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Feature Request: More advanced CSS

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I was hoping we could widen the net on what CSS gets filtered out of the source editor. I know this'll be low on the list, if even accepted. I like to create fancy character sheet posts but yesterday a bunch of my changes got filtered out when I saved it.

Requesting use of rotate, mix-blend-mode, negative margins, opacity, and background-positions-x and y (respectively) please.

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added ongoing list of CSS (see edit history)
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Well, yes and no. Individual styling is fine, but if you start changing up the commonly understood interface elements, it's going to mess with user expectations. The double-underline was the consensus pick from polling the community because of its distinctiveness for the distinctive function of displaying OOC content.

The very tight line spacing is also difficult to select on mobile devices, at least for me of finger size 7.5.

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I didn't realize there was a poll.

I understand user expectations but that ought to be up to each person, in my opinion. It just comes down to personal taste I suppose. If it's going to be an issue to change that, I suppose you're just doing your due diligence in upholding said expectations. I won't push the issue.

As a web designer, I know I'm supposed to care about the mobile experience, but I just don't. I intensely dislike mobile devices; always have. And unless a post is done with very specific styling and code, it's not going to look right when squished down anyways. (indenting, for one, is highly problematic)

I'll delete that part of my request.

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Okay, adding more to the list of advanced CSS.

I request use of background-position-x and y.

I would LOVE the use of opacity as well, but I understand if that messes with user expectations.

Right now I am able to use background-image, background-image-repeat, and background-size. However when I try to use background-position-x and y they get stripped out. From my understanding, these would not affect any potential side-wide style guidelines (such as some of my other requests could, like margins) since they get cut off by the background of their parent object.

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