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Elusya Eventide

Postprocessed AI Art, Microsoft Copilot using Dall-E3 on own prompt. Click for original.

Name Elusya Eventide | Campaign Forgotten Realms | Race Tiefling | Variation Devil's Tongue | Setting Forgotten Realms | Alignment True Good | Class Warlock 3 | Background Acolyte | Patron Deity Mystra | Origin Athtakla , Amn | Sources Player's Handbook, Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide, Xanathar's Guide to Everything

Physical Stats

Race Tiefling | Variant Player's Handbook | Height 5' 7" / 170cm | Weight 136 lbs. 61 kg | Eyes Blue Glowing | Skin Black Blue | Hair Raven | Special Marks goat-like horns, massive rat-like tail

Brief Background

Elusya is one of the few knights within Mystra's armed order. As a young woman with a strong connection to the various planes of existence in the multiverse the Weave is true foundation of Elusya's reality. Magic is the one true art, even though Elusya is not an artist, she devoted her life to its kind goddess.

Elusya's parents were outstanding powerful creatures of evil, her father a cambion and son the Glasya, her mother a witch who created a pact with hell in his strife for fame. Elusya was born in the battlefield of intrigues that was Athkatla. Despite her parents' evil, Elusya's childhood was happy, for her parents genuinly loved each other and they did love their daughter. When Elusya was 10 years old, her parents stumbled over an ambitious intrigue, they were both banished and persist as Furies in Hell. Elusya was taken in by the Order of Tyr and confined cloisters for the next ten years of her life. There she learned the way of chivalrous conduct.

Inspired by a mentor, a wizard-priest of Mystra, who oftentimes visited her discuss the planes of existence and her special case, Elusya requested to convert to the faith of Mystra. Her wish was granted when she was twenty. After two more years, she was knighted. She continued to accompany her mentor for several more months, but now that he settled down in Candlekeep, she is free and on her own, for the first time in her life.

Full Background

Elusya is as close to hell as a tiefling can be. She is a granddaughter of Glasya, and thus, a great-granddaughter of Asmodeus. She was born in Athkatla of Amn.

Her father, Glavelir, was himself the son of Glasya and a human paladin from a different world, who unwittingly saved Glasya's from Asmodeus' punishment and saved the Archduchess of Hell whilst she was wearing the guise of an innocent maiden. Glasya hid her son from competing devils by sending him up to the material plane. When he came of age, he spent years adventuring to acquire souls Glasya's name. He was already rooted firmly in Athkatla's underworld when he stepped up to become her envoy in the City of Coin. His presence was balanced by deals with other outsider factions, and restraint by agreements and contracts that filled numerous volumes, but his presence did give Glasya an edge in Athkatla.

Elusya's mother, Zureyvi, was born to a to family of struggling farmers. Her ambition was to overcome the humiliation of her low birth, become the greatest and most glorious of showgirls, inspire millions and make them despair with love. She fled her home to join a circus at the age of sixteen but could hardly keep up with those who were born amongst the travelling folk. Given the opportunity, she instantly made a pact with Fierna, to acquire the powerful magic that would set her apart from all others.

By the time Glavelir and Zureyvi met, she was only twenty-eight, but she had become an outstandingly powerful witch, renown for her adventures, while her betrayals, lies, and the souls she dragged with her to hell remained her secret. Her name echoed through the streets of Athkatla and only the wealthy could afford to watch her sing or dance, engulfed in magic.

Glavelir knew of the source of Zureyvi's power, but still captivated by her like everyone else. It took him a great deal of courting and veiled innuendos to be finally allowed to meet the charming dark witch. He opened doors to the most illustrious parts of Amns society for her, including the Council of Five, which was something that she could not have achieved by her popularity with the broad masses. They both benefited by being seen at each other's side. However, while they had chosen evil, they had at least a partly mortal heart. They fell in love and married. The ostensible reason was that they could thus exploit a loophole in Zureyvi's existing pact: Fierna could not claim the daughter-in-law of another archduchess, and Glasya offered the better deal. In truth, Zureyvi just wanted to be with the galant half-devil, even creatures of darkness find their soul mates sometimes.

Elusya was born a year thereafter. Her parents loved, cherished, and guarded their little girl. When Elusya was ten years old, her Zureyvi performed a ritual to become a devil. While it did technically involve her death, it was instant and painless, at least far as Zureyvi herself was concerned, not so much for the many zealous followers of Zureyvi, who willingly sacrificed themselves for their beloved idol. A shroud of magic engulfed the warlock, and when it faded, she was an Erinyes, with all her memories and abilities intact, her soul bound to that of her husband.

Inconveniently, rivalling devils and agents of heaven anticipated this moment and infiltrated the ceremony and a detachment of Tyr's knights stood ready to be teleported in. In the moment of weakness after her reformation, the heavenly host charged, and Zureyvi was instantly banished to hell. Glavelir was taken prisoner and executed, because he had violated his contracts by his attempt to summon a devil permanently into the mortal realm. Due the bond in their souls and the influence of Glasya, he also reformed in hell, as a fellow Erinyes by the side of his wife. Elusya was but a little girl, she knew of the transformation her mother would go through but had no grasp of what it implied. Her mother was to be granted wings, which was befitting, for in the little girl's eyes, her mother was already an angel (even though the opposite was true). Luckily, she was captured by the clergy of Tyr, and not the followers of Asmodeus, Fierna or Dispater, who all wanted to get their hands on her.

Elusya was taken to a temple of Tyr in Waterdeep. Investigation of her soul showed no sign of evil, she was in fact surprisingly mindful of the needs of others; a result of the way her parents had shielded her from their own evil. They had wanted a free and healthy development for their daughter. Even so, due to her heritage, she was not allowed to leave the temple, but trained as an acolyte. Elusya did take the separation from her parents extremely hard and became became very rebellious. Twice she tried to flee which only led to her more thorough incarceration.

The priests of Tyr were at an impasse at this point. Elusya was effectively punished for sins that she might conduct in the future, but the way they treated her were in fact inclined to facilitate such sins. She had been born with a soul that was tied to hell and Elusya refused to renounce her ties to her parents. The little girl was at times loud and disobedient, but apart from that in many ways more pious than willing acolytes of the temple. She did not lie or steal or blame others for her faults. Ever. Her refusal to renounce hell would have been a sin if the motivation had not been genuine love.

Ruchon, a priest of Mystra, who had personally travelled the planes, was brought in to talk to the girl. The serious, but friendly, middle-aged wizard had long conversations with Elusya, often behind closed doors. He showed her by means of illusions the nature of things, told Elusya about her family heritage in a way that fascinated the young girl. He told her about the conflicts, into which she was born, and why she had to pick a side. The real reason Elusya listened to him neverbecame known to the clergy of Tyr: He allowed her to talk to Zureyvi, by calling the Erinyes with a temporary summon spell.

Thus, even though she did not renounce her ties to her parents, she committed to her training and never tried to flee again. By the age of 17, she plead for permission to convert and join to the clergy of Mystra; as a good creature with a legacy of of evil, she felt she could do more good as an envoy between the planes and her affiliation with the kind goddess, whose attitude often reminded her of the side she had known of her mother, was stronger than that with of a guardian of justice.

By the age of twenty she was permitted to convert and spent most of the following two years answering the questions of curious scholars, whilst she was barely able to maintain her level of training. At the age of twenty-two, she was elevated into the rank of a Knightly Guardian and assigned to travel alongside Ruchon. She continued to learn from him and protected him from material threats - not that he needed her protection, it is customary to assign junior guardians to senior wizards. After they had travelled a couple of months, the ageing Ruchon became exhausted and decided to write his experience down and live a cloistered life in Candlekeep. For the first time in her life, Elusya was allowed to take some time, to acclimate to life outside the cloisters without the guidance of an elder.


Token, Sheet and Log Portrait Images



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Amyriel Summerbreeze

Amyriel Summerbreeze Full View
AI Art, Nightcafe.studio, Dreamshaper XL Lightning, own prompt

Name Amyriel Summerbreeze | Setting Forgotten Realms | Alignment Chaotic Good | Class Druid 2 (level-up to 3 pending) | Background Courtier| Patron Deity The Summer Court | Origin Evermeet | Sources Player's Handbook

Physical Stats

Race Elf | Variant Sun Elf (using Wood Elf rules) | Height 6' / 182cm | Weight 128 lbs. / 58 kg | Eyes Green | Skin Gold | Hair Hazel | Age 325

Brief Background (rewrite pending)

Amyriel had already played the game of life and won when she entered the Neverwinter Forest. She was in her fourth century and had come to fade away.

When she entered, she decided to leave all though behind. Not only to live in the moment, she had enjoyed decades of hedonism before, but because the intellect merely weighed simply wouldn't serve her any longer.

The forest was beautiful. Several seasons passed. She survived and still enjoyed its beauty. Then she found herself confronted with the greatest beauty of all. A fey. And she looked sceptically back Amyriel.

“You’re beautiful. I want to be with you,” Amyriel said. She hadn’t spoken in a while. Speaking without thinking at all proved hard.

“What makes you think you deserve me?” the creature – a nymph – wondered. The ‘not thinking’ part wasn’t quite working, Amyriel was still drawing on a remainder of intellect, but she felt sufficiently liberated by its burden.

“I don’t.” More than Amyriel’s words, her expression gave her puzzlement away. She tried her best to align her feelings with words. “I though, I came here to die. Then I left my thoughts behind and chased beauty and I found a lot of it. Then I found you, or rather, you presented yourself to me. I would like to… spend time with you and play games.”

“You mean sex,” the fey remarked dismissively.

Amyriel started to be a bit frustrated with her inability to express herself. She was merely being honest: “Yes, but not with each other.”

“Why not?” It almost seemed like the nymph was pouting over the response, but with an ironic undertone.

That was a silly question. “That would be greedy, not beautiful. Chasing beauty isn't about consumption, it's... harmony... it's about learning to see and being in harmony. I take what I need, I give what I can share, I enjoy, I don't interfere... does that make any sense?”

The nymph thought about this for a while and then relaxed a bit. “That's also why you aren't blind yet. You would be if there was greed in your heart. You do realise we’ve been playing for three years now?”

“No,” Amyriel admitted openly and first intended to end there. However, her mind wasn’t gone altogether and caught up. “You stole my things when I bathed. You made me stumble and laughed when I fell. You goaded me to run into a pack a wolf in the first winter.”

“Are you angry?” the tone of the fey became exceedingly cheeky.

“No! My things were chains that tied me to a life I left behind. I was relieved. It hurt when you made trip with your spells, but this way, I noticed the mushrooms and the berries, and I avoided places were… ugly. Not meant for me. As for the wolves… I was so scared when they ran towards me and encircled me and when I heard your laughter, I thought you were out to kill me this time, but I remembered where to find prey richer prey and managed to convince the wolf to go after the deer instead. And they took care of me, helped me survive the winter.”

“You’re beautiful, too,” the nymph admitted. “You can call me Nephexia. Let’s play!” The fey jumped up and ran away. Amyriel laughed and ran after her.

They became friends. It wasn't going to last forever, as nothing ever does. But chances are, it will last for a couple of centuries. 'Druid', people from outside the forest call her. That's not wrong but missing the point. She's only playing, chasing, and thus spreading beauty, and making fun of those who get greedy. That she happens to fit the description of druid is but a side effect.

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Zephyra Tanar'ri

AI art, Microsoft Copilot using Dall-E3, own prompt - click here for original.

Name Zephyra Tanar'ri | Setting Forgotten Realms | Alignment Chaotic Good | Class Cleric [Graves] 8 | Background Courtier| Patron Deity Sehanine Moonbow | Origin The Abyss | Sources Player's Handbook, Swordcoast Adventurer's Guide (Winged Tiefling), Xanathar's Guide to Everything (Grave Domain), Tasha's Cauldron of Everything (Racial Attribute Score Customisation)

Story Stats

Race Cambion | Variant Moon-Elf Mother & Balor Father | Height 5' 9" / 1.75 m | Weight 117 lbs. / 53 kg | Eyes homogeneous blue-grey | Skin pale beige | Hair charcoal | Age 812 | Special Features "Breath of Titanium Wrath" living armor symbiont, bat wings

(She has the experience of a level one character, seven levels represent racial hit dice. For game rule stats see character sheet and log.)

Background Overview

Note: This is all just fluff to explain the background story below. I expect none of this to ever matter in-game.


Titanium Wrath (true name unknown) - Balor Demon Lord, composed of rebelling pieces of titanium, forced into a singular smooth shape by demonic hatred. He loves wrecking things with sophisticated weapons. His temple is created from blasted pieces of enchanted armor and broken machines rather than skulls.

Moonlight Sparkle - Primal Elf, soul of Zephyra's mother in the Arvandor by the side of Sehanine Moonbow and Corellon Larethian. Her mind doesn't remember Zephyra, but her heart does. As any bearer of an elven soul, she will eventually be separated from her gods and be thrown back to be reborn in the real world. In her last life she was Tenuriel Featherfall, the High Priestess of Sehanine Moonbows clergy.

Their Story - 813 years ago, an army of Titanium Wrath sieged Silverymoon. Tenuriel caught a strange reflection of moon light in his armor when she saw him from the towers and followed her impulse. Against the wishes of the marshals, she went out to meet the enemy commander. She offered to surrender willingly to him if only he, personally, would abandon the siege. Titanium Wrath was so taken in by the lovely priestess that accepting the offer came natural to him; he lost interest in Silverymoon and he took his price to Abyss. While his influence might have upheld the siege even from there, she managed to keep him distracted. Without the sinister lords influence the unphysical war machines broke down and the demons quickly succumbed to infighting. A year later, the siege around Silverymoon was broken and Zephyra was born.

Zephyra's Previous Occupation

Zephyra first 'escaped' the Abyss when she was about eighty years old. Even though she was a living creature that hadn't earned afterlife yet and she carried the stench of a demon, Arvandor accepted her, for now. Zephyra travelled the the realm for another fifty years, and, without realising it, passed many tests of compassion and grace, before she found her mother's spirit, the primal elf Moonlight Sparkle. While Moonlight Sparkle didn't remember her previous life, the kinship between them was undeniable. Moonlight Sparkle wasn't really Zephyra's mother, just the new being that carried the same soul, but they easily became best friends.

All this time, Sehanine Moonbow had watched. Zephyra didn't carry an elven soul, she carried a new soul that wasn't part of the elven cycle of rebirth, but Sehanine chose to disregard Corellon on that matter and accept Zephyra as one of her own anyway. With Sehanine's blessing, Moonlight Sparkle taught Zephyra how to create a connection with Sehanine and become Her priestess. However, that was as far as the compromises went, Zephyra wasn't native to Arborea therefore thus couldn't stay in Arvandor, even though her heart was in the right place. Instead, she became an envoy of Sehanine in the Abyss, where Zephyra found her way with surprising ease, given that she stuck to father's protection and treaded lightly.

Story - Arrival in Elturel

A single isolated thunder echoed through the darkest cavern beneath Elturel. After minute there was another. And then, finally, a screeching sound when the fabric of the multiverse tore open, and a massive chunk of titanium, interspersed with molten metal veins, dropped into the world.

For another minute, the world fell silent again and only the soft pulsing lava made the black rock stand out. A growling voice sounded: “It smells like devil. Seriously, baby, you have to stop using me as interplanar transport. We’re lucky they haven’t sensed the gate.” Then, it began to move. A massive head appeared, hornes, and don with an impossible number of fangs in several rows. The out protective layer turned out to be arms. Underneath, two arms of corrupted titanium unfolded, and even though the metal rebelled against being pressed into this parody of existence, the massive pulse of demonic heat forced it to persist. A balor had appeared. And as he rose, a diminutive woman stood by his side.

She turned up her nose. “It’s a sewer, dad. It smells like faeces.”

“Don’t play pretty delicate now, your cradle was next to a lake of pyroclastic dust and burning sulfur,” the primal force of unnature gave to think.

“No, it wasn’t,” his pretty cambion daughter responded. “You had your slaves build a remarkably tasteful prison for mom and me in the middle of the abyss.” She paused, gave him a look, and commenced: “Yes, I know, the Abyss doesn’t technically have a middle.”

“I murdered your mother.”

“You freed her. Sehanine Moonbow took her in and now she roams in as primal elf in the beastlands. She doesn’t recall her life, but her heart knows us. She’s happy, yet she misses you; she might not know that she does, but she does. Look, could you stop with the transparent lies, please? A bit more sophistication.” She sighed. The massive titanium balor wrapped one of his hands around her and pressed his thumb claw against the back of her neck.

The touch visibly helped her relax and she leaned into into it. “I shouldn’t be so easily rattled; I’ve travelled realms of torment in the afterlife. Well, this is supposed to be a surface city, so I better find a way up.” She didn’t make any moves though. There was something beyond the fondness between father and daughter in their interaction. They both locked the demonic impulses away. If they surrendered for but a moment, any true independence of hers would be gone and the link to her mother lost. For the last eight hundred years, the balor had defended his daughter’s freedom of choice. He could change his mind at any time, of course, he was demon lord. The daughter understood that, yet she had faith.

“You have lived for too long in places you do not belong. You belong here, not the afterlife. In a way, you are a newborn, making your first steps in your life.” He pondered.

“That’s not a very comforting thought.”

“It isn’t,” he nonchalantly admitted, “particularly since I wasn’t lying about the devils; I sense something that lets me think of the Blood War. Are you sure you trust that flowers, bunnies, and rainbows goddess of yours?”

“It’s more than trust. I have faith in Sehanine Moonbow.” She nodded and put a hand on her gigantic father’s knee. “You can’t stay much longer, there is only so long we can bend the rules of the multiverse. I love you, dad.” Sehanine wanted Zephyra to come here, so she would, but now that she had entered the material world, she was committed to living a life in it and scared her. She had read about "cities" and the social dynamics in them, but putting up with them might prove difficult. Compared to that, being an envoy of the Seldarine in the Abyss was straightforward and simple. She hesitantly took her hand off his knees slipped out of metallic hand.

“I know,” he growled, took a step back; the rift between the dimension was about to take him back. Then he suddenly changed his mind, grabbed his daughter with a titanium paw, as big as she, and lifted her to his mouth. She reacted with a scream between surprise and joy, but the thought that she might be in danger simply didn’t occur to her. With his free claw, he tore her whimsical chain shirt to shreds and engulfed her with his breath. Titanium particles shrouded her, formed little clumps and then thin bands, sinking upon her skin.

When he gently sat her down, she realised what he had done: He had given a part of himself to dress her in a living armour that would adjust and protect her from dangers as much as filth. It also meant in a very intimate connection, straddling the line without crossing it. Mom wasn’t going to like it. But the daughter did. A lot. “Thank you, dad.” She turned around to leave now that the filth couldn’t touch her anymore.

“Don’t you want to how to take it off?”

She glanced over her shoulder and smirked. “No.”

“Good girl.” Before the words had fully resounded, the demon was gone, back in the Abyss and the cambion maiden remained, taking her first step in the world.

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Gweneira of Serenir

AI Art, Nightcafe.studio, Dreamshaper XL Lightning, own prompt

Name Gweneira of Serenir | Setting Forgotten Realms | Alignment Chaotic Good | Class Monk | Tradition Order of the Sun Soul | Faction Harpers | Background Noble | Patron Deity Selûne | Origin County of Serenir, Forest of Tethyr | Sources Player's Handbook, Volo's Guide to Monsters (not included in PHB+1 per season 9 rules)| Season 9

Physical Stats

Race Aasimar | Variant Protector Aasimar | Height 5' 10" / 177cm | Weight 123 lbs. / 55 kg | Eyes Green | Skin Gold | Hair Blonde | Age 30

Brief Background

Gweneira is the younger sister Heradir, her aasimar brother, which were born by the Countess of Serenir. In some ways the two of them are a heart and a soul, yet their leadership style between the Selûnite and the follower of Tyr could not be more different.

They proved their combined strength when their father turned into a werewolf and murdered their mother. The siblings rallied the troops, tracked down their bestial father in the wild, and put an end to him. With Gweneira’s help, Heradir smoothly stepped in as count and managed to stabilise the county.

When he left his sister in charge to visit the royal court the differences between them became apparent. She pursued a hands-off approach and preferred to form alliances when the need came. She minimised expenses of the castle, reduced armed forces, made a lot of concessions to the fey, and didn’t bother to go after lycanthropes that she didn’t deem dangerous. Heradir was outraged when he returned and aggressively reverted her policies.

These sudden changes in policy in quick succession caused an unrest in Gweneira’s name, but without her approval in Serenir. She managed to quench the uprising before anybody came to serious harm.

Whether she was responsible or not, Gweneira had to be punished to restore order. Thanks to the mediating influence of her sister-in law, Gweneira was exiled, but allowed to keep her title.

Full Story (changes pending)

Gweneira was born 30 years ago to a baron and a baroness in a small forest barony in Tethyr, far off the centers of human civilization. She was one of several aasimar born in the vicinity that year.

She was meant to become her elder brother's guardian, but was unfocused and lacked discipline, as the young aasimar was generally revered as a good omen, by both the people of the barony and her father. That changed only when an elderly cleric of Selûne took the young noblewoman in as an apprentice. Gweneira's parents were originally opposed to this unannounced move, and summoned the priestess. They reached an agreement with the priestess, so that Gweneira would be trained as a follower of Selûne, but not as a cleric, but as a martial artist. That compromise worked out better than anticipated for all parties involved.

The Barony of Serenir was not directly involved in Tethir’s civil war, but neither was it spared the consequences of the bloodshed entirely. Gweneira's father went on patrol in person, to counteract the increase in monster and bandit activity in the area, because many young rangers had followed the promise of fame due to the war. He was attacked by a wolf, but managed to drive it away and make his way back to Castle Serenir. During the next full moon, he turned into a werewolf and killed several servants and his own wife in his frenzy.

Gweneira and her brother, monk and paladin, managed to round up the guard and fought their own werewolf father to protect his own people. Unfortunately it had already been too late to save the baroness, who had been with the baron when he turned into a werewolf. They managed to overcome him, but killed him in the process. The siblings had little time to mourn the loss of their parents, as the situation in the barony was desperate. Gweneira's brother became the new baron, but ceased the control over the barony to his sister, while he would attend the queen's court at a time when the civil war was about to end.

Gweneira dismissed almost all of the castle's servants to support their respective family, and lived in the courtyard, rather than the castle itself. She waived taxes and reinforced old alliances with the various peoples of the forest, such as fey, centaurs, gnomes. To oppose the threat of evil lycanthropes she improved the situation of good beasts of the forest, including good lycanthropes.

Her brother, in the meantime, was quite successful on his own. While his skills in courtly intrigue was sorely lacking, he fell in love with a brilliant young noble woman and married her. Thus supported by his wife, and making quite an impression with his martial skill, clever tactical thinking, he contributed to the kingdom. When the war finally ended he had become a member of the Order of the Silver Chalice and granted additional deeds, so that the barony would become a county.

When he finally returned with his bride (who happened to be an aasimar, like his sister), the style of leadership of the siblings clashed. The new Count reinforced a strict regimen of the law, banned witchcraft and worship of nature spirits, regulated druidic traditions, dismissed many of the informal agreements that his sister had reached and raised taxes, in order to be able to provide the security and restore the county's waining military strength that he owed to his people. He formalised the military training, imposed limits on the arms that commoners were permitted to carry and invoked an inquisition to enforce his law and hunt down all lycanthropes. Gweneira befriended her new sister-in-law easily, the young Countess was the only thing that prevented the siblings from clashing at first.

However, at a time when the Countess was absent to visit her family, the situation deteriorated. The Count was beloved by many of the people for the improvements in infrastructure and stability he provided. Others felt oppressed, excluded from society or crimilized. They turned to Gweneira as their shadow countess and tried to convince the Count's sister to rebel against him. She refused, but was first sidelined and then confined to the castle. When she learned the Count was planning to marry her off to a remote baron at the other end of Tethyr, she went to confront her brother. Gweneira's ‘supporters’ in the castle ceased the opportunity to stage a rebellion in Gweneira’s name, which was not at all what Gweneira had intended.

In order to prevent a massive bloodshed, the siblings agreed to an honourable duel. In spite of the tension between them, neither of the siblings wanted to harm the respective other. Thus, the duel was conducted unarmed, which gave Gweneira an advantage, even though her brother was the more experienced duelist, he greatly underestimated the martial art skills of his sister. She managed to defeat him, but she did not claim the title and was thus at the risk of losing her rebellious supporters.

It was thanks to the heavily pregnant Countess, returning from the city, that the situation did not fall out of control. Due to her initiative, a council was invoked, where all issues were to be presented and a solution to be discussed. The council managed to reach a compromise with the count: In some regards his power would be limited and some affairs would be dealt with in the traditional way. The council would reconvene once every season. The speaker of said council was his own wife, the Countess, who managed to gain the trust of all parties, even though she was a woman of the city. The rebels received a general pardon, for as long as they would abide by the rule of the Count. Somebody had to take the fall for uprising, and thus Gweneira was banished from Tethyr (curiously without being disowned, as was the compromise).


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Portrait of Kiana d'Medani in her Private Gym, in the Tower of Inquisition
(AI Art by Midjourney.com, click to view on platform)
Kiana in her private gym in the Tower of Inquisition in Wroat, looking away from city over the plains of Breland.

Kiana d'Medani

AI Art, Nightcafe.studio, Dreamshaper XL Lightning, own prompt

Name Kiana d'Medani | Nickname Dove | Setting Eberron | Alignment Neutral Good | Class Monk | Projected Tradition Kensei | Faction House Medani | Background Guild Artisan (Confectionist, Baker, Housekeeper) | Origin Small village in the plains of Breland | Residence Luxury mansion in the Tower of Inquisition, Wroat, Breland | Marital Status Married to Renon d'Medani | Sources Player's Handbook, Eberron - Rising from the Last War

Physical Stats

Race Half-Elf | Variant Mark of Detection | Height 5' 9" / 175cm | Weight 129 lbs. / 59 kg | Eyes brown| Skin Gold | Hair Light Brown | Age 27

Brief Background

Kiana was but a simple girl from the countryside until she manifested the Mark of Detection. She joined house Medani and put her sporty inclination to use by joining the martial Order of Eye and Hand. As best of class, she fell in love with her teacher, managed to seduce him and married him after his wife died. Despite this lucky catch, she is still a shy country girl, who can't keep up with House society.

Until recently, she focused on nothing being the perfect wife to her husband. When she realised that her husband had been cheating on her, Kiana mustered what little courage she had and confronted her rival, a fierce Lyrandar redhead and opposite of Kiana. The rivals became friends. Kiana picked up a lot of things and realised that she had to into to overcome her fear of the world and become and independent person on order for relationship. Being an outstanding martial artist, and a romantic woman with a kind heart, her journey to self-discovery led her to become and adventurer.

Background Scene

Renon watched the silhouette of his young wife through a silken curtain. She stood in front of a windowed wall over the vast plains of Breland, which stretched out far below them. Her pose was unusually confident. She was visibly savouring the sensation of herself, looking out into the open. He was meant to watch her, but her allure was but a welcome side effect of her state of mind. She was serene, but there was excitement beneath her skin beyond her longing for him. She was dressed only in a light, silken negligée, and her wedding ring.

“Join me,” she invited him to her own sanctum within the luxury mansion, which in turn was high up in the Tower of Inquisition in Wroat, the heart of House Medani. Her space was a pure white training hall, mirrored walls left and right, and a natural stone wall, veiled in flowing water at the entry side. The only sources of light, other than the sky outside, were shimmering uncut quartz crystals, embedded in the wall. When Kiana turned her head, her long hair gave way to the dragonmark on her back, the Least Mark of Detection. It shimmered forebodingly in the light of the crystals.

She turned back to the dusk outside and spread her arms as though they were wings. He approached her slowly but was interrupted when she dropped something from her left: A ring. It rolled off over bright wooden panels. The twilight caught itself at right hand, indicating that her wedding band had remained where it belonged. She had discarded her Ring of Contraception openly for him to see. She would not pick it up again.

“Ki… we talked about this. I cannot turn my back on the Eyes and Fists, or the House.” His voice was strong and warm. Usually it instantly tamed his wife, but not this time. There was resolve, as much as love in her brown eyes when finally turned to him and commanded him with a gentle gesture to stop.

“I don’t like it when you call me ‘Ki’... I am not your ki, I am your wife.” That had come out a little sharper than she intended. All: She had never complained about it before and even Renon, a bearer of the Lesser Mark of Detection, could not always know everything. She stepped a little closer and added a soft murmur: “I like Dove...” Her warm brown eyes were resting upon him in expectation, her steady breath grazed his skin, rocked her barely veiled breasts. She had put one hand gently upon her belly. The temptation she exerted upon him Renon turned his eyes off and evaded.

“It’s okay,” Kiana remarked. “In a way, I’m grateful. I’ve already made my choice.” She pulled the straps of her dress up - not that it made much of a difference, but the gesture was appreciated, but now she turned away as well as she continued to explain. I’ve been invited by a friend to spend some time on Stormhome with her. I am going to travel the world, meet people, use what I’ve learned… become an adventurer. But I will come back to you.”

Renon needed a moment to swallow that, as he watched the silhouette of his wife in front of the darkening plains once more. “Dove, if you give me some time, I can make arrangements to have a month or two off, then we can spend some time travelling together,” he offered dutifully, but he knew what the answer to that was going to be. “Why Stormhome, who’s that friend anyway? You do realise how politically charged that is?”

She merely cast a brief glance over her shoulder back at him, there was a roguish spark in her eyes. “Nuremiel d’Lyrandar. Just don’t say anything, I don’t want to hear it, particularly not an apology. Besides, I don’t give a damn about politics.” A marriage between two attractive bearers of the Mark of Detection did have obstacles: One could not get away with a little lie in any circumstance, and sometimes there were more important questions than ‘How do I look?’

“I was sixteen when I joined your school and fell in love with you. Nineteen when we first made love. Twenty-one when we married. You have seen the world already, fought your battles, learned from wise Kalashtar in the mountains. I was but a starry-eyed farmer girl meant to live a simple life in the heart of a tight-knit community, yet I got lost in a world of aristocracy and politics. As long as I remain hiding in this mansion, I will never spread my wings.” She gestured outside.

“I am not leaving to create a distance, Renon. I am leaving to become a person of my own and catch up with you. To have and to hold.”

“I do love you as you are, Dove,” he returned. It resounded warmly in Kiana when he used that name in this context.

“I know. I need your support on this. If you ask me to stay, I might, but would never spread my wings, I will live my life in a pretty glass cage, watching the doves outside the window. Is that what you want?”

There was no point in answering this question directly. Kiana was of a simple mind, but she had an outstanding feeling for people, and her husband was a good man. Of course he would support her. Thus, he asked: “What do you need me to do?” She did like the gleam in his eyes.

Kiana smiled all over her face, given his approval, but she felt it was still due that he did something for her, showing her own appreciation, as she usually would: “If you… would just… kneel before me? Please?” Her shyness had returned with his agreement. She would travel the world and experience her own adventures! “I think... you will find a way to express yourself.”


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