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Creation Rules and Applications

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This will be a different process than most game applications.  Please just make a post in this thread with the following.  Remember this is a one-shot so I don't need novels, looking for people excited to play!  As we get closer to the game date, I will be asking for an MW-created sheet from those accepted.  


Either a 27-point buy or 4d6 drop lowest you can roll in your post.  Standard creation rules.     Max HP Max starting gold for your class plus starting packages.



Character Name:





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Arulia        AruliatheWitness-token.png.db9474126ac877c33a00fb55d0d6ec4b.png       

Character Name: Arulia

Character Sheet: Arulia

Race: Human (Variant Human)

Class: Sorcerer (Divine Soul)

Description: Arulia often looks like she is focusing on whatever has caught her attention.  Her speech and manner are direct and she is firm with others. She has a powerful build. Her eyes are brown, skin is tanned, and hair is blonde. Her skin bears several tattoos in white ink, which indicate ranking in her order.

Personality: Arulia is a quiet type.  Guarded, even.  She is practically-minded and perceptive, but has been known to be distrustful of others who do not see eye-to-eye with her and even judgemental. But, she is pragmatic, knowing better than to "stir the pot" too much. "Much like an imperfect stew, even a fool will serve, if not for the good then as a lesson."

Legacy Text

SCARY WIZARD is making a character!

This is assuming that you want us to post in this thread, rather than out. Please, correct me if I erred!

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Arulia (see edit history)
Adventurer - Ability Scores
repeat(drop(4d6,lowest,1),6) 1,2,3,4,1,2,4,4,1,2,4,4,3,3,5,6,1,2,5,5,2,4,5,6
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Character Name: Mog

Race: Stout Halfling

Class: Barbarian (Path of the Giant)

Description: Although he stands only 3 feet tall and most people could pick him up and throw him, Mog has a fairly scary appearance. He has several scars across his face and even more hidden under his floppy, wild, brown hair. The scars tend to make it difficult for others to know if he is smiling, frowning or something else, as they have twisted his lips and cheeks into a permanent scowl. The largest scar runs from his jaw on the left side, up along his nose, which has obviously been broken, up between his eyes and disappears into his hair. It is normally a lighter color than his tanned skin, but when he is angry it turns red. He dresses in plain traveler‘s clothes with a longsword and javelins strapped to his back and a couple of hand axes hanging from his belt. His eyes have a dull brown color to them and unless fighting he acts more like a little child that wants to look at everything and explore everywhere. Which can lead to trouble.


Mog is a child when it comes to mental capacity. Every since the injury to his head, that nearly killed him, he has acted more like a child than an adult. Unless he is angered and then, even though small, he makes a scary site and fights with hard earned skill. He tends not to go into populated areas without a friend to help guide him and keep him out of trouble. He prefers wide open wilderness to civilization. Part of that is he gets picked on and sometimes taunted once people see how stupid he is. (Of course some of the picking comes from him walking around a talking to Wally, his best friend, a rather large walnut upon which the grains have formed a face.) And part is his childlike fear of being lost in a large town or city. A typical childlike fear. He likes to use his cantrip to entertain himself and possibly even other children, or to pester someone in a childlike manner, for the most part. But if he is feeling ignored or wants people to leave him alone then he uses the cantrip to make himself a lot louder and yells at them.

My thoughts are that he will be a good friend with one or more of the party and he follows their lead trusting them to understand things he cannot.

Edited by Draidden (see edit history)
repeat(drop(4d6,lowest,1),6) 2,3,5,5,1,2,3,4,3,3,4,5,1,4,5,6,1,1,3,3,1,1,1,3
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Brother Ennil

Male Tiefling Warlock (Celestial)

Hermit (Monk)

Brother Ennil is a Tiefling of mostly human stock. He has a human's basic body form, with human hands and feet. Under his clothes are tufts of fur at joints, but it is rare for strangers to see anything more than perhaps those at his wrists. His face bears more obvious changes from his infernal heritage, with two curling horns, unusually large black eyes, and long goat's ears. He looks perpetually tired, dark circles around his eyes, that remain even when he gets the best of rest.

Ennil wears rough brown robes of a monk with simple cotton clothes beneath. He carries a staff with him, stout enough for walking or bonking, the length carved with both religious and arcane runes, which he uses to channel the energy of his patron.

Ennil lives in tension. His tiefling nature, his family's curse, comes with the fell influence of demonic connections, and for that reason all of his bloodline who show signs of the curse are sent away to live in seclusion, meditation, and prayer. Ennil has balanced these dark urges with the influence of his patron, 713 The Wise Hand Culls The Unworthy From The Garden, a Celestial being of mysterious nature. Her influence balances out the ill, and allow him to go out into the world to do good acts in Her name.

Stat Rolls!
repeat(keep(4d6,highest,3),6) 5,4,2,1,5,4,2,1,5,4,4,2,6,4,3,2,6,5,4,4,4,3,2,1
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