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"Warl0ck" - Nosferatu Hacker

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Decided I had another idea that kind of fit better anyway. Johnny Match feels more '70's then '90's. Might need to work out mechanics but there shouldn't be any deep shenanigans. Mostly I just don't remember how to make sheets exactly.
Real Name "Lisa" [This is Probably a Lie]
Internet Handle Warl0ck

Nature Scientist Demeanor Architect
Clan Nosferatu / Generation 12
Sire Unknown
Date of Birth: February 10th, 1972
Date of Embrace: Unknown [January 11th, 1994]

Place of Birth: Donestsk, Ukraine
Place of Death: Unknown beyond Eastern Europe



As a survival mechanism she's almost always smiling. The question is it because she's happy or because it's a mask to hide that she's figuring out where to stick the knife. Sometimes you can tell by looking in her eyes, sometimes you can't. In her defense, it's not a malicious thing. It's more a survival mechanism.

And "Lisa" is very good at finding ways to seek the knife. A finder of weak points and secrets, "Lisa" plays nice in person but secretly is always testing and probing - sometimes not so secretly. Plays a bit dumb and ditzy but it's pretty obviously just an act. In fact she's extremely intelligent, seeing herself as an intellectual peer of any Prince in the Camirilla at least. Not as powerful, sure - but some of that can be changed and plans can be made.

Enjoys the Smell of Coffee if obviously not the taste, too the point that when working she occasionally brews some anyway. Has experimented with mixing coffee into blood and drinking it. Not great results. Also likes to collect old technology and trying to keep it working as a hobby, like old iPods and Zunes. Frequently uses gender-neutral or male aliases or handles, a holdover habit from her early days on the internet.



A Nosferatu with the curse that it implies, you can tell that she was on the more attractive side when she was alive if not dramatically so. Since becoming one of the undead though her clan curse has definitely taken hold. She is still roughly symmetrical but she looks like the slightest false move could make her split open and spill out insects. Has been described as she looks like a mummy that was unwrapped then filled with Spiders, their webbing holding her together.

Her hair you can tell was blonde once but now it looks like it's been replaced strand by strand by cobwebs. Her eyes look like they shouldn't work anymore and overall she looks like she has only a small fraction of the moisture in her body as there should be.

Prefers to wear A-Frame t-shirts and PJ pants with slippers, if forced to dress up may put a blazer over the t-shirt and switch out the house slippers for sneakers. Prefers basic greys and light browns for colors.


Motivations & Goals

• Viewing herself as an intellectual peer of any other Prince, even their superior in some ways, and as such she seeks power for herself as a "Prince of Cyberspace".
"Vampires. Always looking Down in their Graves or Back to their Pasts. The Future belongs to those who can look Up and Forward."



The daughter of a soldier, it wasn't much of a secret that her father wanted a son. By the time she was 5 though her father was smart enough to realize that in the wars of the future the information surronding the War would be just important as what happened on the battlefield itself. He tried to understand his daughter and he never quite pulled it off, but as long as he could see some application to Warfare he tried.

The surprise was that it turned out to be Computers where she shined. By the time she was 15 she was already pushing boundaries with programming. When the Internet was made available to the public, she took it by storm and became some of the first big hackers under the aliases "Captain Crunch", "Overkill", and "Warlock". Few figured out that all three were the same person, but clearly someone did.

She was embraced in '94, by a Nosferatu. The experience was obviously unpleasent but her sire had the decency to admit his clan was after her skills, and to show her the ropes of undeath from a distance. Even arranged for some blood delivories to get things going. Granted, once she figured out some of the rules she quickly figured out more and more on her own. She's flirted with the rules of the Masquerade a little, won a few international contests and attended some computer tech conventions if remotely. Mostly she was part of a team of more tech-savvy vampires trying to set up their own global network. Glad to know not everyone whose on this side of immortaility is a complete idiot. Warlock put a lot of work into the ShrekNets and considered ShreckNet 2.0 to be a work of absolute art, and in some ways thought of it like her own child. When they ordered it dismantled she was of course livid, but knew she wasn't powerful enough to actually stop it's dismantling so she instead saved what she could to begin work on ShreckNet 3.0 which she figured was inevitable. Still does.

Always convinced that a "Prince of Cyberspace" was also inevitable, she thought that with CoVID and how that effected the world of business and politics the rest of the Camirilla would see that it was time for a ShreckNet 3.0. So far they haven't gone for it, at least not yet. It might take time to set up, but she has all the time in the world. That's the point of Immortality.

  • Warl0ck hasn't exactly made it secret that she thinks the Camirilla should commision an official ShreckNet 3.0, even believes that it's eventual existance is inevitable. It's not at a blood fued level yet but it is definitely causing friction.
  • A controversial opinion held by Warl0ck is that the Sabbat's beliefs are ultimately irrelevent even if they are accurate, at least in the scope of Universal Entropy. Those obessessed with the Past are doomed to be left behind in it.
  1. More than a little obsessed with her vision of a Princedom of Cyberspace and seeing Stagnation as the deadliest weakness of the Vampiric condition, Warl0ck/Lisa does her best to keep up to date with Computers, Technology, Science, and their associated Crafts. She also concedes that her projects will require a mastery of Finance to get flowing properly.
  2. Unfortunately, she's come to accept that to get ahead in the Game of Nights she has to learn how to play the game as her opponents do a little more and concentrate a bit on the supernatural aspects of her condition. Mostly by finding ways to reduce her Generation and improve her Disciplines.
  3. Believing herself to be an intellectual peer, if not superior, to any Prince in the Camirilla - she perhaps a tad ironically seeks some Power for herself, invisioning a Princedom of Cyberspace.


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Posted (edited)

Okay, going to cop to having no idea how to get sheets to work, just cloning Cass and hoping for the best.



Strength Charisma Perception
Manipulation Intelligence
Staminaa Appearence Wits
Alertness Animal Ken Academics
Athletics Crafts Computer
Awareness Drive Finance
Brawl Etiquette Investigation
Empathy Firearms Law
Expression Larceny Medicine
Intimidation Melee Occult
Leadership Performance Politics
Streetwise Stealth Science
Subterfuge Survival Technology
spacer.png spacer.png spacer.png
Animalism Generation Humanity  
Obfuscate Resources Conviction
Potence     Self-Control
Celerity     Courage
spacer.png spacer.png spacer.png
Ambidextrous Unconvinced  
Computer Aptitude Uppity    
Early Riser Special Responsibility    
    Repulsed By Garlic    
    Touch of Frost    
spacer.png spacer.png spacer.png
1 / Turn
▶ Nosferatu Ugly
0 / 50


Spending Tracker


  • Willpower
    • 3 dots to 6
  • Abilities
    • 2 Dots in Computer, Technology
    • 3 Dots in Firearms


  • Abilities
    • New Performance
  • Disciplines
    • Potence to 2
    • New Discipline Celerity
    • Celerity to 2
    • Obfuscate to 4



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By the by, if you want your sheet to be full width of the page, just control+right click-->table properties and under Width put 100%. It's a tricksy trick because that field accepts the percent sign whereas the others refuse it.

Also, because I have access to DALLe, here's what A.I. thinks your character could look like. It's weird cause it picked the same woman in all four shots, so apparently only one Ukrainian woman has ever existed, ever. Oh, A.I., never change... (except please do!) It's nowhere near Nosferatu enough though.


Made a couple more in a different program

I like how the keyboard is not only backwards but built into the desk. Talk about a....desktop computer! 😄


This one is fun. Behold: THE SPOOKY TRIPLE HOODIE! Also, weird side-kick phone laptop?


Hmm, prince of cyberspace?


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What's wrong with the picture used in the charsheet? I thought it was great, like the whole sheet btw! Btw, I like using DeepAI to generate pictures.

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17 minutes ago, Gris said:

What's wrong with the picture used in the charsheet? I thought it was great, like the whole sheet btw! Btw, I like using DeepAI to generate pictures.

Nothing, I just like dorking around and having options. 😛

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29 minutes ago, GleefulNihilism said:

Agreed, of the three shots I'm not even sure the first is Nos enough. Not bad though, gets the point across at least.

How did you make that sheet just in general? Teach me your Kung Fu.

Yeah, just fuffing about with some things. I just like to create even if it going unused. That wasn't the point 😉

I'll make a separate post explaining the table and add a picture.

24 minutes ago, Gris said:

What's wrong with the picture used in the charsheet? I thought it was great, like the whole sheet btw! Btw, I like using DeepAI to generate pictures.

Nothing; I like offering help when it wasn't asked for. I'm... annoying like that :p Truth be told, I like the original image best. But that one you made is super creepy! Never used DeepAI.

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In college I had two nicknames since I ran our gaming club's website at IUSB. I was either the Web Monkey or the Web Guru (most people used monkey cause, well, MONKE FUNI)

So, I did something tricky with the table. It's a LOT easier to see what I did if you turn on all the borders. The headers are just using colspan (or you can use the "cell merge right" option a few times). The headers themselves are images generated through this website I use.

Where I have stats at are actually 2 cells (we'll call them a pair). The left cell with like "Dexterity" in it is right-aligned. The cell to it's right only has the dots in it, which are default aligned left. The width of each pair adds up to 33% since I have "3" columns I'd like it to organize into. So I think I put each cell at 16.5% width.

That's really the long and short of it. I hope that made sense! Feel free to ask more 😉



So, why'd I do it? Well, that's easy. I don't like the way things look when center aligned "naturally" like so:

These items
and none of
the widths

By doing my method of splitting into pairs, I ensure the center stays at one single spot and all the edges line up neatly (I like symmetry).

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  • 2 months later...

Just writing down some concepts for future vampires in this or future games.

  • Always love Johnny Match. A mob arsonist embraced into Clan Malkavian in the 1970's, and his Pyromania derangement might be enough to cancel out the Rotshrek of Vampires.
  • Raphael Di Bassi, a Toreador who was born from a minor noble house in medieval Italy. An artist by calling, was actually instrumental in forming the Movie industry in Hollywood - and he naturally lives and breathes Politics. He *loves* art, but that's not what kind of animal he really is.
  • Adam Perry, the grandson of a would-be Texas Oil Baron who lost everything from betrayel by his business partners where the family never really recovered. Getting a shot to get back into business, he quickly became known as a businessman that was good to his employees - and utterly ruthless to everyone else, especially the Petrochemical company that should have been his. Enough to get the attention, testing, and tutalige of Clan Lasombra. Ironically, his main business venture is a Solar Energy Firm making him a vampire of both Night *and* Day.
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