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Nick Underwood, Desert Druid


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Name: Nick Underwood
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Class 1: Gunslinger (Bolt Ace)
Class 2: Druid (Desert Druid)




Undersized Arm, Missing Ear, Uncontrollable Twitch




1.) Who was your character before The Turning?  Grew up in Lordsburg.  Medical Student at WNMU.

2.) What was their experience of the event like?  Ie... What were they doing?  What did they see?  On Summer break.  Community bar-b-que.  Hundred folks dropped dead.  Found all ~3000 people in town dead.  Then the twitching began.  Then the pain in his arm as it contorted and withered.  He didn't realise the ear was gone until he saw himself in a mirror in Tuscon.

3.) What is one experience your character has had in the past two years, since the fall of Civilization?  








A Description of Your Character's Appearance:  

A Description of Your Character's Personality and Demeanor: 

A Background Summary that Describes the Following:  

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Ability Point Buy Bonuses Final
STR 10 +6 (Wrath) 16 (+3)
DEX 17 (13p)   17 (+3)
CON 12 (2p) +4 (Wrath) 16 (+3)
INT 12 (2p)   12 (+1)
WIS 16 (10p) +2 (Race) 18 (+4)
CHA 8 (-2p)   8 (-1)


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Everything looks good from a mechanical standpoint.
Were you planning on adding any content to the character's description/background for RP purposes?

Let me know and I'll mark your character as complete.

A character lottery will be held in the next few days.

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