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Alyissa Patricks

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Alyissa grew up in Hollywood, being surrounded by new age thinking, where she was drawn into the Masquerade. But Hollywood is a crowded place, so now she has moved to a new city under a new prince, hoping this time she will be understood and maybe even listened to.

Her early life was normal-ish, being the child of a Lawyer and an Agent, but they were in love with their careers more than each other or her. Still she went to the best schools, had a good nanny, and was a good child, but she was always interested in the strange. As she became a teenager she would spend her nights walking the new age shops on the boardwalk of Santa Monitca, the graveyards of Hollywood, then old missions of San Jaun. While she had money brains and looks she rarely had friends, and when she watched Beetlejuice she felt a kindred spirit in Lydia. She looked further into the occult, into the new age, seeking out the dark corners and strange places, looking directly into the darkness until open day... it blinked back.

She broke when her parents were murder. It was gruesome and the mortal police were stumped. With her support gone so suddenly and so violently, she threw herself into the occult even more, escaping reality within it. Her parents were seeped in the world of darkness without her knowing, but she never learned which side they aided, or which side killed them. Did they work for the Hunters revealing things? Was it a vengeful werewolf strike? Were they ghouls for some Toreador artist?

Armed with only their wealth and her budding psychic abilities she eventually came to the attention of Madame Eva, a Malkvian working as a telephone psychic. Alylissa was drawn in easily, having someone believe her for the first time was addicting to the troubled teen, gladly performing whatever ritual or task put before her, guided along the path by her mentor, opening her thrid eye wider until one fateful day seeing her final sunrise...

Being a fledgling is hard anywhere, but is Los Angels even more so due to he mix of political powers. Being mostly Anarchs but some lower Camarilla as well as some of the more wilder Sabbat, werewolves in the mountains, and all sort of other influences made for learning more how to hide low profile and move carefully than being able to revel in what power has been gained. While she never joined in Madame Eva's phone work, Alyissa did some street performance to perform her hunts, and mostly being the lowest aka newest Malkvian in the city.

With her embrace her insights became more sharp, but also harder to tell the truth from the voices in her head. She had always had some issues with what she could actually see and what she only wanted to see. Her desire to be useful, to be powerful, to be worthy of praise, notice, maybe even love manifests in a derangement to see or hear things that not always there. Sometimes it is as benign as thinking she has $20 bills in her pocket when it is only $5, or a voice telling her is okay and safe. Sometimes it can be as troublesome as assuring her she is someone's friend when they do not like her at all, or that she should say something to calm a situation when it would only make things worst. It gets much worst the more she is doubted or dismissed, even more when her clans weakness is blamed.

Her first trouble began with she said something she should not have, embarrassing an Elder Toreador, Lady Melody, by not commenting on their fashion as "The Emperor's new clothes." Everyone else had learned or been told to never speak negative of their clothing, but it was not told to her. Everyone at Elysium held their breathes, so to speak, until Lady Melody turned to face Alyissa and said "Ah, from the mouths of Childe do insights tumble..." then turned away and everything resumed. While it was not directly taken as an insult, Lady Melody would make it a point to see that Alyissa was never at the same function she was, often having the young childe away on errands to avoid her presence. The distancing did not seem to ease her anger, only making it simmer as her remarks about Alyissa became more threatening and less veiled.

Then she had a run in with the Sabbat, getting caught up in one of their plots to release a plaguebringer into the city to weaken the kine. While she was part of a small team working together, it was her ability to see the patterns that allowed the Sheriff to remove the issue. Somehow the others in the investigation team have disappeared or met their final deaths leaving her alone and while nothing directly points to it, Alyissa knows she is most likely next.

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Appearance: Alyissa was embraced as a young woman, having been groomed since being a teenager and embraced soon after. Her skin is not as pale as most, and she keeps her black hair cut short and a bit messy, often accenting her eyes with black makeup but rarely lipstick. She carries an ID card for entering kine bars. She is a bit taller than average but not overly so, perhaps 5'8" in flats. She doesn't like to wear fancy clothing, favoring simple black pants and buttonup shirts with ties for formal events or basic long skirts, t-shirts, shorts, and hoodies for casual wear.

Personality: She has a great desire to be helpful, to be useful, to be understood, to be listened to. She will volunteer to help if she thinks she can, often taking credit if she feels it is due to her. While sometimes she can become distracted looking at or listening to things only she can see or hear, she makes an effort to not do it while she is being talked to by someone she knows is there.

Derangement: Schizophernia - Everything has meaning, even the odd sights or sounds. Nothing is false, just not always real. Each bit is a puzzle piece that if turned just right, connected just right, will show reality as it is. There is nothing crazy about it just because you can not see it or understand it or even if I can not always see it or understand it.

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Concept- Cassandra
Demeanor- martyr
Nature- Pedagogue

-charisma 4
-manipulation 4
-appearance 2
-perception 4
-intelligence 2+1
-wits 2
-Strenght 1
-Dexerity 3
-stamina 2

-Occult 3
-Investigation 2
-computer 2
-technology 2
-Firearms 1
-Etiqutte 2
-Performance 2
-Alterness 3
-Empathy 3
-Awareness 3
-Brawl 2
-Expression 2

-Auspex ***
-Dementation ****

1 Domain
4 Resources
5 Generation
1 Retainer (Lawyer/accountant)

Virtures (7)
Conscience 1+2+1
Self Control 1+2+1
Courage 1+3

Willpower 4
Humanity 6

Freebie points (15)
7 Dementation
6 Background
2 merit

2 Prophetic Dreams
2 medium
3 oracular ability
1 language (latin)

5 infertile vitae
1 soft hearted

Experiance(49 spent)
10 Auspex 1
 5 Auspex 2
10 Auspex 3
6 Conscience
6 Self Control
8 intelligence to 3

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1. Searching the various centers of occult gathering to learn even more, most of her direct knowledge being west coast and Eastern leaning but now wanting to learn more Old World knowledge. Most will be mortal trickery, and many wont want to talk to her but she has time. (Occult 4)

2. Spending time in places where people gather to try and read them. homeless shelters, soup kitchens, concerts, night time mass, dance clubs, poetry reading, anything where more than a dozen people are.(Expression Empathy)

3. Working on trying to figure out telepathy, struggling to make sure what she thinks she hears is what is being thought not just what she thinks they are thinking. (Auspex 4)

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