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Shirlene Mitchell, Gangrel


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Shirlene Mitchell




    Nature:   Rogue  Clan: Gangrel  
    Demeanour: Bravo Generation:  13th  
    Concept: trailer park trash, Fitness club owner Sire: Nathaniel Cooperran an illegal fight club in Atlanta where Shirlene fought and was embraced.





Strengthvicious   ●●●●○ Presence   ●●○○○   Perceptionalert   ●●●●○  
Dexteritylightning reflexes ●●●●○  Manipulation  ●●●○○  Intelligence   ●●○○○  
Stamina ●●○○○ Appearance   ●●●○○   Wits   ●●○○○





Alertness ●○○○○ Animal Ken ●●○○○   Academics   ○○○○○
Athletics  ●●○○○ Crafts ●○○○○   Computer ●○○○○
Awareness   ○○○○○ Drive ●○○○○   Finance ○○○○○
BrawlClaws ●●●●○ Etiquette ●○○○○ Investigation ●○○○○
Empathy ●○○○○ Firearms  ○○○○○ Law ○○○○○
Expression ○○○○○ Larceny ●●●○○ Medicine ●○○○○
Intimidation ●●●○○ Melee   ○○○○○ Occult ●○○○○
Leadership ●○○○○ Peformance ○○○○○ Politics ●○○○○
Streetwise  ●●●○○ Stealth ●●●○○ Science ○○○○○
Subterfuge ●○○○○ Survival ●○○○○ Technology ○○○○○







Conscience ●●●●○ Status (Camarilla) ●○○○○ Protean ●●●○○
Self-Control ●●●●● Retainer (Lucia)Luica Brown is a small but agile black woman. Although she is quite fit, she is completely opposed to violence. She owns a revolver but loathes the thing. Lucia is a yoga coach and takes care of the books at the FemPower Gym.

Shirlene has known Lucy since their early childhood in an Atlanta trailer park. She offered her ghouldom shortly after her embrace when she learned that the young mother was dying from a disease called SLE. Lucy appepted and together they got Lucy's son Benjamin into medschool.

Benjamin is in his 30s now and has become a doctor in Seattle. Sirlene and Lucy never talk about him because they do not want to endaner him. For the same reason, Lucy only visits him rarely and never flies directly to Seattle.
●●○○○ Animalism ●●○○○
Courage ●●●●○ Retainer (Trish)Trish is Shirlene's other ghoul. Trish also works at the FemPower Gym. She has never been the brightest pea, but she is tall and strong. She obsesses with her body. Most people assume that she took too many steroids.

Ghouldom is for her just one more way to improve her body.
●○○○○ Celerity ●○○○○
    ResourcesMost of Shirlene's resources, which were never many to begin with, are bound in her gym.

She doesn't have much money, but neither she nor her ghouls need much anyway.
Humanity ●●●●● ●○○○○ Domain (FemPower Gym)When moving to Savannah, Shirlene invested all her money in a small women-only gym, which she runs with her two ghouls.

There is a tiny office, a few machines and bikes, plus Lucia's yoga classes and Shirlene's self-defense class in the small gym room.

There's also a living room cum kitchen, plus one room with a king-sized bed for sleeping: Shirlene sometimes uses the bed during the day (when she doesn't go to the park to sleep outside), and her ghouls mostly at night.

The gym attracts three kinds of customers: The young women want to look fit and attractive and take self-defense classes, the mothers try to get their pld bodies and some me-time, and the old women, who are the largest group, fight a losing battle against age and enjoy the social contact.
Willpower (maximum: 9)
■■■■■ ■■■■ Ally (Joshua Willis)Director Joshua Willis runs the Park and Tree Department of the city of Savannah: They are respnsible for the city greenscapes.

Joshua Willis believes Shirlene to have a special connection to animals. She has helped him get rid of a rat plague, and he knows she is interested in the parks of the city. He also likes sharing city hall gossip with her.

The two regularly meet on Tuesday evenings to play pool.
Bloodpoints (Maximum: 10) ■■■■■ ■■■□□ HerdThree of the women coming to the gym have booked the special exsanguination treatment that strengthens the body by stimulating the production of new blood.

They have no clue what the blood is used for.

Weakness, Virtues and Flaws

Clan Weakness: Every time a Gangrel frenzies, she acquires a temporary animal characteristic (which may replace an existing temporary one). A patch of fur, a brief torpor after feeding, or skittishness around crowds — all of these may mar an Outlander after frenzy. Characteristics acquired in Gangrel frenzies need not only be physical – they can be behavioral as well. Players should work with the Storyteller to determine what new animal trait is acquired (whether the frenzy involved the fight-or-flight impulse may be relevant). Over time, or in an exceptional situation, a particular animal feature may become permanent, with the next frenzy adding a new feature. A good guideline is to require each frenzy-gained trait to have some effect grounded in system terms (such as the temporary reduction of Social Attribute dots or a permanent loss of Humanity), though some Storytellers may allow narrative-only traits that can shape the story.

Acute Hearing (+1): Shirlene used to lie awake at night in the trailer, listening carefully for her stepfather's heavy steps. The difficulties for all tasks involving the use of this particular sense are reduced by two. This Merit can be combined with the Discipline of Auspex to produce superhuman sensory acuity.

Bruiser (+1): In the trailer park, you are hunter or you are prey. Shirlene's body language tells you clearly which category she belongs to. Your appearance is sufficiently thug-like to inspire fear (or at least disquiet) in those who see you. While you’re not necessarily ugly, you do radiate a quiet menace, to the point where people cross the street to avoid passing near you. All Intimidation rolls against those who have not demonstrated their physical superiority to you are at -1 difficulty.

Blush of Life (+2): Maybe it's because you still exercise every day and are very connected to your body. You look more hale and healthy in appearance than other vampires, allowing you to blend with human society much more easily. You still retain the color of a living mortal, and your skin feels only slightly cool to the touch.

Iron Will (+3): The Mitchells have always been stubborn as mules, and your family has always taken pride in this. When you are determined and your mind is set, nothing
can thwart you from your goals. Characters using Dementation, Dominate, or any other mind-altering magic, spell, or Thaumaturgy path against your character are at +3 difficulty. Elder levels of powers like Dementation and Dominate may overwhelm even this resistance. Against Level Six powers, the expenditure of a Willpower point
through Iron Will only raises the difficulty of the Discipline roll by two. Against Level Seven powers, the difficulty is increased by only one. Level Eight and higher powers cannot be resisted with Iron Will. This Merit does not affect Presence or other powers dealing with the emotions. Characters will Willpower scores below 8 cannot take this Merit.

Infertile Vitae (-5): During your Embrace, something went horribly wrong, causing your blood to mutate under the stress of dying and rising again. All those you try to Embrace die. No matter what you do, you may not create any childer. However, your blood can still be used in blood rituals like Thaumaturgy and the Vaulderie, or for any
other vampiric needs like making ghouls.

Equipment and other stuff

usually wears a comfy jeans jacket, treavels lightly


Shirlene comes from the gutter of Atlanta and has no illusions about life. She has learned to watch out for herself and her body language is a barely veiled threat not to mess with her.

She isn't as impulsive as she wants you to believe though. She values self-control because she has seen too many people who didn't have any. Shirlene is smart enough to scrape and smile when she has to and tries to avoid making more enemies than necessary.

She is slow to trust anyone, but when she does, she is completely reliable.


My dear Prince,

you have asked me to provide you with information on the Atlanta Gangrel that calls herself Shirlene Mitchell. I have spent the last month observing her and making inquiries about her.

All sources agree that she is tough and stubborn: Over the years, she has had several run-ins with the Sabbat that cost them dearly. There is nothing original about her fighting style: Stealth and violence – just like you’d expect from her clan. Her claws are deadly, but she’s a straight arrow – no mind tricks or conspiracies with her.

There also seems to be some kind of ongoing conflict with the Ravnos – it seems she slew a Ravnos Elder in 2012. The reasons are mostly unclear, but she has been heard saying that she didn’t like his chauvinist macho attitude. There may to be more to it though, because unlike our poor Brujah brethren, she is said to have an amazing amount of self-control normally.   

But I am getting ahead of myself: Shirlene was born in a holding cell in downtown Atlanta on March 1st 1973 and spent her childhood in the Bella Vista Trailer Park. Her late mother was a meth junkie and prostitute. Despite my best efforts, I was unable to unearth her genetical father’s identity. I suspect even the mother couldn’t tell you.

That doesn’t mean that there was a shortage of father figures in young Shirlene’s life. Her mother was in a series of abusive relationships with pimps, druggies, bullies and winos. It probably explains why Shirlene prefers the company of women. She did have a younger half-brother though, a feeble-minded boy called Thomas that she loved and protected from her parents and neighbors in any way she could.

My sources say that she can do her three Rs, which I find rather surprising. I found some of her old school records – calling her attendance spotty would be quite the understatement. Looks like she spent most of her youth with the Crimson Tygers, an Atlanta gang of young thugs and thieves. Made a reputation for herself as someone who you didn’t **** with. I am really surprised she doesn’t have a police file.

Her first job was in an illegal fight club in Atlanta where she worked as a bouncer and occasional fighter. The club was owned by a certain Nathaniel Cooper who sends his devoted greetings to you. He must have seen something in her, probably some savage Animal spirit or whatever these savages dig. Anyway, he embraced her, probably in June 1996, which means she was 23 at the time.

Shortly after she got her first ghoul, a woman named Lucia Brown, who comes from the same trailer park as Shirlene. Our Gangrel is rumoured have offered her ghouldom as the treatment for some lethal disease. Shirlene’s biggest secret is that her ghoul has a son who practices medicine in Seattle. Looks like they are quite fond of him. You can probably use that information to make sure she doesn’t do anything funny.

She kept working for Cooper for another two years. Then, she tried to embrace her little brother to get him off drugs, as she tells it. She hadn’t asked anyone’s permission and the poor sod died so painfully that the Prince saw no need to punish her any further. Looks like that low-gen trash can’t even sire a childe. The Prince had found himself another weapon to send against his enemies.

Shirlene has worked for the Prince for the last 25 years, as a deputy of the local sheriff. It seems she has been completely loyal.

All in all, I believe her to be a useful tool: Strong, reliable and easy to control.

Your loyal servant,

Shrek the Beautiful

XP Log

Freebies spending:

+2 merits/flaws

+6 virtues (+1 conscience/+2 self-control)

+5 willpower+5

+2 brawl +1


50xp pre game spending:

10 xp to buy Celerity 1

10xp to buy Animalism 1

14 xp to buy Abilities (Animal Ken 2, Etiquette 1, Leadership 1, Subterfuge 1)

16 xp to buy a 3rd dot in manipulation and Appearance each



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  • The title was changed to Shirlene Mitchell, Gangrel

One adjustment: Park and Tree Dept handles the public greenspaces, pest control, etc. for the same and includes all of the squares in the historic district. However, Savannah has 5 historic cemeteries that have their own department that tends to them they are on the historic register. That dept also maintains the 80 or so other cemeteries in the county. Joshua could be the director of either one, at your choice.

Otherwise a good character. I particularly like the background style.

I'll provide a good location for the gym as I work out map placements of various havens and domains. Oddly enough the locations agents were willing to show were carefully curated by some hidden hand...

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Glad you liked it, and thanks for the help with the ally and the location. I have never been to the south, so I am limited to google and guesswork.

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  • 3 weeks later...

1. What is being used in everyday activities that would improve over time?

Although she won't appreciate it at first, owning a fitness club will eventually teach Shirlene the basics of Finance.

2. What is being actively trained in off camera down time.

She spends some time each night hitting a bag, which is eventually going to make her even faster (Celerity).

3. What is being sought out through other methods that isn't subject to regular use or training.

Shirlene is aware that most kindred see her as a a thug to be directed against something to smash. She hopes to rise beyond that. She dreams of being able to see (or if possible: hear) people's auras (Auspex).

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Somehow I failed to get back to you with the address of the fitness club: 213 E Broad St, replacing where Southern Tan and Wellness used to be... spray tans went out and so did their business.

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