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Father Ted, Human Cleric of Tyr

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Ser Theodore Gregor Alain Dulac

3rd son of the Count Dulac, Priest of Tyr






Cleric 3

Medium humanoid male (human), neutral good

Armor Class 16 (chain), 18 (with shield)

Hit Points 23 ( 8 + 2x4.5 + 6 )
Speed 30 ft, 20 ft with pack

Senses Nothing unusual

Languages common, elvish, dwarvish

Proficiency Bonus +2



Proficiency Bonus: +2

Strength 14 (+2)
Save +2

Dexterity 12 (+1) 
Save +1

Constitution 14 (+2)
Save +2

Intelligence 12 (+1)
Save +1
Religion (+3), History (+3)

Wisdom 16 (+3)
Save +5
Medicine (+5)

Charisma 10 (+0) 
Save +0
Persuasion (+2)




  • Tools  Dragonchess
  • Instruments None
  • Weapons Martial
  • Armors Heavy


War domain: Martial and Heavy armour proficiency, war priestbonus action attack when attacking, wis mod (3) per long rest, guided strikechannel power: +10 on attack roll, after roll

Domain spells Divine favour, shield of faith, magic weapon, spiritual weapon

heavy armour proficiency, martial proficiency





  • Moon touched warhammer +4 to hit for (1d8+2) bludgeoning, magic
  • Spiritual Hammer +5 to hit for (1d8+3) bludgeoning damage.



SPELL SLOTS 3 cantrips, 4 1st, 2 2nd

  • Cleric - Spell Save DC: 13 | Spell Attack Mod: +5 | Spells Prepared: 6


light, sacred flame, resistance


divine favourR: Self
😧 Concentration, up to 1 minute
+1d4 radiant damage on a hit
(DBC) Shield of Faithr 60'
d concentration, up to 10 minutes
+2 AC bonus
(DBC) Cure Woundsr touch
cure d8+wis
Healing Wordr 60
1d4 + wis healing
(B) Guiding Boltr 120'
ranged spell attack
On a hit, the target takes 4d6 radiant damage, and the next attack roll made against this target before the end of your next turn has advantage, thanks to the mystical dim light glittering on the target until then.


Magic Weaponr touch
d Concentration up to 1 hour
+1 attack and damage
(DBC) Spiritual Weaponr 60'
d 1 minute
1d8+wis dam, bonus action to move 20' and attack again
(DB) Aidr 30'
d 8 hours
+5 hp to 3 creatures in range
 Prayer of healingr 30'
up to 6 targets receive 2d8+wis hp
(L) Blindness Deafnessr 30'
d 1 minute
You can blind or deafen a foe. Choose one creature that you can see within range to make a Constitution saving throw. If it fails, the target is either blinded or deafened (your choice) for the duration. At the end of each of its turns, the target can make a Constitution saving throw. On a success, the spell ends.


D - Domain B - Bonus C - Concentration L - Long cast time




  • Weight: 70 or 89 lbs. / 210 lbs. max
  • Status: < 70 Unencumbered | <140 encumbered
  • Penalty: None or -10 move

MONEY POUCH (0.5 lbs.)

Copper: 0 | Silver: 0Gold: 25 | Obsidian: 0 | Platinum: 0

(25 Coins x .02) lbs.


Equipped items can be retrieved with a manipulate item interaction.

  • Armor (61 lbs.) Chain (55), Fine Clothes
  • Weapons (8 lbs.) warhammer, shield
  • Readied Items (1 lbs.) holy symbol (amulet)


Stored items can be retrieved with an action.

  • In Backpack (19 lbs.) Signet ring, scroll of pedigree, 2x healing potions, priest backpack (blanket, candle (10), tinderbox, alms box, rations (2), waterskin)
  • Strapped to Backpack (0 lbs.) 


* Denotes magic item (see below)






| | 



Age 20 | Height 5' 9" | Weight 126 lbs. | Hair Blonde| Eyes Pale Blue | Complexion Fair





  • Personality Traits: Pretentious, Moi? Theodore has a subconscious, ingrained sense of entitlement.
  • Ideals: Yearning for independence
  • Bonds: Despite it all family is, well, family
  • Flaws: Lack of confidence

Background Feature: Position of privilege


Theodore Gregor Alain Dulac stared up glumly at the imposing wrought gates of Vance's Academy of Adventure, and then down out his feet. The ornately embroidered graduation cape his father insisted he wear was both itchy and heat stroke inducing in this, admittedly unseasonal, hot weather. He sighed once more, which together with "looking glumly at things" constituted the majority of his interactions with the world.

Must do what father says he thinks to himself. It had been everso, since he was born. Eldest inherits the estate, second goes into the army, third enters the clergy. Theodore's path had been set for him since he was in the womb, and no-one argued with Count Gregor Dulac.

His father's invite to the graduation ceremony held in one hand was growing limper over time as Theodore sweated into it. Even this, attendance at an adventurer's academy, had been part of his father's plan. Theodore's "fate" was to be head priest at the church near his father's estates. Which wouldn't have been so bad if there actually anything worth calling "estates". In truth the Dulac's may have been a power once, a long time ago, but now they were little better than landed knights in the service of Duke Daggerford, their estates being a decent sized house in Daggerford itself, several acres of farmland just outside, and the aforementioned church. Gregor III, Theodore's eldest brother, was to inherit this mighty kingdom. The self styled "count apparent", a title all the more annoying for being entirely made up, had made Theodore's childhood a misery when he could, which was often. "Get thee to a nunnery" was his favourite taunt, though there were many others, the more hurtful being how Theodore had to make up for killing their mother in childbirth. The middle brother, Alain, had taken "the second son goes into the military" completely to heart, and run off to Waterdeep to join the guard as soon as he turned 16. His father's response had been to pull some strings and get him a commission. Theodore's main emotion there was envy. Alain had gotten away and gotten away with it.

The worst of it, Theodore reflected as a slowly wilted in the sun waiting for his father, was that he'd actually really enjoyed his time at the academy, much more than he thought he would. The classes in combat, the mock adventures, weaponised magic, it has all been good both independently as well as in the context of getting out of Daggerford. Perhaps more importantly, Theodore had felt a stronger connection to Tyr whilst here, as though his God approved of this path. Tyr didn't have to deal with Count Gregor though he thought.

Not only that but he'd made a handful of close friends out of his "adventuring team" class, and there was further bitterness in knowing many of them would actually go off adventuring. The closest Ted would ever get to "adventure" would likely be the occasional lost zombie in the cemetery. It was also clear (lets face it long before now). that Count Gregor had about as much interest in Ted's future as Ted did, given the number of hours he'd been standing here waiting for the family coach to arrive.


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