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Request: Please consider adding MSHRPG / FASERIP dice roller


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Greetings all,


I would like to request the addition of automated dice rolling for the Marvel Super Hero Role Playing (MSHRPG) game from a few years ago. Some folks call it the FASERIP system, and it's probably better known by that name.


The basic system is, an attribute has an assigned Rank, which is one of a number of columns on a table. A d100 is rolled, and a color result is gained (which tells you the degree of success, or lack thereof, you achieved).


Each Rank has a unique name. They usually have a two letter abbreviation, but not all do. I'll add an attachment of the chart to this request, which should make things much clearer. The chart is easily found with even just a cursory internet search.


I would imagine the rolling syntax would be something like marvel(IN) for a roll on the Incredible Rank. Other examples could be: marvel(shiftX), marvel(class1000), marvel(TY), and so on. These would return a result of something like "You rolled a Yellow (67) on the Incredible Rank column" or "You rolled a White (22) on the Typical Rank column."


For extra bonus points, there is also a set of special maneuvers that could be automated. These are the ones across the top of the chart that I will show as an attachment. In these cases, you could set the syntax as marvel(EA) for a roll on the Edged Attacks maneuver. However, for these, you'd have to reference a character's stat (in the case of Edged Attacks that would be Fighting) so maybe the easiest way would be for the player to input that as part of the roll? Maybe something like marvel(EA:GD) — the character's Fighting is Good Rank (GD) and they're making an Edged Attack. These maneuvers would return a result of something like "You got a result of Stun (Yellow 88) on the Edged Attack maneuver."


I'd be more than happy with the just the dice roller, to be honest. Getting the maneuvers would be icing on the awesome cake.


Thank you for taking the time to consider this! I hope I'm posting this in the correct place, but please let me know if I should have put it elsewhere.





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It's a bit of an eye chart, but I think I get it. The main challenge I foresee is the large number of "code words" that would have be typed exactly right to get the expected result; the GUI would probably be a LOT easier to use in this case 😀 Added to the feature request queue!

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