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Feature Request: Favorite Game Systems

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I know this is a long shot and will end up far down the queue, but I might as well bring it up while I'm thinking about it.


On oMW people would make threads with names like 'Traveler 2300 Game Players' so they had a list of players to mention when they put up a game ad.


Could we have a poll in the user profile that has a checkbox for 'Looking for a game' and has a checkbox for each game system on the site? Then a way to query 'Who is looking for a game and likes Traveler 2300?' that returns a list of mentions to paste into a game ad. Not intended for use with any version of D&D, since that would generate way too many mentions. Perhaps an 'Argument list too long' error for those who try ^_^

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Why use mention when we could just drop a Notification in their queue?

This seems like a good idea. You're probably right that it will be low on the queue, but adding it.

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