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Character Generation and Questions.


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Below are the rules for character creation. Ask any questions about the process here.

Character Generation

Post a private topic for your character and let me know when it's finished. If I like them, I'll respond with an IC prologue prompt and we can move from there.

Character Level: 2
Races: Core only
Backgrounds: Any/Custom
Feats, Classes & Subclasses: Any published Wizards content, name the source if not Core
Ability Scores: 27 point buy
Items: Starting equipment and average starting gold to spend as desired
Languages: There is no Common. Take any other standard or exotic language instead any time you would gain a language. Your character's backstory will determine the regional surface languages they are familiar with.

In your private character thread provide a visual description, brief personality assessment, adventuring background summary, and a narrative sample about their entry into the underworld. Who are they? Where are they from? Under what circumstances did they find themselves underground? Was it on purpose, seeking glory or gold? Were they coerced, captured, or was it entirely unintentional and beyond their control? Are they Excited? Curious? Frightened? 

The setting is Earth, but beyond that take all the liberties you want. It won’t matter much under miles of stone.

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The following item can replace any starting pack, and fakes up 3 slots:

Adventurer's Kit (20 gp):
This backpack contains an assorted collection of adventuring equipment. This kit has 10 uses, and can be replenished by spending 200 Lumes anywhere that sells adventuring gear. As an action, you can use the kit to produce one of the following items: a glass vial, 25 feet of hempen rope, a torch, a flask of oil, pen and paper, a sack, 10 nails or 5 feet of cloth. You may be able to produce other types of minor mundane gear at the DM's discretion.

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Being a survival game, you will be keeping track of things you normally wouldn’t. In addition to spells if you have them, as well as HP and abilities as per usual, you'll need to keep track of:

  • Inventory slots and encumbrance
  • Wounds and corruption
  • Any ongoing madness and its duration, if applicable
  • Lumes
    • as illumination (measured in possessed hours of light) 
    • as pure cash (measured in silver value of coins & treasure) 
  • How many hours since last long rest
  • How many hours since last feeding
  • Whether you're carrying a light source and if so, how strong. 

Be aware of where you're going to want to post these, because some of them will be changing in each post and some will be changing infrequently.

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