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Widow Trinity


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Name: Widow Trinity

Clan: Followers of Set

Sheet: Widow Trinity :: World of Darkness [New] :: Myth-Weavers Online Character Sheets

Nature & Demeanor: Creep Show
You strive to shock and disgust those around you with
gratuitous acts and ostentatiously “evil” mannerisms.
You realize, of course, that it’s all show and merely a
way to intimidate and control others. Outsiders, on the
other hand, think you are the Devil incarnate, and you
revel in this image. Shock-rockers, rebellious teenagers,
circus freaks, and the attention-starved exemplify
the Creep Show Archetype.
— Regain a point of Willpower whenever someone
recoils from you in horror or otherwise reacts in fear.


Love came early for Trinity, at a mere 16 years old she met a handsome guy on day 1 of college. She was going to become a journalist and had dreams of scooping a top story and becoming famous, she also wanted to write a book or two. Horror and or fantasy with a little love thrown in, by the time she left college two years later she was heading for uni not too far from home (Birmingham). Mick was going there too so they could still see each other, Trinity found a job in a small local newspaper doing all the unwanted jobs and the obituaries. After a year she had a breakthrough, she was given a job to cover a theft from a shop where the culprit had removed an adjoining wall to access a small jeweller. It turned out that they had killed the neighbours to use the house and suddenly the small story got bigger, her cameraman spied some disposable safety equipment in a nearby bin and Trinity had a scoop that promoted her. At a mere 20 years of age, she was now an assistant editor, Mick proposed to her and she accepted. Oh how fate is cruel, Tempest needed a spy and a newspaper was as good a place to place one. With a newspaper's reach Tempest could watch for any bad "vibes", keeping Widow Trinity as a spy was like having a bookmark.

Trinity became a vampire on her wedding night of all nights, her husband slept as she was turned into an undead, just like that. As Trinity awoke the raging hunger made her drain her husband, she then spent a few weeks as her body changed. The bits that were not needed like the bowls and intestines were ejected, and her body reformed to its new needs. Upon completion, Trinity had another hunger but this time her new mistress introduced herself and took Trinity to a park where the art of seducing a meal was shown to her. Sex was the easiest tool to get a meal, most men, especially the young ones, would want to slip into your bed. Women too could be lured easily enough, if you drained a person you had to deal with a body. Fire was good as were messy accidents, ones where the throat or arms could be mangled to cover up the bite marks.

Trinity added Widow to her name as losing her husband made her one, her "mother" was called Tempest and so Tempest gave Widow Trinity some rules to follow. The golden rule was "DO NOT TURN ANYONE EVER", you only turn when you need some muscle or a pawn. Widow Trinity it seemed was just a pawn, a bedmate to keep madame err "warm" at night. Becoming a vampire robbed you of a good many basic needs, you could still drink, eat, smoke etc but sex was the biggest loss. You still had feelings but just not as good as the living did, Trinity did not miss a man though, not even her dead hubby.

Widow Trinity began work on information gathering and brokering, dirty secrets made money. Tempest took Trinity to the temple where she was sworn in, the head of the clan wanted Trinity but this was not to be. Widow Trinity had no need for a man, a fat one to boot. This now sat stale and the more demands he sent the more Trinity said no, and then he overstepped the mark. She was captured and chained to his bed, her rage was legendary. After he was sated he lay on the bed to sleep, Trinity tore open his throat and drank some of his blood. Taking the key from him and unlocking the chain Trinity fled from the deed, she was utterly broken and stopped running when she got to America. "What now," she thought, New York was entertaining but did little for her. Widow Trinity headed south and arrived in the Savannah, this presented an opportunity. Having stolen the week's takings from a drug dealer Widow Trinity threw a party, no clothes were permitted and be prepared to experience love from any angle. During this party, Trinity was introduced to Lady Divine. She was a personal friend of Winthrop Thomas - Prince of Savannah, he had plans for Widow Trinity.

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On 5/24/2023 at 7:30 AM, paladinred said:

I might need some help with the sheet, I am not too good at building a vampire

So it looks like you've got your attributes.

The Virtues (courage, etc.) would go over into the fillable lines above Morale.

For skills, talents and knowledges... you might want to think of the ones that might have been acquired in her time on the run, as she's moving herself across the globe and evading the cult and discovery. Another source of inspiration might be to look at what she was doing up to the point of her wedding. What was her life before that trauma changed it? Was she working? A student? Lots of open questions about what was her life before it was changed.

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I have looked at The Path of Cathari and it looks like a reasonable fit for Widow Trinity, she wants to indulge in all the "vices" she denied herself when she was mortal.

Is this a viable path for your game?

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Do you have a record of how you spent freebie points and experience? It would help me understand how you got to some of the attribute totals.

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The 15 points from character creation went like this

Enchanting Voice 2

Efficient Digestion 3

Computer Aptitude 2

Eidict Memory 2

Hard of Hearing -1

Bad Sight -1 (will be using contact lenses)

Short Fuse -2


That has a cost of 9 -4 = 5

That leaves 10pts + the 50 = 60pts

Dexterity from 2 - 3 is 8pts

Subterfuge from 3 to 4 is 6pts

Charisma from 3 to 4 is 12pts

Perception from 2 to 3 is 8pts

Intelligence from 3 to 4 is 12pts

Conscience from 2 to 3 is 4pts

Self Control from 3 to 4 is 6pts

Courage from 2 to 3 is 4pts


I think this is correct, if not please advise.

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4 hours ago, paladinred said:

That leaves 10pts + the 50 = 60pts

The 10 freebie points are more valuable than the experience points. Looking at what you spent experience on...

Charisma from 3 to 4 is 12pts

Intelligence from 3 to 4 is 12 pts

Those are just 5 freebie points each to use up your 10 remaining freebie points. That gives you 14 experience points left to allocate.

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3 hours ago, paladinred said:

Serpentis from 1 to 2 is 2pts

Domain from 1 to 3 is 6pts

Discipline increase is 5pts x current.

And max starting Domain is 1, because you're new and that's all the territory you're allowed to claim at this point by the Prince.

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