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Pursuing the Truth - Mamlemin

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Solitude found an old man and his horse wandering methodically slow down a forested road in western Brenus. It had been carried on the warm wind, ushered by all the colors and smells of midsummer blooms despite the calendar marking the start of the autumn tide - middling greens, blushing yellows and oranges, clear blues marked the edges of the road.

Although historically uncommon, wild mushrooms also dotted the roadside, their spots and spores almost like eyes that watched the pair move westward.

The pair had felt such gazes from the road ever since they left the unnamed and largely unknown tavern that appeared before Mamlemin in the Ironwoods. A strange woman had invited him in for rest, respite, or rejuvenation, some of which he partook in and most of which he was oblivious to. Perhaps it was the frustration with his inability to stop his friend from killing that held him away from such release. Perhaps it was the disappointment that his path required him yet again to be alone.

Perhaps it was all in his mind. Yet deeply affected so, in both heart and spirit, Mamlemin whiled away a day or two in awkward recovery amongst strangers before sallying forth.

Ahead of the knight and his steed, the azure sky held few clouds, and yet floating off in the distance was a magnificent fortress. It looked sundered from the very ground and thrown into the air; even from miles away, Mamlemin could see dirt and water falling from the edges in small rivers. His eyes were to the skies, but this was not the fortress he sought - curious as it was, the blue and gold banners marked it as Skyhaven, the capital of Brenus.

No, Mamlemin and Strawberry had another floating castle in mind - the site of Pelios's murder, Fort Ennui.

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