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Malger Soulshared

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@Sohala I knew Bloodlines were under mod review, but I didn’t know how the voting would go. They’re now gone.

Can I suggest a hellbred celestial instead?

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Official comments:

  • Can you list what your flaws do on your sheet? I’ve not memorized them yet.
  • You seem to be short 3hp, which could be related to bullet #1.
  • I count 6x4 + 4+ 6 = 34 skill points, +6 from INT = 40 + 3 from Nymph’s kiss, = 43.
  • Where do the bonuses to bluff, diplomacy, and intimidate come from? I see +6 from beguiling influence, +2 from nymph’s kiss, and +2 to intimidate from infernal mien…that leaves us with +8 bluff, +8 diplomacy, and +10 intimidate? How far do synergy bonuses take you?

Unoffical 2cp:

  • No weapons at all? That could be tough. Got a plan for DR?
  • Why enforcer? Can you even do non-lethal damage?
  • Concept-wise, a lost soul is a flavorful idea. Mechanically, this character has the potential to be super annoying. Ultra-powerful charisma skills can either break mods, which irritates some GMs. Or the effects can simply be hand-waved away, which can irritate the player. Just be careful here.
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Flaws and traits copied from thread to sheet.
Quick accounts for the missing HP.

Ranger= 6+1*4 = 28+1 = 29
Dragonfire Adept= 4+2 = 6
Swordsage= 6+2 = 8
You forgot the skill points from Int and Nymph's Kiss.

Beguiling Influence +6
Nymph's Kiss +2
Infernal Mien +2
Bluff synergy +2

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I apologize for pulling the trigger too soon on my reply.

The plan is to 'punch' things, headbutt things, or burn them.

Well, I wanted a less than standard action option for demoralization. Then I learned unarmed can freely be lethal or non-lethal with IUS... The concept just clicked in my head after that... It also leans towards good with the ability to capture instead of always killing. That idea was a bit better with the Witchborn Binder's anti-magic cuffs, but that ended up not worth it.

Diplomacy gets synergy from Sense Motive and Bluff for another +4.

The individual pieces did result in rather stacked social skills, there is no denying that. He ended up a bit more social than the original plan, though I do think I enjoy the final results more. He floats between a well-to-do socialite and a brute. I also figure they will help considering his appearance.

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Ok, this is complex, but it all checks out. Thanks for being patient.

If you want something with manacles, check out the Justicar PrC.


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The various other classes designed for non-lethal, capture, and tracking seemed to detract from the core too much to support. We will have to see how well the base holds up over time.

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