are prized for their long lives and even headed calm outlook on life and their place in the skies. Some of the oldest Lagomorphs can claim to have been born shortly after the Dragon wars and their long lives lead to them tending to make decisions based on long term impacts. It is rumoured that Lagomorphs used to have shorter lives than every race but that changed at some point during the Dragon Wars.


Many Lagomorphs lean toward the academic or druidic studies with their long life span they take a more measured approach toward learning and many of the historians, librarians, professors and teachers are lagomorphs. Many other prefer to delve into the nature of the Skies between and fund expeditions to explore the far reaches of the skies to study the fauna and flora.


Common Lagomorph Subraces: Halfling, Elf, Samsaran

Playing a Lagomorph Paragon

For a Player to Play as a Racial Paragon the following Origin Focus is to be used to replace the 'free choice' foci.

Lagomorph Paragon:

A Lagomorph's long expected lifespan lends them to have a more measured approach on life, exceptional members of the race internalise this viewpoint from birth and maintain it through their lives. Gain Know as a bonus skill and +1 wisdom modifier to a maximum of +2.


spacer.pngspacer.pngThe Primate category covers many of the most abundant of the races in the skies between, while the Humans make up the majority of the population the other subraces have their own enclaves. The primates as a whole enjoy mingling with the other races of the skies between, constantly curious and pushing the boundaries primates drive forward many of the innovations that spread through the skies between.


Innovator, explorer, mingle, bonder. Primates meld with the other races to do fill gaps in their community while trying to find what is new, what can be improved and what thing is next. Many primates lean toward being explorers of the skies or inventors working alongside some of the musteloids to develop more industry.


Common Primate Subraces: Human, Vanara, Goliath

Playing a Primate Paragon

For a Player to Play as a Racial Paragon the following Origin Focus is to be used to replace the 'free choice' foci.

Primate Paragon:

You have spent an inordinate amount of time bonding with your family group, talking to other races and mingling with the peoples of the skies between and it has come naturally to you. Many of their customs and skills have rubbed off on you and you have picked up some relevant skills from your experiences. Gain Connect and a Free pick skill as bonus skills. 


spacer.pngThe Equines category covers a multitude a multitude of hooved peoples who all claim common ancestry to the great centaur subrace who has gone extinct in the skies between since the Dragon Wars. Most of the equines remaining now are bipedal unlike the quadruped centaurs of the past who fought valiantly against the Dragons and their kin. Equines are very proud of their heritage and the role their line played in the conflict. The herds of the equine intermix with all the different equine subraces and other civilized races, strongly believing that the herd is stronger when cohesion is strong. 


The Equines are typically the larger of the civilized races with the majority following after the minotaur subraces size and posture. As such they form the bulk of the enforcer and military role. Many herds focus on being the defenders of their group and gravitate toward that role in society. Satyrs and the smaller subraces gravitate toward supporting their larger cousins.


Common Equine Subraces: Centaur (Extinct), Minotaur, Satyr, Geitlan

Playing an Equine Paragon

For a Player to Play as a Racial Paragon the following Origin Focus is to be used to replace the 'free choice' foci.

Equine Paragon:

Your bloodline is traceable back to the centaur warriors who stood hoof to hoof against the Dragons and pushed them back. You are stronger in muscle and constitution than your cousins. Increase your strength and constitution modifiers by +1 to a maximum of +2 and decrease your intelligence modifier by 1 for a minimum of -2.


spacer.pngspacer.pngThe Musteloid category covers a range of subraces which are mostly nocturnal by nature, industrial focused and generally considered ill mannered. Many of these subraces prefer to live inside the masses and try to avoid the sun itself for their own reasons. As a result it is extremely rare to see a Sun Kissed Musteloid.


The Musteloids have been instrumental in putting civilization back together following the end of the Dragon Wars on the masses in the Skies Between. Pointing to almost any invention, machine, device or building and there likely were many Musteloids involved in its construction, design and manufacture. 


Common Musteloid Subraces: Dwarf, Gnome, Duergar

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For a Player to Play as a Racial Paragon the following Origin Focus is to be used to replace the 'free choice' foci.

Musteloids Paragon:

From a young age you held a tool, an implement in your hands, and it felt good. You are more industrious than others of your kin, gain craft as a bonus skill and +1 intelligence modifier to a maximum of +2.


spacer.pngTspacer.pnghe Avian racial category covers a myriad of bird like peoples, while the majority of them are unable of flight the paragons of this race have shown the aptitude. These peoples have divided themselves politically into various flocks sorted mostly by plumage and coloration. These people tends to have more aptitude toward flying professions and many a Skyship has an Avian navigator or captain.


Avian's get some distrust from the other 'civilized' races as they are the only civilized race that lays eggs like the Sauropods, Insectids and Draconids. Avian's find mention of their roosts and eggs improper beyond close friendships and even familial ties in some cases and brawls have broken out over perceived insults in these regards. 


Common Avian Subraces: Kenku, Tengu, Harpy, Aarakocra, Strix

Playing an Avian Paragon

For a Player to Play as a Racial Paragon the following Origin Focus is to be used to replace the 'free choice' foci.

Avian Paragon:

Your feathers and wings have grown stronger than your peers allowing them to bare you aloft in the skies. You have the ability to fly for short distances and remain mobile in the air from point to point, you are not skilled enough to hover in place, you may stay airborne for two turns before needing to land. You cannot fly while encumbered or while wearing heavy armor. As you level you gain additional experience with your flight and these options may be expanded.

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Uncivilized Races at a Glance

Not much is known about the uncivilized races in their 'natural' habitat. Those that have migrated to the Lower Crust and the Skies Between tend to be refugees of some variety and while many look down on them it is not the role of a scholar to comment on their position other than to say they appear to be as civilized as the rest of the races and only separated by circumstance in the Dragon Wars. With their more recent appearance migrating upward there have been no recorded Sun Kissed members of these groups, additionally no 'Paragons' of the races have been observed. It is conjectured that the refugees fleeing the rule of the Dragons are the disloyal and weak members of the races outcast from whatever society the Dragons have made for themselves below. The following general opinions of the public have been collated and are in no way representative of the opinions of the Athenaeum of the Skies. 


Rodents are seen as shifty folk, small, large, and inbetween those subraces in this category are considered fairly quick to speak and act and their life spans are shorter than average.


Common Rodent Subraces: Golbin, Hobgoblin, Ratfolk


Felines are seen as thieves in most settings, traders in others. Most consider them to be fickle of mind, agreement and word. Loose with promises and more focused on what is good for them only.

Common Feline Subraces: Tabaxi, Catfolk, Lionids


Canids while only recently being encountered have been lauded for their loyalty, devotion to a cause and prowess in combat. Canids strive for attention and conflict and have been observed going out of their way to achieve it.


Common Canid Subraces: Orc, Bugbear


Unlike the other races the sauropods share with the Dragonkin cold blooded traits and with that they are looked on with significant suspicion. Even with the suspicion there is a large range of subraces that fall under the Sauropod category and some of the less dragon appearing ones are looked upon more favorably.


Common Rodent Subraces: Lizardfolk, Tortle, Kobold


The insect races are rarely seen, many of the different races are part of a swarm or minor hive mind and looked upon as spies in the Skies between still conected to the hive below, even if they claim to be outcasted. Non-hive / swarm insects are still treated in a similar manor. 


Common Rodent Subraces: Kreen, Shirren, Haan


None of the Dragonkin or Dragons have migrated through the lower crust, or if they have migrated they have not been recorded, monitored, seen or noted. Nothing is known about these races apart from their general appearance and their role in the Dragon Wars as the instigators of the war.


Common Rodent Subraces: Dragons, Dragonkin

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