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Silas Foljet, Catfolk Thaumaturge

The Foiler

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Silas Foljet

spacer.png"Let's see what secrets lie within."
Class DC 17
Starknife +6 1d4
Main-gauche +6 1d4 P

Level: 1
Class: Thaumaturge

Implement 1: Mirror
Background: Sponsored by Family
Deity: Enlightened Scholar's Path
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 168 lbs
Eyes: Yellow
Skin: Furry
Fur: Black

Race: Hunting Catfolk
Gender: Male
Age:  20 yrs



Ability | Modifier
STR: 10 | +0
DEX: 16 | +3
CON: 12 | +1
INT: 14 | +2
WIS: 8 | -1
CHA: 18 | +4

Hit Points: 17
HP/Level: 8 + CON
Armor Class: 17
Size: Medium
Speed: 25 ft

Perception: +4 ◆◆
Fort Save: +6 ◆◆
Ref Save: +6 ◆
Will Save: +4 ◆◆

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Posted (edited)

Background: A fourth-generation legacy enrollment, Silas Foljet is the latest in his line of well-connected students. The Foljets began as a merchant family centuries ago, with potent magical and economic talents passed down by blood and tradition until they were able to buy themselves into becoming landed gentry, making it all the easier for their descendants to gain admittance to the prestigious and exclusive Magaambya. While his family is brimming with wizards and sorcerers, Silas himself has the unusual talent of thaumaturgy and, while possessing the intellect and will to master his magical potential, his impulsiveness and boundless energy, as well as his dangerously charming personality, make him something of an odd fit in such a severe scholastic setting. Always looking forward to field experiments and spending his time researching his own interests rather than studying the curriculum, Silas is known more for his quick wit and uncanny luck than his academics, and his singular focus on magical items and implements. Unusually for someone who struggles with the disciplined nature of some magicks, Silas is something of a savant in the use of scrolls.

Description: With thick, tight fur as dark as shadow, Silas looks not dissimilar to a panther. His bearing is inquisitive and restless, with a perpetual smirk. His keen and inquisitive eyes are a bright yellow that light up at the mention of magical items and secret lore. Dressed in fine but unpretentious garb aside from a pair of dangling earrings, Silas' manner of dress evokes both style and practicality, and a preference for pockets, many of which bulge slightly with whatever esoteric odds and ends he might have handy at the time.

In Brief: Silas Foljet is a pretty cool cat, if you'll pardon the cliche. A smooth-talking busybody with a heart of tarnished gold, Silas cares more about acquiring objects of interest and mastering their unique powers than he does his studies or his family's wealth and status. He has the personality of a very enthusiastic salesman but manages to be as charming or disarming as he needs to be. Silas makes friends easily and is well-liked by most of his classmates and is prone to distraction. For all his cleverness, Silas Foljet tends to react on impulse or whim to a troublesome degree, though he has a tendency to land on his feet...so far.

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Posted (edited)

Build ideas and such

I'll take the Wizard archetype, and will focus a lot on building up Silas' magical repertoire and versatility. I like the Amulet for 2nd implement at 5th level, which will be a huge upgrade mechanically for Silas, should he a) make it into the game, and b) live that long, providing that c), the game even goes to Level 5, which I have not checked out at the time of this writing

If/when I either have the GP or one makes itself available, I think a returning weapon would work well, probably a common-enough Guiding Star unless I can get access to the Eclipse unique starknife. Or something that adds Dex to Damage magically, although I don't know if that's even a thing in PF2 nope, nothing I can get

If only Exploit Vulnerability worked with Fling Magic. The Wand seems cool but it doesn't take advantage of the other class features, and I can get Wizard cantrips at Level two anyway; it's also hard to talk me out of doing a Mirror Master/Nightcrawler mashup thing in combat.

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spacer.png Silas Foljet - Catfolk Thaumaturge Application  Sheet

AC: 17 | HP: 17/17 | Fortitude: +6 | Reflex: +6 | Will: +4Perception: +4


That color is called 'pumpkin' in case I forget






Action 1:

Action 2:

Action 3:

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Agreed. I'm cool with the two high-CHA characters snarking at each other and doing a little one-upsmanship but no enmity.

Similar backgrounds, coming from merchant families with a longstanding tradition of attending Magaambya, but different family dynamics and motivations. Seems like the kind of situation where they butt heads a bit because of their perceived similarities and family histories. I'm open to discussing some details about the families and their possible shared history

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