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Callum Withers - Disallusioned Tzimsce


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spacer.pngName: Callum Withers

Place of Birth: Seward Alaska, 1968

Age: 55

Place of Death: Vancouver, Canada

Apparent Age: 25

Height: 6' 6"

Weight: 265 lbs

Clan: Tzimsce


Callum is a very large and imposing man. His form strong and lightly muscled in a eye pleasing way. Standing at six and a half feet tall. He holds himself with a quite dignity. A noble sort of bearing. His eyes a vibrant emerald green. Though just a hint of coldness and darkness seems to lurk beneath them. He is a well kept man, his hair and neatly trimmed beard kept immaculate and well groomed. His hair long and usually falling freely to the centre of his back. At least when he has not put it up into a pony tail or braid to keep it out of the way. His chosen fashion is typically high society fashion, such as suits and other clothing.


Callum tends to set others at unease. His smiles never quite reaching his cold green eyes. No matter how polite or friendly he may seem to be. Found to be rather calm no matter the situation, whether through fire or through fury. As is typical of most fiends, he too shares his clan's predilections, being quite vain in nature. Preferring to always keep a well kept and groomed appearance, even when he is doing manual or physical labour. So too does he still adhere to his clan's rules of Hospitality.


But beneath the thin veneer of politeness lies a terrible monster. One who does not hesitate to shed blood or rip his foes apart should they slight him. Or those that cross him in some manner, especially when politeness can no longer be maintained. And when in the throes of combat, his beast can be easily seen as he seems to take delight in the cruelty inflicted upon his enemies.


Callum came from an affluent family that had lived in Seward for generations. His family owning a small fleet of sea vessels. Though unlike his family, rather then taking to the seas, his interests took him to the wilderness around his home. The natural beauty that the scenery inspired in his hand and his mind. As well as the creatures that stalked the fjords and valleys that he shared with them. His future goals leading him to studying art and various crafts.


His desire for art soon took him towards Vancouver, where he attended an art course at an university. Where his talent continued to grow and expand. Even to methods and mediums he wasn't able to use at home. His creativeness was also his downfall, as it soon drew the eye of a discerning young woman. One who was looking for those of a creative nature, and those that were also pleasing to her eye. Who soon took him under her wing. His time becoming a flurry of art shows and fanciful displays of art. But soon it devolved to much darker acts. Though whether it was his inherent nature or her prodding, it was hard to say, but he fell hard as he began to dabble in things that was likely to wind him in jail or worse. His appetite growing as he followed her instruction as the deviancy grew with every night. Soon he was ready and she embraced him. Making him hers for eternity. As he seemed perfect for her.


For several years he learned from her and his grandsire. His talents aiding them in the various goals, as well as being an agent they could readily dispatch should they need the extra aid. One they could not trust to a lowly ghoul. Being a model Sabbat vampire. Fighting both the Camarilla and the Anarchs as the fiends fought for land they thought was rightfully theirs. Shedding blood and vitae in equal measure at his sire's bidding. He soon came to an understanding about his clan and sect. Their ways were destructive and deadly. They would eventually lead to them falling, either by their own hand due to infighting or to the hands of mortals. Their might could only do so much when compared to the ever forward advance of technology. To him it was not a matter of if but when that the Sabbat would meet their end.


So he took a great risk, breaking from his pack and his sires as he fled from the Sabbat footholds. Fleeing out of a sense of self preservation. Though he knew he was unlikely to get far he had to try. So he began the several year trek across the country. Meeting folks, bargaining with kindred, and working his way towards Savannah. Where he has finally managed to earn his way to potential safe harbour within the Camarilla. Or at least a foot in the door. Though he was sure it would likely take a while to prove that he wasn't a spy and that he was sincere in his desire to quit the Sabbat.



Enemies: Neculai Cojocaru and the Sabbat. Neculai sees Callum's defection as a stain upon his bloodline's honour. Being unsightly to him and his goals. And as such his childe and grandchilde have been tasked with finding Callum and bringing him to his grandsire. So that he may be dealt with in a personal way. Neculai has even moved to those agents within the Sabbat to do so as well.


Lupines. Being under his grandsire's thumb for a few decades caused him to come into conflict with the lupines that lived near the Carpathians Mountains. And due to the numerous conflicts with them has become known to them as an enemy. If not on sight, but at least by name.


Debt Owed: Callum owes a great debt to a tribe of gangrel. When he defected and moved back to the USA they sheltered and protected him from his grandsire's agents. Hding him and prevent his trail from being followed. Doing so at great risk to themselves. This is a debt he has been unable to payback as of yet. Though he is waiting to see how they will collect it from him.

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Name: Callum Withers Nature: Monster Generation: 9th
Player: Kunakic Demeanor: Eye of the Storm   Concept: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Chronicle: An Offer You Can't Refuse Clan: TzImisce Sire: Carmen Lucescu




Strength ●●○○
Dexterity ●●○○○
Stamina ●●○○

Charisma ●●○○○
Manipulation ●●●○○
Appearance ●●●○○

Perception ●●○○○
IntelligenceCreative ●●●●○
Wits ●●●●○




Alertness ●●○○○
Athletics ●●○○○
Awareness ○○○○○
Brawl ●●●○○
Empathy ○○○○○
Expression ○○○○○
Intimidation ●●○○○
Leadership ○○○○○
Streetwise ○○○○○
Subterfuge ○○○○○

Animal Ken ●●○○○
CraftsBody Crafts ●●●○○
Drive ○○○○○
Etiquette ●●○○○
Firearms ○○○○○
Melee ○○○○○
Performance ○○○○○
Stealth ●●○○○
Survival ○○○○


Academics ●●●○○
Computer ○○○○○
Finance ○○○○○
Investigation ●●○○○
Law ○○○○○
Medicine ●●●○○
OccultKindred Lore ●●●●○
Politics ○○○○○
Science ●○○○
Technology ○○○○○





Vicissitude ●●●

Animalism ○○○○

Auspex ○○○○○

Protean ●●○○○


Resources ●○○○○

Generation ●●●●○

Mentor ○○○○

Retainer ●●○○○


Conviction ●●○○○

Instincts ●●●○○

Courage ●●●○○






Huge Size ●●●●


Deceptive Aura





Vulnerability to Silver ●●

Permanent Fangs ●●●

Prey ExclusionProtectors



Path of Metamorphosis
●●●●● ○○○○○
Aura: Devotion ( 0 )


●●●●● ●○○○○
□□□□□ □□□□□


□□□□□ □□□□□ □□□□□ □□□□□
□□□□□ □□□□□ □□□□□ □□□□□
Blood Per Turn: ■■


Bruised       □

Bruised       □
Hurt -1       □
Injured -1    □
Wounded -2    □
Mauled -2     □
Crippled -5   □
Incapacitated □



Soil of HomeThe Tzimisce are inextricably tied to
their domains of origin, and must rest in the proximity
of at least two handfuls of “native soil” — earth from a
place important to her as a mortal, such as the soil from
her birthplace or the graveyard where she underwent
her Embrace. Each night spent without this physical
connection to her land limits all of the Tzimisce’s dice
pools to one-half, cumulatively, until she has only a
single die in her pool. The penalty remains until she
rests for a full day amid her earth once more.



4th dot of Vicissitude - 7 pts

2 dots in Etiquette - 4 pts

2 dots in Animal Ken - 4 pts

1 dot of Mentor - 1 pts

3 dots of Willpower - 3 pts

2 dot of Retainer - 1 pts


50 of 50 xp spent

1st dot in Animalism - 10 pts

2nd dot in Animalism - 5 pts

1st dot in Protean - 10 pts

2nd dot in Protean - 7 pts

3rd dot in Strength - 8 pts

3rd dot in Stamina - 8 pts

2nd dot in Science - 2 pts


Freebie Point

Exp Point

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Posted (edited)


Carmen Lucescu

Callum's estranged sire. She is an much older vampire, at least a several decades older then he himself is. She is a carefully crafted work of art, like most fiends are. But it is but a facade as she is just as cruel and twisted as others of her clan. Though she herself enjoys twisting and manipulating those that have caught her temporary fancy. Especially when it comes to leading them down more dark and deviant roads. To set their morals aside to indulge in the vile horrors she delights in.


She is a powerful Tzimsce in her own right, though her talents are more geared towards domination and manipulation. Which has proven to be quite the asset to Callum's grandsire. Though she is left to her own devices for large sections of time, should her sire request something of her, she leaps to it to do as she is asked. Though her goals often align with her own sire's, she dare not defy him, as she is much too afraid of him. Seeing the horror and cruelty he has inflicted first hand. Fates so much more worse that one would beg and plead for the sweet relief of final death.


Neculai Cojocaru

Callum's grandsire. A true Dragon and Fiend in every sense of the word. He is an ancient kindred of the 7th generation. Being centuries old. Even in the modern nights he maintains a holdfast within the Tzimisce homeland. The grounds maintained by reverent family that he himself created to protect and look after his estate during the day. And to protect him while he sleeps. He has long since left the affairs of the Sabbat to others, now persueing his own goals, what ever they might be. For it is not for his many childe to know the full extent of his plans.


He rules his bloodline with an iron fist. Using fear and blood bonds to ensure that they bend to his will. If not, he will make them wish for the final death should they defy him. As such he is no stranger to torture and cruelty, long since having giving up his humanity for something darker and deeper. To be closer to the true being of what a vampire is. Viewing all, kine and kindred alike as nothing but tools. Not even his favourite childe is safe from this mindset. AS each was embrace to serve a purpose. One of his own design.


Damian Harrelson

Damian is Callum's mentor. He is an ambitious Venture. Though he may only be a decade or two older then Callum, he has taken him under his wing with regards to Savanah and the Ivory Tower. Being the one who has been teaching Callum about the proper etiquette, rituals, and rules that the Camarilla follow to keep things running and hidden so that they might be left alone by mortals wishing to eradicate them.


Though he may be willing to help, it is sure that such aid will not come freely to him.


Callum's Ghouls

Callum has ghouled a wolf and a large falcon. Preferring them to a human one. Believing them to be more loyal then a mortal is likely to be. Both being a couple decades old themselves. They have been modified through his powers to better suit their chosen purposes as protector and eyes in the sky. And unlike other Tzimsce, he has tried to not use fear to control them. Least they bite the hand that has fed them.


Kalmiya - Is a wolf that he acquired when he defeated a rival childe vying for his grandsire's favour. Being a prize that his rival gave up to him after having been beaten by him. The wolf has been a ghoul nearly as long as Callum has been a vampire. Being the only thing in the whole world that Callum actually trusts in this world. Trusting so much that they are the only one he is willing to let guard him whilst he sleeps. When he is at his most vulnerable


She is an able protector, being much larger then her usual kin. Closer to a horse in size, as she has been modified to bigger with Callum's powers. With dark fur and deep dark glowing blue eyes. She is quite the imposing sight. She is a well trained creature. Her purpose to protect and guard his person. And to track and hunt down those he has deemed hos foe.


Vindr - Is a large falcon. A gift from his great grandsire before his 'untimely' passing. Who had gifted him the creature after completing a task for him. Having seen some sort of potential in Callum and gave him a reward he thought was fitting. This falcon has been modified by a hand more skilled then Callum's to be stealthy and have excellent senses. To be the perfect scout should it be need. Or the best creature to put on a show should there be a falconry competition. As it was a popular thing during his great grand sire's time.


He is an able scout. Having been trained to follow selected targets. Or to dive and grab certain items or even prey. Being an excellent way to observe foes and the like from the safety of the skies. Being slightly smaller then an eagle, this falcon is unnatural dark, with blacks and nearly black browns. Perfect to blend into the night sky when in flight. The only noticable thing before it strikes might be the flash of its golden eyes.

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On 5/27/2023 at 7:37 PM, Kunakic said:

So he took a great risk, breaking from his pack and his sires as he fled from the Sabbat footholds. Fleeing out of a sense of self preservation. Though he knew he was unlikely to get far he had to try. So he began the several year trek across the country. Meeting folks, bargaining with kindred, and working his way towards Savannah. Where he has finally managed to earn his way to potential safe harbour within the Camarilla. Or at least a foot in the door. Though he was sure it would likely take a while to prove that he wasn't a spy and that he was sincere in his desire to quit the Sabbat.

Are you going with he is only freshly arrived in Savannah and this is his first interaction with the Camarilla here? Or did the 'working his way towards' involve a prolonged stop in another city where Damian Harrelson provided mentorship before he took the opportunity for a fresh start with an official welcome in another city?

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He has made himself useful to others in other cities. With Damian teaching him about the rules and laws the Camarilla go by. As well as any obscure rituals just in case, even if they might not be used in the modern nights. So that he doesn't accidentally slight those he may be dealing with in the future. So when he heard about Savanah he went there to hopefully have a fresh start.

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