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Request: Highlighting Version Differences

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Whenever I go to view a post's edit history, it's because I want to see what they changed. But since the differences aren't called out, it can be pretty hard to find them, especially in a big post. Is there any chance we could get the differences between versions shown? Like deleted text is crossed out, and new text is highlighted.

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This is a significantly challenging technical capability and an initial look at the state of industry did not turn up any drop-in solutions (free or paid) that would accomplish this outside of a straight diff of the HTML source, especially in any mobile-enabled format. While there are some that are close, the amount of integration work required will mean this feature request sits on the very back burner until something better appears. The primary purpose of having the edit history available is to enable the author (and by extension the GM) to undo errors, since the anti-cheat dice protection is no longer needed with the separate tower.

That all being said, putting it in the queue.

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