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Character Creation Guidelines


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Character Creation Guidelines



- One Character Application Per Player -

Please Include:

Name, Personality, Appearance, and Background

(See game summary for updated notes on Character Backgrounds)

(Please use illustrated pictures that are more realistic in nature as opposed to the anime or especially cartoonish sort.)

Starting Level: (w/ milestone leveling)

Playable Races:  Human, Halfling, Half-Elf, *Half-Orc, Gnome, Gnoll, Ratfolk, and Kuru

(*Please read about the modified races of Trellunnd here.)

(See notes on Racial Magic below)

Starting Classes (until further notice):  Brawler, Cavalier, Fighter, Monk, Rogue, Ranger, Slayer, Swashbuckler, Vigilante

NOTE: Expanded class options will become available later.

(*See notes on Magical Abilities below)

Ability Scores: (20 point buy) (Nothing over 18 or under 8 after racial bonuses)

Traits: 2 Traits (+1 Trait w/ appropriate Drawback)

Starting Hit Points: MAX at 1st level. Average (rounded up) for proceeding levels.

Starting Gold: None

Pregame Crafting: None (though there will be crafting opportunities during the game)

Elephant in the Room: Yes 

Background Skills: Yes (All skills are applicable and I intend to make it a point to incorporate some of the lesser-utilized ones)

Firearms: None 

Multiclassing: VMC or Regular (not both)

Alignments: Any Non-Evil

Feat Restrictions: The Normal... Leadership... etc... (If you're unsure, please ask.)


Magic Is Long Thought To Be DEAD... 

Racial Magic or Class abilities that are in any way "magical" or "supernatural" are unavailable or suppressed UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

*This is an adult game and there will be adult themes.  Please summarize any romantic scenes in a tasteful manner.

** Expected posting rate will be 2-3 per week. One-liner, boring posts make me sad.


I will have a Discord server set up for ease of OOC communication and will likely use Roll20 for many of the combat encounters. Please be able to access both. Ask me if you have any questions or need assistance with either.


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