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Kotho - Orion/Human Conn Officer


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And... Yes, I know, I'm cheating!

I know, I know! I'm cheating, it's She-Hulk. But what other cool images of green women am I gonna find, right 😁



Kotho was born and raised on an Orion Syndicate Starship. Her mother, a high-ranking Syndicate member, treated her daughter like dirt. Worse even! Why? Kotho certainly didn't know. At least not back then. All she knew was, her mother hated her. She could see it in her eyes. Feel it in their every interaction. So much so that Kotho often wondered why she'd even given birth to her. She was even foolhardy enough once to ask. "Slave labor!" Had been the cold answer. Kotho quickly learned to keep her head down after that and endure the harsh life. She didn't have the opportunity to learn much in the way of knowledge. But she did grow up to be strong and sturdy. And when the life got too hard to endure, she tried to run away. But her mother found her and dragged her back, kicking and screaming. She wasn't about to let go of that free slave labor. If that's all it was! The second time, Kotho was more careful with her attempt. But her mother found her just the same. And with each new attempt to run away her mother's punishments became increasingly inventive in their severity. And her mother's hatred of Kotho grew.


Kotho was forced to wise up and bide her time. Plan for the long haul. So when she decided to run next time, her mother wouldn't be able to find her. And so the years went by and Kotho grew into a full fledged adult. No longer the weak, defenseless little child, she was more confident in giving escaping another attempt. Of course, she was far from strong. Her mother kept her on the cusp of health and nourishment. After all, a weak slave was a useless slave. But a slave in flourishing health was a potential threat. Especially with Kotho's proclivities for running away. Both mother and daughter had learned their lessons over the years. And outwitting each other had become a sort of game between the two.


At thirty-two, Kotho enacted her grand-escape plan. This one, significantly more elaborate and well put. So much so that it took her mother a significant amount of time to find her. And yet, time enough for her last attempt to attract the attention of someone unexpected. Her paternal grandfather. A retired Starfleet Captain searching for his son, who'd disappeared while on an intelligence gathering mission. His target, the Orion Syndicate. Apparently he'd been investigating his son's disappearance all this time and had somehow learned that his son had sired a child with an Orion woman. And the Starfleet Captain had come to suspect Kotho was this child. Or maybe he was simply desperate enough and was grasping at straws. All the same, he'd managed to rally enough of a support to attempt a diplomatic extraction of Kotho from the clutches of the Syndicate. Until finally, her mother had ended up essentially selling her to the Starfleet Captain for an obscene amount of money.


And after two years of constant briefing and debriefing. Security checks and rechecks, Kotho was declared a non-security risk for the Federation. And after it was proven through a genetic test that she was indeed the granddaughter of the Starfleet Captain, she was given a Federation citizenship. Captain (ret.) Owen Paris arranged living quarters for Kotho on Earth and when the question of work and earning her keep came up, he suggested she try out for Starfleet Academy.


Naturally, with someone without a sliver of formal education, it would be an uphill battle. But her grandfather was there every step of the way. So much so, that the genuine affection he showered her with, after a lifetime of motherly hatred, sometimes overwhelmed her. But in the end, it turned out to be the fuel she needed to make it in and make it through. After all, could anyone ask for a better mentor than a decorated Starfleet Captain? Kotho certainly couldn't. And there couldn't be a prouder man when Kotho received her first commission a board the USS Enkidu as a Conn Officer.



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14 minutes ago, Scarecrow71 said:



Looking good so far!  As far as other cool images of green chicks?  Gomorra.

gasp I concede the point. Gomorra would have been another cool choice. Google would have to train its psychic search algorithms better for next time. This character is already linked to the above image. 

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