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Chasin the Dragon

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Game Name: Logan's Live MW One-Shot: Chasing the Dragon!

Game Overview: Once again there is a dragon problem in the small town of Ubbin Falls.  Adventurers will be recruited to help the town stop the dragon that has been terrorizing the small town.  This takes place roughly 100 years after the last game I ran at the first MWM and in the same-ish*  world.  After a delightful jaunt through some mountains, the players will have to find the cause of the dragon attacks, and make decisions that could put their own lives in grave danger.  Or, maybe they do something else...who knows?

Number of Players: 4-7

Game System: D&D 5e

Character information: Character Level:10  I will have pre-mades, but anyone who signs up ahead of time may use a character they built, submitted, and got approved.

Saturday: Session 2    1 PM - 3:30 PM


Post interest here in this thread!

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I will play this. I will play this all afternoon. I will play a pre-gen. It will be a good pre-gen. Maybe even a bard or a fighter or a cleric!

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