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Alandri Malfore, the Sarcastic Elf Sorcerer


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Alandri Malfore



On the surface Alandri Malfore is a sarcastic prick. Deep down he does have a care for the people close to him and will lend a helping hand to someone who needs it. But living as a noble in Nantambe is not as cushy or easy as it seems. Alandri has had to mask his kindness from selfish, ambitious and cutthroat nobles who might take advantage of it with a sharp tongue and illusory magic. He wants to be loved, but he makes it hard to be many times.


He is playful sarcastic with his friends and that sarcasm can turn venomous to those he perceives as enemies thus a prick. He likes to throw jibes not in a hurtful way, but in jest. It is his imperfect way of establishing comradery while also testing some of the limits of those he is with. The thing is that some might find it hard to know the line of whether his sarcasm is in jest or shooting daggers. Some who know him well might even say he keeps that line ambiguous on purpose. Most of the time though he is playing around.


Alandri is a rebel at heart and is willing to shake things up and test the status quo and to see if the structures he is submitting himself to are authentic. He is a helpless romantic, fierce friend, avid learner, and playful. He constantly wants to grow himself to prove to those around him that he belongs.



Alandri is always striving to dress to impress and his clothes certainly try to tell that story. He wears a black coat and pants with gold trim along the edges with red accents from his shirt to the handkerchief. A black leather satchel (which of course had to match his coat) straps across his chest full of pouches packed with various foods and writing instruments, and even a flute. At the bottom part of the satchel is draped on a string a book in red leather with a golden sigil on its cover that has been scratched out to be unrecognizable.


While his clothes are of good quality they have seen better days. Though his clothes are always pristinely clean, it is juxtaposed to the fact that they are fraying and wearing out at the edges. The small single shoulder cape that is clasped on his chest is tattered and scared with many holes. While Prestidigitation does help clean his clothes, it does not Mend them.



Alandri's background is a fairly straightforward one. The Malfore family is both affluent and influential within the city of Nantambe as traders of both fine cloth and magical scrolls.Growing up Alandri always looked up to his father with the utmost respect despite always being a disappointment to him. Alandri craved that approval, but as he got older that need for acceptance turned into sour resentment. When it was finally time to be shipped off to Kepmato boarding school like the rest of his siblings, he relished the chance to escape the tyranny of his father.


Kepmato was a private magical school that became a place where he was able to thrive, make friends, and find himself away from the pressures of his home life. He eventually graduated and like the rest of his family went through Kepmato. Also following the family tradition he is now going to Magaambya, but instead of following the normal path of joining the Uzunjati which his family has done since the school was founded, Alandri is hoping to join the Cascade Bearers.


Background nuggets

  • Alandri's sister Senna disappeared one night and he has no idea why she left or where she went
  • While most of his family are cold and self absorbed; his mother and sister were the only people in his life that showed him any sort of affection. He would do anything for them.
  • His friend Kirby owns an alchemy shop. The two of them have been best friends since childhood. 
  • Alandri's mother passed down to him a magic wand (his spell focus) that has been in her family's possession for centuries, possibly millenia. It is inlaid with gold filaments and is exceptionally warm to the touch.
  • Alandri Malfore has an obligation to uphold the honor of his family's name and to always strive for excellence. He does so on the surface, but always finds ways to rebel against this.
  • Alandri knows that his father was making deals with dark and powerful beings. He overheard them talking about shipments of slaves.(if you want you can change what he overheard)
  • Simona De Accora- His highschool sweetheart that he met at the Kepmato wizard boarding school. They got up to all sorts of mischief together and could be found making out in private corners all over. They didn't leave on the best of terms and if Simona were to see him again Alandri would most likely end up with a hand shaped red mark on his face.



Alandri is pretty immediately uncomfortable if he finds himself in darkness. You can hear it in the little trembling of his voice that he really does try to keep a cool head and either laugh it off or put on a mask of cool indifference. The longer he is exposed to darkness the more agitated he will become and more insistent on remedying his predicament. Most of the time he will make the argument that it is probably best to leave and its not really a good idea for xyz reasons. 

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