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Shadowrun without... Shadowrun!


Which type of Shadowrun game to run?  

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  1. 1. Which type of Shadowrun game to run?

    • Monster of the Week
    • Cities Without Number

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So every now and then I get an itch to look at Shadowrun again, and apparently, the cream does nothing, but I'm old and grumpy and don't have time to wrestle with the Shadowrun system. At the moment I have two new shiny systems and an idea I could turn to running Shadowrun.


  1. Monsters of the Week: A good chance to use those Paranormal Animals of America and Europe as the group deals with dangerous monsters. With the new team options, we could look at non-Shadowrun teams like Lone Star's DPI or Ares Fireteams!
  2. Cities Without Number: Look it's deliberately built to run Shadowrun in an OSR system! This would be a chance for me to run the older adventures in a new shiny wrapping!

This won't be an overnight thing, I'm not looking to start until October at the earliest, but I thought I'd see if people out there are interested in these ideas.

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