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Prudence Whitfoot - Hobbit


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spacer.pngName: Prudence Whitfoot
Background: Lure of the Road
Class: Treasure Hunter
Level: 2
XP: 750
AC: 15
HP: 17
Speed: 25
Passive Perception: 15
Inspiration: 0
Proficiency Bonus: +2

Ability Value Bonus Save
STR 13 +1 +1
DEX 19 +4 +6
CON 15 +2 +2
INT 15 +2 +4
WIS 16 +3 +3
CHA 16 +3 +3
Shadow Temp Perm Corrupt
  0 0 +3 (Adv)


Prof. Skill Name Bonus Prof. Skill Name Bonus
X Acrobatics (DEX) +6 O Nature (INT) +2
X Animal Handling (WIS) +5 X Perception (WIS) +5
O Athletics (STR) +1 O Performance (CHA) +3
O Deception (CHA) +3 O Persuasion (CHA) +3
O History (INT) +2 X Riddle (INT) +4
O Insight (WIS) +3 O Shadow-Lore (INT) +3
O Intimidation (CHA) +3 X Sleight of Hand (DEX) +6
O Investigation (INT) +2 X Stealth (DEX) +8
O Lore (INT) +2 X Survival (WIS) +5
O Medicine (WIS) +3 O Traditions (INT) +2

Race Features
- Hobbit Nimbleness: can move through the space of any creature at least one size bigger
- Hobbit Elusiveness: Proficiency in Stealth
- Resilient: advantage on corruption saves
- Harfoot: Unobtrusive - can hide even when obscured only by a creature at least one size bigger

Background Feature
- Weather Lore

Class Features
- Expertise (Stealth, Thieves’ Tools) x 2 proficiency
- Night Vision 60 feet
- Sneak Attack +1d6
- Cunning Action

Short Bow, Cook's Utensils, Pipe, s/r/w Westron, Light Armor, broad sword, short sword, Theives' tolos

Equipment (Prosperous)
Leather jerkin, Fur-lined traveling cloak, traveling gear, bedroll, backpack, comfortable boots, enough handkerchiefs to see her through, plate and cutlery fit for picnics, Thieves' Tools (25s), Short bow, Quiver with 20 Arrows, Two Daggers, Short sword.

38 silver on hand

Distinctive Quality
Reckless: You enjoy the road so much that sometimes your wanderlust carries you into dangerous situations unprepared.

Fire-making: you can make camp anywhere

Absence makes the heart grow fonder; only by leaving the familiar can we better appreciate it.

I can never forge strong bonds; I'm always on the move

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Fallohide Walking Stick


This finely carved and impossibly smooth walking stick is just the right size for a hobbit. Engraved in the steel cap at the top is a rune in a language unknown to the Big or Little Folk of Bree.

When carried on a Journey, the bearer gains a +1 bonus to Survival checks. Additionally, they are considered proficient in Constitution saving throws against exhaustion, including fatigue checks.

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