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Character Creation Guidelines


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Character Creation Guidelines


Starting Level:

Available Races:  Human, Halfling, Half-Elf, *Half-Orc, Gnome, Gnoll, Ratfolk, Kuru

Please read about the races of Trellunnd here.

       (*See notes on Racial Magic below)

Available Classes at 1st Level:  Fighter, Monk, Rogue (and UC Rogue), Ranger, Swashbuckler, Brawler

NOTE: Expanded class options will become available later.

(*See notes on Magical Abilities below)      

Ability Scores: (20 point buy) (Nothing over 18 or under 8 after racial bonuses)

Traits: 2 Traits (no drawbacks) (No Campaign Traits)

Starting Hit Points: MAX at 1st level, then roll and take the upper half going forward. 

Starting Gold: None

Pregame Crafting: No (you start with nothing)

Elephant in the Room: Yes 

Background Skills: Yes (All skills are applicable and I intend to make it a point to incorporate some of the lesser-utilized ones as well.)

Firearms: None 

Multiclassing: VMC or Regular (not both)(can't be changed later)

(*Favored Classes will be selected later on with retroactive Favored Class bonuses applied at that time)

Alignments: Any  (Evil characters will only be accepted if I am convinced the player is capable of role-playing an evil character without wrecking the game) (PvP is not so much discouraged as it is FORBADE BY THE GODS and will result in immediate smiting.)

Feat Restrictions: The Normal... Leadership... etc... 



Any Racial or Class abilities that are in any way "magical" or "supernatural" simply do not exist.  (UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE 😉)

*This is an adult game and there will be adult themes.  Don't ask me to RP your romantic scenes and please choose tactful summarization in that arena.  
** Please be prepared to write nicely formulated posts consisting of at least 2-3 sentences... at least 2-3 times per week.

*** SPECIAL NOTE:  I have a Discord server for both IC and OOC chat.  You will not be required to participate in either one.  The Discord IC chat has no bearing on the game's canon narrative and any major decisions/actions/dialogue need to be made in a MW post.




  • - Submit ONE character application per player (with a link to a completed character sheet.) 
  • - Provide the Name, Race and Class as well as the chosen archetype of your character
  • - Specify if you will choose either VMC or standard multiclassing. (Other Class options will open up soon.)
  • - Provide a picture of your character (I prefer images and descriptions that lean toward the realistic as opposed to the anime or overly cartoonish)(Setting is Medieval High Fantasy)       
  • - Provide a brief physical description of your character (Not clothing, just physical traits. Ie... How they walk... How they stand... Body and Facial characteristics etc.)  
  • - Provide a brief description of your character's personality, demeanor and disposition. 


(As mentioned, your characters will start out with almost NO MEMORY AT ALL... (But that doesn't mean they don't have histories and backgrounds.)

- THEREFORE, in place of a traditional background summary, please include a dream narrative in which your character recalls an event or some details of their personal history.  The details of the dream should be a bit vague. (as dreams tend to be)  The dream narrative should provide a rudimentary idea about some singular or few aspects of your character's former life.


Please read the brief "game summary" on the title page.

Your character will also have come from "the facility" and therefore had their own story over the preceding days. As you will likely join up with the party very soon in game terms, it is likely that your character also awoke in the desert somewhere. You should have a summarized narrative of that experience prepared.

It doesn't have to be written out... but if you want to write it,

you can include it in your application if you wish.

Thank you.



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