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Declan Barrera - Toreador Observational Satirist

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Character Sheet


Name: Declan Barrera Nature: CriticThe Critic observes the world around her with a jaundiced eye, seeking out flaws and deficiencies. She experiences a special satisfaction in exploiting these weaknesses publicly so that eventually the design will improve. Some critics feel it is their duty to push the world to be better.

— Regain a point of Willpower whenever you find a flaw in a design or plan and then improve upon it.
Clan: Toreador
Player: Maester1216 Demeanour: TricksterThe Trickster finds the absurd in everything. No matter how grim life (or unlife) may become, the Trickster always uncovers a kernel of humor within it. Tricksters cannot abide sorrow or pain, and so they strive to lighten the spirits of those around them. Some Tricksters have even higher ideals, challenging static dogma by exposing its failures in humorous ways. Comedians, satirists, and social critics are examples of Trickster Archetypes. Kindred Tricksters may call attention to the flaws in a leader’s policy, they may be glib-tongued devil’s advocates who question the Traditions or ritae of their Sect, or they may simply have an acute sense of the ironies of a world that makes vampiric predator and mortal prey almost indistinguishable physically.

— Regain a point of Willpower any time you manage to lift others spirits, especially if you are able to assuage your own pain in the process.
Generation: 10th
Chronicle: An Offer You Can't Refuse Concept: Comedian Sire: Theodosia NashToreador Elder from the Mid-Atlantic, Embraced shortly after George Washington's inauguration as President. Prominent Harpy in Greater Richmond and heads one of the region's oldest and most influential Toreador Guilds. Ambivalent to Declan; sometimes even forgets he exists.


Strength: ●● CharismaSpecialty - Audacious: ●●●● Perception: ●●●
Dexterity: ●● ManipulationSpecialty - Guile: ●●●● Intelligence: ●●
Stamina: ●● Appearance: ●● WitsSpecialty - Fox-witted: ●●●●


Alertness: ●●● Animal Ken: AcademicsSpecialty - Liberal Arts: ●●
Athletics: Crafts: Computer: ●●
Awareness: Drive: ●● Finance:
Brawl: Etiquette: Investigation: ●
EmpathySpecialty - Reading the Room: ●●●● Firearms: LawSpecialty - Bending the Rules: ●●
ExpressionSpecialty - Stand-up Comedy: ●●●● Larceny: Medicine:
Intimidation: ●● Melee: Occult:
Leadership: PerformanceSpecialty - Acting: ●●●● Politics: ●●
Streetwise: ●● Stealth: Science:
Subterfuge: ●●● Survival: Technology:


Auspex: ●● Celerity: ●● Presence: ●●


Scalpel Tongue(Presence 1, Celerity 1)System: Roll Wits + Empathy against a difficulty of 7. If the user of this power does not know his target well, difficulty is increased by one, due to not knowing what buttons to push to achieve the greatest verbal impact. The barbed comment stings the target into silence for one turn per success, or double that if the target is not a member of Clan Toreador. Spending one Willpower negates this effect.

This power has a subtle downside: if another Toreador detects that she had to use a Discipline to come up with such a stinging retort (such as the user of Scalpel Tongue botching her roll), it could have a negative impact on how others in the Clan perceive her. Why would she need to use powers if she didn’t have an inferior wit? In such a case, the user will have a +1 difficulty on Social rolls against other Toreadors for the rest of the night, including future uses of Scalpel Tongue.


Alternate IdentityYou have a fair reputation as your alternate persona and get name recognition in the area where you have infiltrated.

Barry Torrio, Comedy Podcaster/Pundit/Host of the Over Easy at Night Podcast.
: ●●●
DomainThe Hostess Comedy Club, on the corner of Habersham Street and Brandywine Road.: ● ContactsMajor Contact - Gwendolyn Takeyama, Declan's old Publicist, currently working in Avon Park.: ● FameSelect Subculture - Local comedy club-goers.: ●
Generation: ●●● InfluenceModerately Influential; a factor in city politics. Category - High Society.: ● ResourcesComfortable - Residuals/Royalties from previous gigs/contract work.: ●●● StatusKnown: ●


Conscience: ●●●● Self-Control: ●●● Courage: ●●●


Humanity: ●●●●●●●
Willpower: ●●●●●
Blood Pool: 1/13


Merits Flaws
Impressive Restraint(2pt Merit)Lore of the Clans, P.200

When you haven’t eaten, it can be torturous to be near mortals. The pounding thrum of blood through their veins does not leave you nearly as tempted as it might other Kindred. When opportunity presents itself, the difficulty of all Self-Control rolls to resist hunger are made against a -2 difficulty. Characters on Paths of Enlightenment that require Instinct cannot take this Merit.
Tortured Artist (1pt Flaw)Lore of the Clans, P.200

Nothing is ever good enough for your work. No matter how much praise is lavished upon you, you can only see the flaws and mistakes. This leads to long periods of ennui, which makes your artistic work irregular at best. Further, you throw yourself into business arrangements and social situations with intensity, which often leads to heartbreak, which leads to the pain and passion that fuels your next work. You are at +1 difficulty on Social rolls in which you are being praised, complimented, or treated with respect.
Master of the Masquerade(2pt Merit)Lore of the Clans, P.200

There are many small tics, nervous habits, and autonomous bodily functions (like breathing) that Kindred simply forget to do. They can be unnervingly still or forget to breathe, particularly when they think they’re alone. You never let down your guard. The act of breathing remains unconscious habit to you, and you never lapse into that eerie statue-like stillness, even when transfixed or concentrating. Consequently, the difficulties of all Social rolls are lowered by one when interacting with mortals. This Merit does not allow you to eat food or benefit from the blush of health (V20, p. 480) — those Merits are still required to be a true master of the Masquerade.
Private Life (3pt Flaw)Lore of the Clans, P.200

You have a completely separate life that no other Kindred know about. It may be your mortal family that you have turned into ghouls, or a YouTube channel that you use to talk in metaphor about your frustrations with Kindred society. If discovered, this could risk other vampires accusing you of breaching the Masquerade (if Camarilla), consorting with humanity instead of being a superior vampire (if Sabbat), or just overall paranoia and suspicion on why you’re keeping such deep secrets.
  Lazy (3pt Flaw)Corebook, P.482

You are simply lazy, avoiding anything that requires effort on your part. Preferring to let others do the hard work, you lounge around. For any action that requires preparation, there’s a good chance you didn’t properly prepare. Difficulty rolls for spontaneous Physical actions (including combat, unless it’s part of a planned offensive) increase by one.
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  • The title was changed to Declan Barrera - Toreador Observational Satirist
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Date of Birth: January 23rd, 1971

Place of Birth: Charleston, West Virginia

Date of Embrace: July 19th, 1993

Place of Embrace: Colonial Heights, Virginia




Apparent Age: 22

Height & Weight: 5'9" & 162 lbs

Eye & Hair Colour: Dark Brown & Black





Backgrounds/Merits & Flaws Expanded



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Ancestry of Declan Barrera

Caine(The Dark Father)

-----Enoch(Presumed)(Second Generation)

-----Arikel(Third Generation)

-----"Nicholas the Younger"(Fourth Generation)

-----Etienne de Poitiers(Fifth Generation)

-----Robrecht Verhaeghe(Sixth Generation)

-----Cassandra Levasseur(Seventh Generation)

-----Odina(Eight Generation)

-----Theodosia Nash(Ninth Generation)

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Freebie Point Tracking

Total Freebie Points: 22(15+7 from Flaws)

Backgrounds: -9(Alternate Identity 3, Contacts 1, Generation 1-3, Influence 1, Resources 1-3)

Merits: -4(Impressive Restraint, Master of the Masquerade)

Attributes: -5(Wits 3-4)

Abilities: -4(Intimidation 1; Intimidation 1-2)


Starting XP Tracking

Total XP: 50

Scalpel Tongue Combination Discipline(Presence 1, Celerity 1): -6 Experience Points

Auspex 1-2, Celerity 1-2, Presence 1-2: -15 Experience Points

Willpower 3-4, 4-5: -7 Experience Points

Empathy 3-4, Expression 3-4, Performance 3-4, Subterfuge 2-3: -22 Experience

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Mechanically looks good.

Location of comedy club: 112 E Victory Drive, a few blocks down from the Front Porch Improv Theater, one of the other three comedy clubs in Savannah. Moving it over onto a commercial street.

Looking forward to seeing the rest of the details.

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