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Millanius the Arcane, 'Wizard'


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"Behold! The mighty scepter of Najaranda! And the deadly sword of Markareshi"
Thom the Thaum



Brevic Outcast




12 (+1)

16 (+3)

12 (+1)

10 (+0)

10 (+0)

18 (+4)

Perception +5
Speed 25 feet (Light armor)
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Fortitude +6 (CON)
Reflex +6 (DEX)
Will +5 (WIS)
SKILLS Proficiencies
Skill Rank Total Bonus
Acrobatics U +3
Arcana T +3
Athletics U +1
Crafting U +0
Deception T +7
Diplomacy T +7
Intimidation U +4
Lore (Esoteric) T +7
Lore (Politics) T +3
Medicine U +0
Nature T +3
Occultism T +3
Performance T +7
Religion T +3
Society U +0
Stealth U +3
Survival U +0
Thievery T +7

Simple Weapons
Martial Weapons 


Light Armor

Medium Armor

Languages Common, Undercommon

Ancestry: Skilled

Party Role: Face/Buffing/Striker




Ancestry Skill General
  • Haughty Obstinacy
  • General Training
  • Natural Ambition
  • Recognize Spell
Class Archetype (lvl 2) Familiar
  • Scroll Thaumaturge
  • Familiar
  • Wizard or Rogue
  • Manual Dexterity
  • Valet


Class Features
Selections Actions Abilities
  • Implement: RegaliaWhile you hold your regalia, you gain an air of authority and bolster the courage of allies who believe in you. Your regalia aids you when you attempt to convince others. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to Deception, Diplomacy, and Intimidation checks. Allies who can see you can use Follow the Expert to follow you even if you're only trained in a skill and not an expert, due to the competence you clearly exude. When they do, the circumstance bonus they gain from Following the Expert is +1.

    When you are holding your regalia, you gain an inspiring aura that stokes the courage of you and all allies in a 15-foot emanation who can see you, granting them a +1 status bonus to saving throws against fear. At the end of your turn, at the same time you would reduce your frightened value by 1, you reduce the frightened value of all allies within your inspiring aura by 1. Your aura has the emotion, mental, and visual traits.
  • Exploit Vulnerability
  • Esoteric Lore
  • Implement Empowerment


Millanius the Arcane - 'Wizard'

The Showman

Opening night in New Stetven, and the crowd filtered into the well-appointed theater house. Perhaps not the finest in town, but one of good repute. On stage tonight; a powerful wizard, delving into sorcery more dire with an array of mystical artefacts! Or the so the sign outside proclaimed in bright indigo ink that glowed in the dusk light. As they seated themselves the lights went dark and the theater went quiet, save for the calls of a few of the more rowdy patrons. A long moments passed, quieting those gathered, before a dazzling array of sparks flew into the air, leaving a single light glowing at the center of the stage. A second before there had be no one, now a man was there, eerily lit by a glow emanating from the scepter he held.

"I hold the Scepter of Najaranda, dark and mysterious powers it possesses! They say it can let you talk to spirits, cure any poison, or turn pig iron into gold. But it can also turn a man into a dumb animal. Who would dare witness its powers?" His sonorous voice filled the room as the glowing light grew brighter, spilling out across the captivated audience. Their faces were rapt and even the rowdy ones were silent now.

The show went on, and the wizard showed his immense and devious power; levitating a patron, lifting a curse, disappearing a man is a flash of smoke, then bringing him back in another. More than just parlor tricks, this man clearly had real magic, the power of which was rare to see outside of the most powerful wizards at arcane colleges. The audience left flushed and delighted. they hadn't just seen a show, they'd seen real power.

The 'wizard' sat backstage after his performance, wiping the heavy stage makeup from his face, and disconnecting the fine wires that attached to the harness to allow him to 'fly'. He unwrapped the magic-imbued bracers he had hidden up his sleeves, and the contraptions that poured smoke out of his coattails. He sat there, alone, away from the stage for a minute. It was thrilling, fooling that many people. Not the life his father would have wanted for him or approved of, but still, there was some joy in it.



There are certain expectations about how a noble should act. There are certain expectations about how a wizard should act. Armester Rogarvia fit both to a tee, at least in the public eye. When an illegitimate son appeared, and one without any magical talent to speak of, well that was quite an embarrassment. And yet still he'd tried to bring young Thomas into his household. A valet, a footman, even a lowly guard. Some simple employment and a profession. It wasn't perfect, no, and he expected hard work, but it was a fair sight more than most bastards could expect. So when the boy threw those jobs back in his face, one by one, and then made off with some 'acting troupe' that was an insult. Cut off and disowned, that was the only way. Well, technically he was already disowned, and he wasn't going to be inheriting anything of note as a bastard anyway, but still. No more handouts.

It was years later, years since he'd even laid eyes on his illegitimate son, that he heard a rather distasteful rumor. 'Millanius the Arcane'? A 'wizard' who performed for people on stage? What rubbish was this? And some said this Millanius was the spitting image of him, though some 30 years younger. He had a suspicion he knew exactly who it was; someone who enjoyed the stage more than a day's hard work. Someone who looked just like him. And so he went to a show, and as he sat there his face turned red with anger and his cheeks hot with shame at the farcical illusions and farce on the stage. This 'magic' show was beyond an embarrassment. He had to put a stop to it. And while a fireball igniting into a massive conflagration on the stage was more tempting than he wanted to admit, best not to act in haste. Best to be fully prepared. Even perhaps, to put on his own show...



Thomas always knew it was a risk coming back to New Stetven. His father definitely would not approve of this occupation, but when he first started thinking of this show he knew it would play well here. He also knew a number of good contacts, fixers, people in the theater world. There's no place like home for that sort of thing, and they got him a lead on a theater he could use, with a sizeable down payment, of course. And so here he was, back where he'd started, under the nose of his old man. He thought his father might go to the banks, have his financing cut out from under him, maybe hire someone to pressure him to leave. He did not expect him to burn down his theatre, and then offer him a job.

He stood in the ruins of his once-proud show, ashes swept by the light breeze and the smell of smoke overwhelming his nose. Everything gone, aside from the clothes on his back, the hat on his head, and the cane in his hand. and of course his little assistant perched on his shoulder. He fed the monkey a morsel of fruit as it clung there. "Well Stitches, looks like we'll be on the road again." He kicked at some debris, hoping to see anything valuable that survived. And under a chunk of stone he found the prop scepter he'd purchased from some tinker on the road months ago. He hefted it, disappointed to see nothing else of note the survived. And then turned to see a well-dressed man and several rougher looking individuals in the street, waiting for him.

"Ah gentlemen! If I may direct your attention to the scepter of Najarandha! A dark and mysterious artefact of-" He heaved it at them and turned to flee, but ran flat into a brick wall that took the shape of another large brute. Thomas fell on his backside, looked up at the man, and sighed.

The cell was probably better than where he'd be sleeping if the bank hadn't turned him over to the watch. He'd been living at the theater, so compared to his other options, this wasn't the worst. Aside from the drunk who kept trying to snuggle in his sleep. Thomas sat and observed the guard on the other side of the bars, wishing he had some of the small trinkets he usually had in his coat pockets for parlor tricks and legerdemain. Even without that, if he could talk the man over, maybe he could try to lift the keys... Of course the warden on the far side of the room might look up from his desk at any moment... Stitches sat on a shelf in the corner in his own cage, looking forlornly over at his master. Just as Thomas was thinking up a ploy to get the guards to free his small monkey, a woman walked in. And not just any woman; a Lady in noble's regalia, House Surtova, if he wasn't mistaken. An agent of the rulers of Brevoy itself. She approached the desk and after a whispered conversation and much rattling of chains and clanking of bars, Thomas was walking with her out into the street, carrying a bag of his possessions, Stitches back in place on his shoulder, and climbing aboard a coach.

"Did my father send you?" He asked as soon as his brain caught up to his rapidly changing circumstances. "Your father? Who-? No. You are known as a powerful wizard, and your country needs you. Brave men and women are going south to tame the river lands and bring wealth and prosperity to Brevoy."

Mind racing, shaken by the recent events, Thomas couldn't come up with even a simple con. So he just went with a little honesty. "Tame the land? I'm no adventurer! My, um, magical talents may be better used elsewhere. I'd be happy to help the cause, but I'm really not what you're looking for. Maybe you can just drop me at the next town, and..."

"A special dispensation got you out of that cell. I get the impression another would put you right back into it." She gives him a stern look, clearly not one to pander to shirkers. So Thomas shut his mouth, rubbed his graying beard, and decided he'd go along for this ride, and maybe some day he could find a good place to get off.


Appearance and Personality

Millanius (aka Thom) dresses is a rather fancy looking suit for his performances, though he will surely be purchasing some more practical traveling clothes. He'll tend to be just a touch overdressed for occasions. His hair is usually neatly slicked, and has a rich texture with its salt and pepper coloring. He's not quite middle-aged, just happens to be graying a bit earlier than most. It lends him an air of authority and steadiness that belies his 37 years. He carries a cane, a bit foppishly, but its also a useful tool for times he may need to protect himself. It doesn't happen often, but a man can never be too careful. He also carries a scepter that has featured prominently in several of his acts. He talks about the magical aura it projects, and whether its actually magical, or simply some placebo, it seems to have an effect on people.


Millanius will start out still in his show persona, a little overly grandiose, perhaps appearing a bit foolish to others, though hopefully entertaining. He'll grow and develop as the adventure progresses, becoming more honest about who he is, and more responsible with his duties and with others.


Mechanics and Role

Millanius can act as a party face early, as well as a librarian (especially with another class feat). He should be capable in combat, especially as a secondary melee striker. He does have some modest buffing abilities, making him not quite as good as a bard would be, but still helpful to have around.


As for Leadership Roles, Millanius would do great in the Emissary position, or possibly as a ruler (though more of a reluctant king). 


Depending on party composition I would be willing to reshape him as needed if there was a gap that needed filling. I am currently undecided on archetype, but can see interesting benefits of Swashbuckler, Wizard, Marshall, and Rogue.

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Millanius the Arcane - Human Thaumaturge 2

HP: 26/26 | AC: 19 | Speed: 30ft |Perception: +6 

Fort: +7 | Ref: +8 | Will: +6  | Conditions: None

-Hero Points: 1/3

-2x Tanglefoot Bags
-2x Pot of Lesser Healing


| Spells/ScrollsScrolls:


Level 1:
| Skills*Acrobatics: +8
*Arcana: +4
*Athletics: +5
Crafting: +0
*Deception: +8
*Diplomacy: +8
*Esoteric Lore: +8
*Intimidate: +8
Medicine: +0
*Nature: +4
*Occultism: +4
*Performance: +8
*Politics Lore: +4
*Religion: +4
Society: +0
*Stealth: +8
Survival: +0
*Thievery: +8



Here be the words.



Action 1: 

Action 2: 

Action 3: 

Reaction: Recognize Spell


Exploration Activity: Avoid Notice


Familiar/Other Modifiers


- Cat FallTreat falls as 10' shorter

-+2 Damage from empowerment

- Diverse LoreRecall knowledge with Esoteric Lore - 2

-Divine DisharmonyDeception/Intimidation for flat-footed, +2 v. Divine

-Dubious KnowledgeWhen fail at Recall Knowledge get a piece of true knowledge, and a piece of erroneous

-Haughty ObstinancySuccess v Mental become crit success

-Recognize SpellReaction.

+1 to AC/Save on crit success to identify

-Root to Life1 Act Stabilize
2 Act DC10 flat check to remove persistent damage

-Surprise AttackEnemies are flat-footed if they haven't acted yet, using stealth or deception for initiative




-Clothing (Winter)

-Studded Leather Armor


-Belt Pouch

-Thieves' Tools




-Sword Cane

-Light Mace*


-5x Darts






-Lantern, hooded

-Rations (1 week)

-Rope (50')

-5x Sacks

-5x Torches




-3x Flasks Oil

-Manacles (poor)

-5x Sacks

-2x Tanglefoot bags*

-2x Lesser PoH*



-10x Chalk

-Flint and Steel

-Playing Cards

-Thieves' Tools


-2x Candles

-Ring of Keys

-1gp 4sp 7cp



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Level 1 Changes

Remove 'Recognize Spell'. replace with 'Fleet'

Remove 'Scroll Thaumaturgy', replace with 'Diverse Lore'

Remove 'Familiar', replace with 'Divine Disharmony'

Change Implement from 'Regalia' to 'Chalice'


Level 2

Class Feat: Root to Life

Free Archetype: Rogue Dedication

---Surprise Attack

---Trained in Athletics and Intimidation

---Skill Feat: Cat Fall

Ability Score: Dexterity +2

Skill Feat: Recognize Spell


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