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Father Pasic - Tremere Priest

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Father Peter Pasic
“thou shalt be for fuel to the fire; thy blood shall be in the midst of the land; thou shalt be no more remembered: for I the lord have spoken it.
- Ezekiel 21:32”
Name: Peter Pasic Nature: Idealist   Generation: 8th
Player: TheRealSife Demeanor: Curmudgeon      Concept: Pessimistic Priest
Chronicle: An Offer You Can't Refuse Clan: Tremere Sire: Kresimir Pasic




Strength ●○○○○
Dexterity ●○○○○
Stamina ●●●●○

Charisma ●●○○○
Manipulation ●●●●●
Appearance ●○○○○

Perception ●●●●●
Intelligence ●●●●○
Wits ●●●○○




Alertness ●○○○○
Athletics ○○○○○
Awareness ●●○○○
Brawl ○○○○○
Empathy ●●●○○
Expression ○○○○○
Intimidation ●●●○○
Leadership ●●●○○
Streetwise ○○○○○
Subterfuge ●●●○○

Animal Ken ○○○○○
Crafts ○○○○○
Drive ○○○○○
Firearms ○○○○○
Etiquette ●●●○○
Melee ○○○○○
Performance ○○○○○
Larceny ○○○○○

Stealth ●●○○○
Survival ○○○○○

Academics (Religion) ●●●○○
Computers ○○○○○
Finance ○○○○○
Investigation ●○○○○
Law (Cannon Law) ●○○○○
Medicine ○○○○○
Occult ●●●○○
Politics ●○○○○
Science ○○○○○
Technology ○○○○○





Thaumaturgy (Lure of Flames) ●●○○○

Thaumaturgy (Path of Corruption) ●○○○○

Dominate ●●●○○

Auspex ○○○○○

(OOC) Daimoinon ●○○○○


Communicate with Kindred Sire

Incantation of the Shepard


Resources ●●○○○

Generation ●●●●●

Mentor ●●●○○

Contact ●○○○○

Herd ●○○○○

Status ●○○○○

Domain ●○○○○

Allies ●○○○○

Influence ●○○○○


Conscience/Conviction ●●●○○

Self-Control/Instinct ●●●○○

Courage ●●●●○






Natural Linguist ●●○○○

Language (Latin, Greek) ●○○○○

Code of Honor (Christianity) ●●○○○

- ○○○○○

Infamous Sire ●○○○○

Infertile Vitae ●●●●●

Recruitment Target ●○○○○

Merit/Flaw ○○○○○

Merit/Flaw ○○○○○

Merit/Flaw ○○○○○

Merit/Flaw ○○○○○

Merit/Flaw ○○○○○


●●●●● ●○○○○
Aura: Aura ( Pale )


●●●●● ●●●●●
■■■■■ ■■■■■


■■■■■ ■■■■■ ■■■■■ □□□□□
□□□□□ □□□□□ □□□□□ □□□□□
Blood Per Turn: ■■■


Bruised       □
Hurt -1       □
Injured -1    □
Wounded -2    □
Mauled -2     □
Crippled -5   □
Incapacitated □


Blood Dependency:

It takes only two draughts of another
vampire’s blood for a Tremere to become
blood bound instead of the normal three —
the first drink counts as if the Tremere had
taken two drinks. The elders of the Clan are
well aware of this, and seek to impart loyalty
to the Clan by forcing all neonate Warlocks to
drink of the (transubstantiated) blood of the
seven Tremere elders soon after their Embrace.




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Posted (edited)

Freebie Points - 17 total

Willpower + 6
Resources 2
Ally 1
Contact 1
Domain 1
Herd 1
Influence 1
Status 1
Mentor 3


Experience Points - 50 Total

Daimoinon 1 - 10
Wits 2, 3 - 12
Subterfuge 3 - 4
Thaumaturgy (Lure of Flames) 1, 2 - 15
Thaumaturgy (Path of Corruption) 1 - 7
Awareness 2 - 2



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Posted (edited)

Mortal Life:

The Pasic family was cursed. It had been for as long as anybody could remember. Even when he was just a child, his grandfather would gather him and his cousins around the fireplace at night and recount the story of the demon that stalked their family down through the years. He told them of how every generation it would come and snatch a few of them away. How his parents had fled the old country to try and escape their dark fate, but to no avail.

Peter never really believed it. Sure his uncle had been murdered under mysterious circumstances, and supposedly his grandfather’s younger sister had just disappeared one day and never returned, but his family was poor, had always been poor. Frankly, for the rough part of Memphis that they lived in their familial death rate was probably sitting right on the median average.

His father believed it though. He even claimed he’d see the demon now and then. A dark figure watching him from the shadows or footsteps following just behind him at night, only he’d go to look or turn around and there would be no one there. He dealt with paranoia by turning to drink and Peter’s mother dealt with the drinking and the abuse by turning to religion.

Not that Peter minded, he always liked going to church. It became a kind of escape from his deteriorating home life. When the priest took an interest in him it presented a rare avenue of escape for an awkward bookish kid that grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. The old priest became a kind of father figure and a male role model of the kind that was severely lacking in Peter's life up until that point. Without really knowing when the idea first occurred to him, Peter found himself resolving to follow in the old man's footsteps.



After getting his bachelor's degree in religious studies through a scholarship program and attending seminary for five years, Peter eventually took up a role as a priest in training right back at the church in his old neighborhood. When the priest there retired a few years later Peter took on the role himself. Life seemed to finally be coming together for him and he began to feel that maybe everything had been according to God's will after all.

It was around that time when he first saw it. Most often it appeared as bright malevolent eyes peering down at him from one of the many shadows in the Church's pillared ceiling. Sometimes it didn't 'look' like anything at all, manifesting as nothing more than a voice whispering strange things through his window that he could never quite recall come morning. Despite his faith in God, Peter had always believed the devil to be more of a metaphor. Rather than fearing actual malevolence he worried he was losing his mind, developing whatever apparently hereditary illness his father had suffered from for so many years.In hindsight Peter still isn't sure whether that wouldn't have been a preferable fate. 

Peter doesn't remember much about his actual embrace. He was asleep when his sire came to him. To both of their surprise he woke up in his bed surrounded by strange ritualistic symbols, scrawled in his own blood. His sire explained excitedly that he was a distant relative of Peter's and had been watching over their family for a long time, like a guardian angel of sorts. That he had tried many times to invite members of their family to join with him over the years, but that this was the first time it had worked.



Like most childer, Peter entered unlife with an unnatural and unhealthy love for his sire. Born first of the embrace and later of the blood bond. His sire proudly introduced him to the city as a new member of clan Tremere. Peter came to understand that his sire's difficulty with delivering the embrace was uncommon among their kind. It was only much later that he realized the disability was the price his sire had once paid to secure diabolical power, and that it was only through centuries of bloody trial and error coupled the application of that same dark power that he had managed to embrace at all. Even then his master found that any attempt to repeat the procedure failed, Peter lost two cousins in order for his sire to come to the conclusion that there must have been something special about Peter himself.

Perhaps Peter would have remained in his sire’s thrall forever if not for the disjunction between his faith and his sire’s demonic tendencies. Even in the throes of false devotion he recognized the wrongness of what his sire had become and over time he was able to build the willpower to go to the local Tremere primogen and reveal the truth, that his sire was a diabolist and that he was trying to turn Peter into one as well.

It turned out the Primogen had suspected Peter’s sire for some time, but never had the ammunition to confront him about it. Now that she did, she rallied the other clans and received assent from the prince to declare a blood hunt on Peter’s sire. Ultimately the old monster received a dire wound, but managed to escape with his unlife. Peter likely would have been executed as well if not for his primogen taking him under her wing, partly because she was grateful for the role he had played and partly because she was curious about the dark secrets he had glimpsed in his sire’s care.   


Coming to Savannah

Peter was on good terms with his Primogen who became a sort of surrogate sire to him. Yet he was ultimately uncomfortable with her desire to push him to explore the dark secrets his master had begun instructing him on. She wasn’t a diabolist, nor interested in making any deals with devils, but she did hold an almost scientific interest in understanding the nature of them and saw Peter as her ticket to doing so. Furthermore, after a decade or so of silence, he once again began to get that itchy feeling from the time leading up to his embrace that he was being watched. He worried that his sire had recovered and was once again stalking him. When he heard the offer from Savannah’s prince it seemed like the perfect way to get some distance from the pressures and dangers of his hometown.



Code of Honor (Christianity):

Peter is still an ordained priest, and his faith has been a central part of his life for years. That being said he isn't a zealot, he entered the church primarily as a way to escape his meager upbringing and to hopefully do some good while he did so. There are some lines he won't cross, but it becomes harder every night to define what it means to be both a christian and a bloodsucking undead monster. Generally speaking he avoids vice and tries not to harm others unless in self-defence.


Infamous Sire & Recruitment Target:

Kresimir Pasic is ancient, at least four centuries old by most estimations. It is unclear when exactly he became a diabolist, but what is known is that it gave him terrible power in exchange for removing his ability to embrace. Given they are almost uniformly hated it is difficult for diabolists to recruit followers from pre-existing kindred and it seems Kresimir became obsessed with the idea of subverting his limitation in order to build a cabal of his own childer. For some reason he is convinced that the only chance he has at embracing it from his own mortal bloodline, and for generations he has been attempting to embrace them in with one dark misguided ritual after another. Perhaps he was right in the end though, since he succeeded in turning Peter.

Despite Peter getting a blood hunt called on him, Kresimir still wants Peter to return to the fold. He is sure that once Peter has properly basked in the dark light of demonic power, he will forget all his silly notions of resistance. What's more is that if Kresimir is ever going to embrace more people he needs to get Peter back so he can study him and properly figure out how to repeat the process.


Infertile Vitae

Jut as Peter inherited some of his sire's diabolical gifts, he inherited his curse. Peter is completely unable to embrace others.


Mentor 3


Catelina Choi, the Tremere primogen of Memphis, took Peter under her wing after he came to her and exposed his sire as a diabolist. A Korean American with mixed heritage who was embraced a little before the turn of the the 20th century, she is well used to irrational prejudice and was more than happy to protect him from the other clans that called for his head to be on the chopping block right next to his sire's.

She has a very methodical approach to her exploration of blood magic that has bled out into the rest of her life, causing many to perceive her as cold and emotionless. Yet, she seems to have developed a soft spot for Peter. That doesn't stop her from trying to use his connection to diabolic powers to study her true passion, the nature of immaterial beings such as spirits, demons and other stranger entities.




Contact 1
BookSeller1.JPG.8d32bef117b94347b963fae7cc336651.JPGMordecai's is an antiques and rare books shop that seems to have been around for almost as long as its inventory. Being a member of clan Tremere often calls for the need to track down rare volumes, strange ingredients, and the occasional lost treasure or two. If Mordecai doesn't have it in stock he probably knows who does, or at least he can set you on the right track, so long as the price is right.










Ally 1
Police1.JPG.c09dfe734d71da485e1ccdf35c0dfad8.JPGOfficer Mercer is a beat cop that often works the area around the homeless shelter and as such he's usually the first to respond on any calls there. He actually seems to care for the well being of the street population and sees Peter as part of the solution, so he's willing to lend a helping hand from time to time.








Domain 1 & Resources 2
At the moment Peter has taken a position as the night manager of a homeless shelter, this affords him a modest income and an even more modest apartment.


Herd 1
spacer.pngPeter's draws his herd from the people who stay in the shelter. Homeless, and likely either facing mental health or addiction issues. Peter does his best to keep them out of harms way and help them out when necessary. When he needs to feed he uses Dominate to ease the process and remove their memories of it.





Influence 1

In Memphis Peter spent much of his time solidifying his influence over the city's religious institutions. Though that did offer him some degree of power, it was more out of a desire to hold on to something that had been integral to him in life. He has managed to transfer some of that influence out to Savannah and he intends to rebuild his network in his new home.



Faction Troubles

Nosferatu - Traditionally the Nosferatu have monopolized holding influence over the unfortunate and the dispossessed and some of them look at Peter's whole shtick as muscling in on their territory. If he's going to stick around he'd better be prepared to pay rent of some kind or another.

Ventrue - The Ventrue Prince of Memphis had been the first to call for Peter's execution along with his sire, but Catelina had cashed in a slew of favours from the other primogen to force the prince to back down. The clan can get over the fact of Peter's diabolical past, but a primogen Warlock overruling true Blue Blooded Prince? unforgivable. Punishing Catelina for her insubordination is politically untenable at the moment, but Peter has just conveniently moved outside of her sphere of protection. They don't necessarily want him killed, where would the lesson be in that? They just want to make him wish he had been.



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  • The title was changed to Father Pasic - Tremere Priest
  • 2 weeks later...

this is a little difficult since I usually am not sure what I am going to spend my XP on before hand, and a lot depends on where the plot is heading and how much XP I'm getting. but I'll give it a go.

In general I like to split my XP roughly half and half between combat/powers and roleplay stuff so if possible I'd ask you to split the XP that way.


1. What is being used in everyday activities that would improve over time?

Peter tries to spread the good word at the homeless shelter or counsel people to lead them on a better path in life. (expression)


2. What is being actively trained in off camera down time.

Peter has been studying Hebrew and Arabic in his spare time in the hopes of reading direct sources of ancient philosophical and religious texts rather than relying on imperfect translations. (1 point in Language Merit Hebrew + Arabic)


3. What is being sought out through other methods that isn't subject to regular use or training.

Peter has been meditating on the secrets of his own blood, seeking to unlock more of his latent powers (Auspex 1)

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